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  1. The 91 of Ryans

    News From Around the NHL

  2. The 91 of Ryans

    News From Around the NHL

    Figure y'all will have to start scribbling some else's name on your fantasy roster napkins. My money's on Trouba staying in NY. #Werenski2025
  3. Totally. Holland would have gotten it done.
  4. The 91 of Ryans

    News From Around the NHL

    1M a year too much. IMO
  5. Gotta ask. IF you don't want UFAs and you want to "free up a roster spot" by trading Nielsen, who are your 4 centers this year? And don't say Veleno, you predictable m*****f*****.
  6. The 91 of Ryans

    News From Around the NHL

    Metro to Metro
  7. Pretty good interview. Main takeaway: 1. He said word-for-word when asked about free agency: "there are roster spots available". I wonder if this is how he currently views the forward group Bert - Larkin - Mantha ?? - ?? - ?? AA - Nielsen - ?? Abdlekader - Glendenning - Helm
  8. 1. Who said anything about Yzerman overpaying for older players? 2. Who said anything about long term big money players 3. If you were GM and helped Toronto out of some of their cap issues, I'd fire you. A Callahan trade would be acceptable. 4. Me neither. Makes zero sense. I think Yzerman could look to make a tweak. This is his team now and his vision for how this team should play hockey. No easier way to make a nudge then a shrewd UFA signing. There may be some value in some of the younger UFAs (Ferland, Dzingle, Connolly, Donskoi, Wilson) either to add some offence or some real actual jam to the bottom six. I'd rather see Ferland or Wilson rolling around out there then Ehn, for example. Bottom line, not saying he'll sign anyone but I'd be surprised if he didn't.
  9. Until Yzerman actually says "I'm not signing any UFAs", I'm going to assume he's signing at least one.
  10. The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Draft

    FYI. There's only a three vowel difference between beast and bust.
  11. The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Draft

    You make him sound like Tomas Jurco or something. Sounds like his motor, character, and forecheck ability is off the hook. I'm not saying he will/should go as high as 6. But if he does, it won't be because he made a few moves one time in a tournament when he was 16. I like Podkolzen. I also like Zegras, Dach, and Cozens. 100% agree with you on Broberg. Only someone who thinks AA is as good as Larkin would see something in him worth taking at 6.
  12. The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Draft

    My top four (based on who I think will be available) 1. Podkolzin 2. Zegras 3. Cozens 4. Dach
  13. The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Draft

    Thanks 4 sharing! Main takeaway: Art Regner is an old s***bird and is only (barely) tolerable if he's sitting beside Carley Johnston Other takeaway: They can't lose no matter who they take at 6 (unless they take Broberg).
  14. The Athletic: Ranking all 31 NHL Team's Cap Situation From Best to Worst How did the Wings do? Hint: 1 is best 31 is not best