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  1. pokemonbreeder18

  2. My grandfather's hockey collection!

    Hey guys, first off, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. It's been years since I've posted on the site here....anyway...back in May I did a tour of my grandfathers hockey collection (mainly to show you guys) and I finally got around to uploading it. If you have an hour free, give it a watch. There are a lot of great hockey stories in here. My grandpa has known quite a number of people over the years involved with the game and many of these stories have probably never been heard (except by me and my family 1000 times lol) Most of it is Red Wings related, but I specifically had him point out a few of his non wings stuff for others. Around the 45 minute mark I start asking him questions directly & it can get a little loud because I'm so close to the camera, so just a warning for that. But if you're a fan of hockey history, give this a watch!
  3. My pictures used in recent Wingspan episode!

    It's been a loooong time since I've last posted here, but this one I HAD to let someone know. I was recently watching the episode of wingspan called "continuing the dominance" and they did a little section on Jakub Kindl. I noticed they showed two of my pictures I took while he was with the Griffins!! :D While this is really exciting, I'm a little upset they didnt contact me to use them. They got them directly off of Flickr where there is clearly a copyright under each photo on the website. (My pictures on flickr dont have my name on them, but now they do) So my question is, is there a way to contact the wings about this? I'd at least like a little bit of credit for those pictures That aside....WOW!! (Pictures that were used) My link My link
  4. Jiri Hudler update

    Dang.....someone is showing their stuff! I really hope to see him back next year. We could have used him this year with all of the injuries.
  5. Hamilton VS Grand Rapids (alt jersey night with pictures)

    That was terrible....I can't believe they took Larsson out then put him back in and he played really well.
  6. Hamilton VS Grand Rapids (alt jersey night with pictures)

    No I wasnt able to....huh I dont know why they kept them. I will also say that I will be at the Jan. 30th game with the other alt jerseys. Just an FYI.
  7. Wow! It has been a LONG time since I've last gone to a game OR posted here! Don't worry I'm still here. Ok here are the 2 fight videos I was able to get And then here are some pictures of the Alternate Jerseys they wore at tonight's game. A good look at the back of the jersey A good look at the front of the jersey Kind of hard to see but Crosty's eye is bleeding from his fight earlier Tom Galvin got a new number
  8. How did he do?

    Go to 1:38 to see Draper slam Darren about his suit!
  9. Red Wings Archived Games Index

  10. 11/20 GDT: Texas @ Grand Rapids

    Ill be there too.
  11. 11/11 GDT: Lake Erie @ Grand Rapids

    Video isn't the best only because I didn't have my normal camera....sadly that also means no pictures
  12. Abbotsford VS Griffins Pictures

    I was able to keep the equipment safe....I can't say so much for my friend sitting next to me! lol
  13. Abbotsford VS Griffins Pictures

    GROwl were you one of the idiots that threw their cup on the ice with 4 seconds to go?! lol I got hit by like 5 of them!
  14. Abbotsford VS Griffins Pictures

    Ooooh. Gotcha!
  15. Abbotsford VS Griffins Pictures

    Thanks, I won't make it to every game but the ones that I do I will post pictures for you guys.