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In Topic: 4/2 GDT : Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2

04 April 2015 - 07:51 PM

I will just end our debate by saying I know very well pre 1997, and the injuries Yzerman suffered causing him to miss time. You don't know me, know what I do or do not know,or who I do or do not know...if you feel confident enough to PM me, I would be very happy for you to show me when and where I have been proven wrong over and over. Outside of the Cup wins. I prefer pre 1997 Red Wings hockey. Especially 90-96. Even though Fedorov was my favorite, I never called for Yzermans head, nor did I want him traded. I only change the subject when I see the thread spirally out of control like it started to. Unlike you and your 1300 posts, in my nearly 10,000 and 12 years here, I have learn when to cut off a debate before folks get suspended. I know real history, I lived it. Half of you only know pre 94 because of the internet. I lived 1985, 1990, Proberts cocaine arrest, Kocurs destroyed knuckles, drafting Joe Murphy over Jimmy Carson. I lived the live telecast of Jim Lites talking about Feds defecting at the Goodwill Games. So please entertain me by telling via PM how many people have proven me wrong, because you certainly haven't, the only thing you've proven is you have a different view of being a leader. So its over, if you feel necessary to continue PM me



The only thing worse than internet people who believe their post count validates their opinions, are the people that POINT to their post count in order to validate their opinion. I was around in the 80's and the 90's, and it's a completely different game than it was then. Size of the players, coaching strategies, Goalie skill and equipment, rule changes. Being old enough to compare todays game with the game played in the 80's and 90's pretty much UNvalidates your opinion.  

In Topic: TSN: Winnipeg, Toronto and Edmonton top NTC lists

21 February 2015 - 10:45 PM

Talked to a buddy of Corey Perry a couple years ago when the rumors were him getting traded to Toronto. His buddy said not in a million years would he go there, and  he'd retire before suiting up in Toronto. Strictly due to the media. 

In Topic: Next Number to be retired

18 February 2015 - 10:00 PM

0% chance Datsyuk and Zetterberg Don't get their numbers retired. 


I'm sick of all this "We're the Red Wings, and our standards of retiring numbers is so much higher than anyone else" Crap! The reason our numbers retired are few and far between, is because we fail to recognize our pre production line cups, and we were absolutely dreadful for about 30 years! It's just now that our guys from our good teams are retired, and have had lengthy careers. Excuse me, but hank and Pavel have both spent long, eventful, trophy winning, cup winning careers with this franchise. It's not like we've had a plethora of players winning selkes and Byngs and Conn Smythes left and right, but they wern't "Elite enough to sit up there with Gordie and Steve" Shut up with that Garbage. We've just been terrible. Now that the 90's teams are all retired, it's a new decision as to who gets up there and who doesn't. Hank and Pavel make it. Fedorov, will most likely make it. Osgood deserves it. Sorry, he's never had a losing season, even with the garbage Islanders and the Blues when they wern't very good. He started a cup run, and absolutely put the team on his back in another. He's amongst the all time leaders in every major goaltending stat, and even higher when it comes to playoff stats. It's not like we've always had goalies like this that "Arn't elite enough to sit next to Sawchuck" 


News Flash, Sid Abel didn't have a Gordie Howe or Steve Yzerman like career either. Played 9 full seasons with the team, won 3 Stanley cups, won a hart trophy. 


Fedorov, wow, sounds insanely similar. But add the Selkes, and an extra year or two. 


Both players iconic of a very successful championship era. Both deserve to have their numbers retired. 


The Red Wings don't have a lot of numbers in the rafters because we don't have this great, long history of elite players, like some Red Wing fans like to pretend we did. If Kronwall plays 15-20 years with us as a number 1 D-man, then yes, that qualifies him to get his number retired. No, he is not Lidstrom. But you don't exactly get 15-20 year number 1 defencemen every year in the draft. 


Other than Lidstrom and Kelly, who are our best defencemen? Chelios? Reed Larson? Chaisson? Coffey? Murphy? Vlad? Pronovost? All made impacts in detroit, But none a big enough impact for a long enough period of time to be considered retiring. I agreed with "honouring" Vlad, and make it official in some way. Hell, I wouldn't be upset if they DID retire it. No one's going to ever wear it again anyway, might as well. We've seen jerseys get retired due to deaths during a career, lets be happy it wasn't that serious, but give him the same honour. 










Look at the Canadiens. A legendary player is a legendary player. They've retired a million numbers, and all it does is show every team that walks into that building how amazing their history has been. Our History has been amazing for the last 25 years. Let's not be too jaded to appreciate it.