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  1. Hey can you please give me the link to the stream? Thanks!

  2. zata20

    The Big Chill

  3. zata20

    The Big Chill

    Does anyone know where I could find a stream for the Big Chill today?
  4. zata20

    10/14 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Stars 4

    Anyone know where I can get a stream from?
  5. Is there a stream tonight?

  6. zata20

    Hit on Franzen worthy of suspension

    I'm pretty sure by "they" he meant the Penguins, not the league.
  7. zata20

    ran into abdelkader last night

    His salary last year was $710,000, his cap hit was $850,000 because of bonuses. So then the minimum he could make is $745,500.(5% increase). Now I'm not sure if it is calculated with the bonuses included or not, but I figured I'd just throw it out there.
  8. zata20

    Free Agency Thread

    Philly has virtually no cap space. Not gonna happen unless they make a trade. I'm expecting they will make some kind of trade though.
  9. zata20

    Free Agency Thread

    Gotta think that Philly will try to move Carle.
  10. zata20

    Turco reportedly rejects Flyers offer

    I was thinking the same thing. If they don't own his rights the can't talk to him until July 1. I haven't heard anything about them acquiring his rights, so to me it looks like this article is bogus. Edit: Sorry, didn't read the whole article. Looks like they must have acquired his rights.
  11. I think you are underestimating John Madden. Madden has 3 cups and a selke to boot. While he may have slowed down a bit, he still is probably one of the top 10-15 defensive forwards in the game.
  12. zata20

    Halak traded to Blues

    He is a RFA. He hasn't signed an extension with the Blues yet.
  13. zata20

    Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    What if he takes Maclean with him to be the HC?
  14. zata20

    Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    Anyone else as anxious as me to see who he brings in as Head Coach?