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  1. Gerard Gallant? Don't know how old it is... but he was 17...and it doesn't look like Doug Brown..
  2. That is my son! He was estastic when he got home with it! He even told me he was gonna learn to shoot righty (he's a lefty). Was a awesome act by Tootoo, and I know my son will not soon forget the gesture.
  3. Awesome game Wings! I am throughly impressed by this teams work ethic. I cant type how happy I am to see us bring the "Allmighty" Blackhawks to the Brink!
  4. LOL "Join us tomorrow as Healy says Chara isn't blessed with Natural Height" Thats funny stuff... And I can only think that Healy was misspoken, or he is on Drugs...
  5. Abs is from my Hometown, Played for the same league I played in, and even better went to Prom with my Niece, and they are still very good friends.
  6. I think mine would Definitely be Vladdy... Worst thing I remember from that Summer, coming off the high watching the Wings win, to that, such a heartbreaker... I can only imagine what he and Lids would have done together for years to come....
  7. Derian Hatcher, was the epitome of a pylon in his time here, and then it didn't help that he blew out his knee really early on.
  8. His culture and his pride in his people were always paramount to him, if it weren't for his douchey attitude on ice I would probably have liked him from when he was with the Milwaukee Admirals seeing him 6 times a year playing against the Griffins. Now I can see he was an agitator, and hope that he endears himself to us, as long as we don't hear those damn Train Whistles....
  9. I also think that without the Substance Abuse Issues, he also would have been a Red Wing for life playing on Yzerman's Wing...
  10. Parise said he hasnt made a decision yet, but is closer.... Via Twitter
  11. How much was Michalek making? I dont think enough to clear up the space for either of those two..
  12. He would have never signed with us, it was pretty obvious that he asked for this trade after turning down the 10 year deal.
  13. Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of was Harry Potter?
  14. It's amazing the difference in the class act that Nick is with something like this, compared to the classlessness of say Lebron James, who has a 1 hour show to announce where he is signing as a free agent.... Right here is why I am a Red Wings fan, because of players like him, and the class that the organization has as a whole...