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  1. Ram

  2. Hope the Tigers can pull off this Wild card berth
  3. This tournament has been great. I've loved watching every game. But I feel like it's definitely the back channel.
  4. The walk-off winner last night against the Nationals has to be it. This season probably can't be saved, can it?
  5. It could happen. Let's go boys. Go Wings!
  6. Let's go Wings!! Please don't let Tyler Johnson torch us again.
  7. GDT

    Wild? More like the Mild. Let's go Wings! And let's go Blues!
  8. GDT

    Agree with sentiment that we have to catch Boston to have a shot. Flyers are playing too well right now. Boston schedule comparable to DRW to close out. They have to play the Hawks, Blues. If the Wings go 3/5 with one of the wins being the Bruins, it could still happen. "It could happen." - JP, Angels in the Outfield
  9. GDT

    Also why do the Wings have three back to backs to end the season? That sucks.
  10. GDT

    Yuck. Showed some heart in the second when I thought the game was already over and then junk again in the third. What a pisser. Figure it out please. Really frustrating one especially after the Bruins lost. Season's gonna come down to the back to back next week with Flyers and Bruins. 3 points from the back to back this weekend would be preferable. I will officially lose all hope if they lose to the Leafs. Let's go Wings
  11. Unfortunately I see the Tigers' window all but closed after coming up short too many years in a row. I hope I'm wrong and there is a renaissance among guys like JV, Kinsler, V-Mart. In theory the team should compete but the Royals aren't exactly going anywhere and the division is always a tough one to get through. If the Fall Classic is Red Sox vs. Cubs, I will be bridge jumping off the Ambassador. Here's to baseball season though!
  12. What exactly is Quinn doing with all the free agent money he isn't using? Wasn't that whole Calvin retiring thing supposed to help the team? Lot of holes to fill and all cannot be taken care of with the draft.