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#2565674 Time for Teemu?

Posted by krsmith17 on 23 January 2015 - 11:06 AM

Again, we have other assets that could be used in a trade before Pulkkinen. He is far and away the purest goal scorer in the organization and he is right handed to boot. In my opinion, it would be very short sighted to trade him at this point. Sure, it is possible that he tops out as a third line winger / power-play specialist, but it also isn't out of the realm of possibility that he surpasses a guy like Tatar or even Nyquist on the depth chart in a few years. The kid has been a beast in every league he has played, no reason to think he can't be in the NHL as well...

#2565533 Time for Teemu?

Posted by kipwinger on 22 January 2015 - 11:04 AM

To me, the biggest thing he's going to have to do is get WAY stronger.  He's a little guy.  You don't realize it until you see him in person.  By comparison, Nyquist and Tatar look like big dudes.  Which, I assume, is because of their respective fitness levels.  I don't even really care if he gains weight (which he probably will), as long as he just gets WAY stronger.  He's got a really low center of gravity, so if he does put on some muscle and/or add some power, he'll win a lot of the battles he loses.  


Other than his shot, there are a few things I really like about his game.  He's got good first step quickness.  He can jump on loose pucks and find open spots on the ice as a result.  He's also pretty defensively responsible.  I noticed him backtracking and checking his coverage a lot.  Finally, I really like his aggressiveness.  He doesn't play pensive, at all.  He jumps into scrums, battles on the boards, and will put his body on the line to make a play.  He battles, he's just too weak to win the battles right now.  But he's definitely not afraid.


He's got an alpha mentality, but right now beta strength.  If he can be an explosive 195-200 lbs. (which I don't think is unrealistic given his frame), I think he'll be a really exciting player because he doesn't lack much else. 

#2564789 '16 Winter Classic

Posted by Echolalia on 19 January 2015 - 06:25 PM

I wonder who'll be playing in the other 13 outdoor games

#2564716 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by Dave on 19 January 2015 - 09:11 AM

Can we all admit that there's a huge jump from the AHL to the NHL, that scoring a ton in the AHL doesn't mean a guy will score int he NHL, and sendPulinnen back down to learn how to do more than try to fire a slapper every time he touches the puck in the offensive zone?  Kid needs to settle the @#$& down instead of trying to shoot the puck through the goalie's chest every time.


No. He hasn't been bad. There comes a point when being a big fish in a small pond will stunt your growth. 


He'll figure things out, it takes more than 5 games to get acclimated with the NHL.

#2564698 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 18 January 2015 - 11:48 PM

Those pun titles keep getting zetter and zetter. 

Dats what I'm talking about.

#2564396 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 18 January 2015 - 09:16 PM

lol what was said in the lockerroom


Probably a lot of words that rhyme with puck. 

#2563900 arizona in full rebuild officialy (insider trading)

Posted by gcom007 on 17 January 2015 - 02:09 PM

The universe will not allow the Red Wings to acquire Yandle before he is 35. Fact.

#2563296 Brodeur retires. Named Sr. Advisor to Blues GM

Posted by roboturner on 14 January 2015 - 11:07 PM

The results are in amigo, what's left to ponder?!

#2562673 MLive : Howard out at least 2-4 weeks with "slight groin tear"

Posted by gcom007 on 12 January 2015 - 01:47 PM

This is pretty damn bad. Howard was having a Vezina season and now we need to rely on Mrazek for at least a month?? (Howard will be longer than 2 weeks trust me). Were you guys watching the game on Saturday? The book is already out on Mrazek, The guy is so incredibly aggresive other teams know to wait him out and be patient. This is really horrible news. Where the hell is Gustavsson?


And that's not something they can rather easily fix? He'll mature. Relax. There's a reason why a lot of smart people believe he's our goalie of the future.

#2434010 State your unpopular opinion *Mod Warning Post #'s 200 & 219*

Posted by 55fan on 24 August 2013 - 07:47 AM

I loved Star Wars III.  It is my favourite of the six.


