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Poking the Bear

16 April 2014 - 12:01 PM

With Glennies type of game, going up against the Bruins you have to know they will react to his 'poking the bear' style of play.

With that being said. Whats the Over/Under on the number of times Glendening gets glove Punched in the head?

Im thinking Wings in 6 games so that means 3 times a game Glennie will get knocked so my over under is

18 times he gets punched...with 4 of them being to back of his head.

Finally-TooToo called up

15 March 2014 - 12:32 PM

Per Kahn
"@AnsarKhanMLive: Bertuzzi is out for tomorrow with lower body injury. Day to day. Tootoo recalled, Holland said."

Pensacola Ice Flyers

09 November 2013 - 08:45 PM

So Im at my first Ice Flyers game of the season and they just scored goal and

CHELSEA f***IN DAGGER comes blasting out of the pa system....and yes the people danced.


Go Wings!!!

Fight ends with on-ice seizure

13 October 2013 - 12:38 PM

Edit....ends with on ice siezure- mods feel free to correct my subject title