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  1. WMUCarGuy


  2. So will I be getting a refund on the $750 I just paid for my tickets, if that happens? If not, I'm going to have to take a long, hard look at whether I want to devote any of my future time or money to NHL hockey.
  3. WMUCarGuy

    [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    So how does this affect people with ticket plans/Winter Classic tickets that have already been paid for? Will we get a refund??
  4. So on the map for the big house, it shows a Red Wings side and a Toronto side. But the tickets that are available to me are on the Toronto side. Is it really gonna be split in half and will I find myself in Leaf territory with those seats or is everyone all over the place?
  5. WMUCarGuy

    4/5 GDT : Devils 2 at Red Wings 1

    If they end up tied, the Hawks will have the tie breaker as both teams will have the same number or points, the same ROW, but the Hawks will have more points in the games between the teams. Wings Win in regulation - Wings are 5 seed Game goes to OT - Wings are 5 seed Hawks win in regulation - Wings are 6 seed.
  6. WMUCarGuy

    Quincey vs. Stuart

    Stuart is gone. We can quit debating it. No chance he's back next year.
  7. WMUCarGuy

    Brad Stuart's family issues

    I see almost no chance that Stuie will be a Red Wing come next year. His wife is tugging on the old ball and chain and making him come back to Cali.
  8. I have a sneaking suspicion we might move Brad Stuart. He's been great, but he's an unrestricted free agent after this year and I've heard his wife has basically told him he has to sign with a West Coast team. Might as well get something for his value before we lose him. Perhaps Stuart and someone else in a deal for Selanne?
  9. WMUCarGuy

    Zetterberg Trade Rumor

    At work today a coworker forwarded me an email he received from a friend who apparently lives next to or near Ken Holland. No idea how reliable this is, but this person claims the Wings are about to trade Zetterberg to Florida for Stephen Weiss and a 2nd round draft pick.
  10. WMUCarGuy

    Wings to host NHL Winter Classic within next 2 years

    I'm hoping for Wings vs. Leafs at the Big House, but I think Comerica Park will probably win out. The biggest reason for this is that they can't sell alcohol at Michigan Stadium and that makes up a significant portion of the revenue at any pro sports game.
  11. WMUCarGuy

    Got my Lidstrom jersey back, signed!

    Nice! I'm absolutely thrilled with how it came out! Now I just need to get it framed so I can show it off!
  12. WMUCarGuy

    Got my Lidstrom jersey back, signed!

    I definitely want to get it professionally done, with UV protective glass and the works. There've gotta be some great places in metro Detroit that do this kind of thing.
  13. WMUCarGuy

    Got my Lidstrom jersey back, signed!

    The Goalie's Den in Troy recently had a private Nick Lidstrom signing and I took my Winter Classic jersey over to be signed. Got it back today and it came out great! I'm planning on getting it framed. Does anyone have anywhere they'd suggest for jersey framing that does good work?
  14. WMUCarGuy

    '11 Home Opener

    I'll be there! Section 205, row 5! Can't wait!
  15. WMUCarGuy

    Jersey Framing

    Once I get my Lidstrom jersey back, I'm going to look to get it framed. Are there any places around Metro Detroit you guys would recommend that do really good work?