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In Topic: Skills Competiton

29 January 2011 - 10:08 PM

did brad richards look a little boozed to anyone else? maybe thats how duchene got his vodka?? :lol: just tell him not to take lessons from kane...
this whole skills thing is a joke, these guys dont take it too seriously. not to mention they only play at 50% for the game.
needless to say, ill be rocking my team lidstrom shirt tomorrow anyway. its just awesome alone saying "team lidstrom". never gonna see anything like it again.

In Topic: All-Star Draft Discussion

29 January 2011 - 09:56 AM

i had one decent picture of both teams but i was RIGHT behind the nhl network desk so its rough.
i will admit the draft was pretty neat. my biggest problem is that most canes fans (and all "canes fans") are so dumb about this sport. they only know to cheer when its about a canes player and a few of them still booed opposing team players. and the constant "skinner" chant was soooo annoying. i understand being proud of your player but they were overkilling it. i will give them a little credit when they got smart enough to do the "team staal" chant. but only in carolina can they take the three syllable word hurricane and make it two..
they had a good area for the cup but the way they showed the other trophies was TERRIBLE.
overall though, not a bad set up. i picked up a team lidstrom shirt too!
some of the best things that happened were said in the crowd during commercial breaks and especially after the draft was over. there was the one fan, the overly loud and annoying fan, who just kept yelling for canes players to wave. it took FOREVER to get skinner to wave to him which i thought was hilarious. skinner looked freaked out by this guy and wasnt gonna wave. The fan still kept going though, yelling at price to then poke skinner and told him to wave. after the draft someone from nhl network was interviewing kesler and kane and next thing you hear is "hey kane, we got a cab from new york for ya outside!" from all the chicago fans. :lol:

In Topic: NHL ASG Entertainment to Suck

26 January 2011 - 10:29 AM

Can you guys quit s***ting on Raleigh? In case you weren't aware, Raleigh, NC is not out in Hicksville with the people whose family trees don't fork. There's plenty of areas like that all over this state (sadly), but Raleigh's not one of them. There's a TON of transplanted Northerners from the Midwest and Northeast living there and in Cary (think Westchester, NY), so it's actually very, very non-rural/Deliverance. The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is one of the most educated, affluent parts of the state.

that is ALL true. I think it got a bad image back in 02 when the canes made the playoffs for the first time and all the media called it Mayberry. Which was SO inaccurate that I even got a little mad. if i had my pick to move anywhere else in this state, and the beaches were excluded (lol), id go to raleigh. its an area that has had some GREAT expansion and cool stuff to do.
i will be going to the festivites on friday. im not setting expectations high but i know i will have some fun. play some skills games and see the trophies. hell, maybe get aaron wards auto on some wings stuff i have :ph34r: . there is a free concert that night too.. think its 3 doors down. they dont really do it for me but i may just stick around for it.
honestly, i think the whole thing was rushed when it was put together. news around here was the karmanos was just pestering the nhl and bettman for the ASG so bad that they didnt give any time to think anything through.
ill be at work on sunday so im alright with missing it.

and for the record Raleigh>Charlotte

In Topic: Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

21 January 2011 - 10:00 PM

seriously, where are you all looking for updates? i might just sit here for a while tonight. i couldnt imagine how many of you have sat here all day but kudos!
i see a claim at 11:59am tomorrow personally

In Topic: Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

21 January 2011 - 09:45 AM

yay for goaltending circus! :clown:
at least ill look busy at work today checking the tweets :satisfied:
i honestly dont see nabby clearing but holland knows how to keep fans in suspense... if his intention is to make howard nervous (to play better), i wouldnt be shocked. something is in place and not knowing what it is is why this thread keeps growing. plus some people arent getting the rules :bye1: