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  1. Resetti

    Philly Capitals line brawl

    I like fights in hockey, but that goes with the assumption that the participants are willing combatants. What transpired in the Philadelphia-Washington game, specifically with Emery charging down the ice and mugging Holtby, isn't something that belongs in the game. Hockey's a violent game for tough guys, but nothing is less manly than throwing a temper tantrum on the ice because you stink. Emery should absolutely have been suspended for that assault.
  2. Resetti

    Laviolette out in Philly

    Don't know why they fired him after only three games in. If you stuck with him through the offseason, training camp, and pre-season, then why would you pull the plug less than a week into the real thing? The team will have to spend the next few weeks learning a new philosophy and/or system during this unexpected transition. Holmgren continues to set this team up for failure.
  3. Resetti

    buffalo and toronto fight

    The game was in Toronto, Carlyle saw that Scott was still on the ice, and he sends out Kessel... that was a very bad idea. One of the coach's jobs is to manage the game, and that could have been a devastating mistake on his part. I'm not defending Scott -- he's a big idiot, see? -- but I think Carlyle deserves some heat for not protecting his star player. And if Kessel really was baiting him at all... well, hasn't he seen those Messin' With Sasquatch beef jerky commercials? Yeah, bad idea.
  4. Resetti

    Paul Ranger's Shootout Attempt(?).

    Pretty sure the goal wouldn't be allowed anyway, as per rule 49.2: A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who kicks any equipment (stick, glove, helmet, etc.) at the puck, including kicking the blade of his own stick, causing the puck to cross the goal line. Asked about the play after the game, Enroth said his initial reaction was that he felt Ranger was trying to embarrass him by showboating a bit but given time to think about it, it's not a big deal. I mean, it's a pre-season shootout game... why should anyone actually be upset about this?
  5. Resetti

    Burke Wins Default Judgment Against Internet Defamers

    This is an interesting case, but I don't see how it can be enforced. People should be held accountable for the things they say, even online, but because of the electronic shield of anonymity... what can really be done in a situation like this? There's a difference between being subpoenaed at a physical address because, hey, you live there... but a private message on an Internet forum? I have accounts on websites I've not visited in ages. I couldn't make those rounds today if I wanted to.
  6. Resetti

    Being in the East Is Going to Be Awesome

    Things like this go both ways. True, Eastern teams aren't as familiar with the Wings as Western teams, but why is that an advantage? The Red Wings aren't as familiar with the Eastern teams either. It's a wash.
  7. Why does the thread title say that this is a poll?
  8. Resetti


    While putting the onus on the referee may work in basketball to minimize flopping, hockey is just too fast of a sport. There's so much going on as it is that you can't add to that "judging acting skills" to the job requirement. The way to legislate diving out of the sport is to have supplemental discipline in the form of heavy-handed suspensions against players diving. It isn't worth diving to get one power play in a game if it means you sit the next 5 or so games. It has to be heavy punishment in order to make it clear to players that it's not worth the gamble. Give refs the power to call just dives, if there's an obvious one, but the league office has to take care of this in order to clean up the game. The refs already have enough to worry about.
  9. Resetti

    Fleury - what would you do?

    I don't think Shero would consider buying out Fleury because he probably still has some trade value even though it's diminished. Although he's proven to be miserable in the playoffs recently, he is talented and has performed well in the regular season, and there are definitely teams outside the playoff picture who would be interested in upgrading with an experienced netminder. As for backing up Howard, I don't think it would be worth it. Even with Fleury's diminishing value on the market, and even if Pittsburgh bought out his contract, he would get at least $3 million from some team.
  10. Resetti

    ECSF : (7) Ottawa Senators vs (1) Pittsburgh Penguins

    I don't think it's fair to compare Detroit vs Chicago when talking about playoff tests anyway. Any rivalry matchup like that levels the playing field based purely on the hatred. On paper Chicago should be killing Detroit, but the bad blood neutralizes any advantages Chicago would otherwise have. As for the Penguins, the Islanders definitely challenged them with their speed. New York was arguably the fastest team in the playoffs and that exposed the Penguins defense. It's not as though they don't have some high-end talent. As for Ottawa, they were the East's top-rated defense with a goalie that posted pretty incredible numbers this season. It's a little weird to hold it against Pittsburgh instead of giving them any credit for making it a short series. I understand the point that New York and Ottawa aren't particularly experienced teams, and that Boston has more veteran players than either of them, but it's hard not to have Pittsburgh as the favorite to come out of the East. The Bruins are looking better than they did in their series against Toronto and compared to how they played the second half of the season in general but I'm still not sure about them; they have not seemed themselves since February or early March.
  11. Resetti

    ECSF : (7) Ottawa Senators vs (1) Pittsburgh Penguins

    Last season they didn't have a capable backup so it wouldn't have made any difference. But it seems that the Pittsburgh defense is much more calm with Vokoun in net than Fleury... they actually look decent. Speed, an aggressive forecheck, and sustained puck possession exposes their defense though, as the Islanders showed. Although the Senators aren't a particularly slow team so who knows?
  12. Resetti

    ECSF : (7) Ottawa Senators vs (1) Pittsburgh Penguins

    Seriously LOL'd when the Ottawa fans were singing along with the "woo hoo" after making it 7-3. This game has gotten so far out of hand, I'm kind of amazed anybody would be in the mood to do that.
  13. Resetti

    Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    Hmmm, this thread got me thinking... what if fans threw an octopus onto the ice after the Red Wings had iced the puck and clearly needed a break? What would the referees do if it was obviously a ploy to rest the players? I remember how many times the NBC commentator would credit a player with a "wily veteran move" to buy his linemates some extra time... wonder if they'd give the same credit to fans. ETA: I know that there's a provision that allows the referee to assess a delay of game penalty to the home team if fans obviously are interfering, but I don't remember ever seeing that happen. I'm curious how it would be handled.
  14. Resetti

    Red Wings don't belong in the same rink as the Hawks?

    I wonder if Dan McNeil feels like a dumbass yet.
  15. Resetti

    ECSF : (7) Ottawa Senators vs (1) Pittsburgh Penguins

    Yeah, this is totally sticking it to the refs and the league. No way the Senators just dug down deep and found a way. Honestly, the one thing that can ruin a game for me is fans that talk about league conspiracies.