I also love Barry Manilow as much as I love Nik Kronwall, and you know how I feel about Kronwall.

#2560782 Bertuzzi hoping for Professional Tryout

Posted by martinezsvsu on 05 January 2015 - 11:46 PM

he's doing okay on the whole money situation right? id sign him, put him on line 4 where weiss currently is, up the other lines minutes and use bert on shootouts. im acutally being half serious.

#2557431 Oilers schedule presser tomorrow

Posted by krsmith17 on 17 December 2014 - 12:58 PM

Lol that may have been underpayment but that is MAJOR overpayment... You're saying that a package of Smith / DeKeyser, Nyquist / Jurco, Pulkkinen, and a first MIGHT get Taylor Hall?... Wow...

#2555040 Honest question for everyone.

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 09 December 2014 - 04:56 AM

Just when I think I have it all down, I know it all, I can make bold predictions that come true, I take Jonathan Cheechoo in the 2nd round of my fantasy hockey draft and finish in dead last place. 


There is a fact in that amusing (and true) statement, that even as incredible as one player can look for one or two week, up to two full seasons, there is always the chance that they flop, fall off, stop producing, lose that "spark" to the point where I am not only very reserved on my predictions and statements about players, I only find comfort in those like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Lidstrom that have proven time and time again for most of their career that they just have it.


On LGW here, we see many sides of a lot of fans, those who still aren't convinced about a lot of our players, to those who debated and argued for a year about Brunner and Clarkson being on this team or not, just to see them inevitably flop hard and become terrible acquisitions for the teams they signed with. Yet a lot were tooth and nail convinced they were the answer, Clarkson after one good season was worth 5 million to bring in here and take the place of some of the youth that eventually came up like Nyquist and Tatar. If you look on it now, which I can safely say 30% of the LGW community wanted us to have Brunner and Clarkson right now, what position would we be in if both were signed to 4-5 year conctracts keeping Nyquist and Tatar in the minors?


But the fact is, no one knows what the future will bring. We make predictions on our observations as fans, sometimes they are right, a lot of times they are wrong. It's part of the spine that makes a forum posting sports fan thrive, it sparks our conversations and debates, disagreements and arguments. We like to act like we know everything, that management is moronic and we could run the team better than the real higher ups do, but at the end of the day we are just passionate fans with strong opinions on the team that we dedicate a portion of our life watching, loving, and talking about who are more often wrong than we care to admit. 

#2550163 CBJ's Jack Johnson files for bankruptcy

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 20 November 2014 - 12:20 PM


The last person I'd trust to handle my multi-million dollar estate is my mother too.  She's a secretary.  No matter how much I love her that doesn't make her capable of handling millions of dollars in assets intelligently or responsibly.  I know this.  Jack Johnson, however, doesn't.  That's why he's an idiot. 



Hire professionals to take care of your money.  You wouldn't let your parents repair your car, fill your cavities, or install your water heater.  Why would you let them handle your millions of dollars in wealth?



It's not like he gave the money to his mom and said "go play the stock market."  According to one source she did things like bought a house in Manhattan beach with his money, then lied to him saying they paid for it with a relative's inheritance. 

So it's not just about ignorance of handling money and more about his parents completely taking advantage of him and not looking out for his best interests.


Obviously in hindsight he should've found a financial adviser, but I can imagine being 25 years old, who just signed this giant contract.  There's people all around you licking their chops to get at that money and take advantage of you, so who do you trust?  You just don't expect it to be your parents.  

#2550153 CBJ's Jack Johnson files for bankruptcy

Posted by LeftWinger on 20 November 2014 - 12:13 PM

Sometimes you make mistakes....JJ trusted his parents, Fedorov trusted a financial advisor and gave him millions and millions to invest...that didn't work out too good for Sergei.  He thought he was hiring a professional and JJ thought he was in good hands with his parents.  Greed kills and nobody is immune to now and again.