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  1. Trade

    i dont want to be a fan anymore. i want shero as my gm.
  2. So ive been scouring the internet trying to find out what the lineups will look like for each game individually. I'll be down there but i want to know what the division of players will be. And looking at the leafs roster...they barely fill 1 roster..let alone 2. Any info or articles that anyone has would be much appreciated!
  3. lgw

    any way to get a winter classic logo for jan 1? would be a nice reminder every day
  4. gaborik still plays for the rangers?
  5. mason is now hated by cbj john h mcconnell, the original owner would be on there for sure. id have mcconnell, nash, vborny, klesla might even have coach hitchcock on there over one of the last two
  6. VOTE PASHA just need an login.... and the super power to decode captcha's
  7. ill be there, they arent too bad, ill be wearing my red Z jersey
  8. im sorry, but that would really frickin hurt....
  9. squib or squibbed
  10. on the right
  11. dont forget the live spelling bee on tonight!
  12. so, hows everyone doing? im sick of this thing, but im sticking it out to the end!
  13. or /red-wings-live i know one of them has replays