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  1. SoDakWing

  2. So next gen consoles? Who is making the jump

    got the PS4 and getting NHL 15 on release day. Got a few other games. PSN ID: porq_chopz add me and lets game it up
  3. WCQF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1, at Ducks 3. (Anaheim leads, 1-0)

    the best news of that period. is the wings usually always play 40 minutes each game. and well so far they've only played 20. here's to the next 20
  4. Who do you blame for this unsuccessfully playoff run

    NONE OF THE ABOVE. add the selection "The Preds" thats whose to blame. they beat us. they out played us. end of story.
  5. Vote for the NHL 13 cover player
  6. Three keys to beating Nashville?

    1. Score more goals than them. 2. Have them score less goals than us. 3. Combine number 1 and number 2
  7. #5 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #4 Pittsburgh Penguins

    wow. what a captain :puke:
  8. SJ 7 men on ice for GW OT goal

    it is a legit line change. We got beat fair and square with this one. Quit trying to come up with excuses man.
  9. Biron to Wings?

    Biron as a back up and i'd be down for it. But when playoff time rolls around. Ozzie for the mutha truckin win.
  10. REALLLY???? two games in and already starting up this bulls***... LET THE SEASON PLAY OUT... atleast to 60 games then we can talk playoffs. we still have 80 games left until the playoffs start so lets let them play hockey.
  11. is Ericsson going to be better than Kronwall?

    From what i've seen of him. YES. he has potential to be better but it all depends on if he wants to be better or not.
  12. Ken Hitchcock wants to make the Wings "Bleed"

    notice he said he wants to CHASE... not beat... CHASE... If it were me, I would of said "I'm sick of seeing Detroit in first place, I want to BEAT them and take the division." chase... haha, keep chasing buddy, it's all you'll be doing for awhile.
  13. The "Who Will You Miss Most Next Year" Poll

    for me its huds. Based on the way he played and he was one of my faves. Until this whole KHL BS came to be. But i'll still miss him
  14. I love that freaking bug licker.. it's hilarious!