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  1. Rick Nash "available for the right team/price"

    So lets see..... 3.95 mil for 22 goals and 24 assists (and a proven playoff performer) Franzen For 7.9 mil and 18 goals and 21 assists? No thanks. Not to mention the cap space you lose on one player. I am having a hard time seeing how this is an upgrade other than the name recognition.
  2. Red Wings on Twitter

    maybe they just see it as a waste of time, like myself.
  3. Simon Gagné

    So I guess White didn't put up any points last season?
  4. Wings sign D Ian White to 2-year, $5.75m contract

    Thank god then that you aren't the GM. Mule, Flip and considerations for Buf? Are you crazy? I would hate to see the team you would ice for us. JMO.
  5. Yandle on the block?

    Source? Or are we talking about you and your neighbor talking out by your mailboxes as the "word on the streets"? Unless you provide a source, then "word on the streets" is garbage. IMO. Not to mention what you are looking for, and what you get, are two different things. When I buy a powerball ticket I am looking to become a millionaire, but what I usually get is either nothing, or an 8 dollar winner. Just sayin.....
  6. Richards to NYR

    Cap hit is all that matters to us fans, and Z is having back problems that may at some point cut his career short. They both have contracts until they are 40. So if you have a problem with one, then you should have a problem with the other if your criteria is what is mentioned above. Funny thing is....For how "crappy" Franzens season was, he still led the team in goals. IMO it is still about the cap hit, and 3.9 is nowhere near 6.66. His cap hit is a bargain. As far as 6,7,8,9 or 10 years time, well heck......3.9 might be league minimum by then.
  7. Richards to NYR

    Um, you do realize that Franzen (basically a 30 goal scorer, and outside of last season, has been a playoff beast) is paid almost half of what Richards just got? Richards gets 6.5 mil, while Franzen gets 3.9 mil. I am trying to figure out how in todays grossly overpaid market, a 30 goal scorer for 3.9 mil is an albatross? 3.9 for a 30 goal guy is a bargain in todays NHL. But go ahead and use a poor example to try and benefit your argument somehow. You can compare Z to Richards as they make similar money. Franzen does not. While the length may be similar, the $$$$ is bargain. For crying out loud, Leino makes more per season than Franzen.
  8. RFA/UFA Signings

    This should tell the Huds defenders on here what most GM's and Coaches think of Huds. By the way, at least Leino has produced at a VERY high level in the playoffs before.
  9. RFA/UFA Signings

    I will take that bet. We may not sign someone today, but he will spend at some point. Here are the reasons. Limited window for Lids, next season is probably it, and this team is worse than it was this last season as it stands right now. Reason 2.... Lids comes off the books as does Huds and others that will free up cap space for next season that your are saying is needed.
  10. How Much Is Hudler Worth?

    my hope is that Hudler and Eva will be traded for a Happy Meal.
  11. "Major" NHL announcement today

  12. I've Never Wached Game 7 of the 2009 SCF...

    I watched, but pretty much already knew the outcome before it started. I mean, Buttman had already done everything in his power to assist the Pens, he sure as heck wasn't going to let them lose game 7. Actually game 7 was pretty well reff'd IMO. It was game three that really turned the series around. You know the game where the Pens skated for a good 30 seconds with an extra attacker, and then the linesman went to let them know they had too many men so the extra Pen could get off the ice. There were just too many things against us. From Gary setting up the schedule for back to backers on short rest, for a team that he (and everyone else) knew was depleted and tired. To the game 3 debacle, and the Pens getting the first PP in 6 out of 7 games, and getting more PP in 6 out of 7. The writing was on the wall for the SCF 09. Gary and his baby were going to raise the cup together. PERIOD!!! By the time game 7 rolled around our boys were worn out, and demoralized because they had seen first hand what was going on in front of them. 09 SCF almost made me stop watching the NHL altogether. I still refuse to watch the Pens. In hopes that I will not help their ratings. I know its silly. 09 SCF was one of the most disgusting displays of blatant corruption I have witnessed. IMO.
  13. Power Forwards

    And this is why it always turns into a huge psssing contest. Because some on here want to make things absolutes. Like it is possible to say that Power forwards were always defined in black and white in the past. Yeah right. According to GMR I guess, Websters defined Power forwards in the 80's and 90's. OK. Well like it or not, Most consider Franzen a Power Forward in todays game. You can either adjust, or hold onto the past like it is coming back. Kinda like the guy in the room (you know that guy that drives everyone nuts) that always has to act like he has been there and done that years before everyone else. "Back in the summer of 62 we used to eat nails before we walked to work 12 miles, up hill both ways, carrying our entire family home." Of course that was before folks could afford to drive their families around. You know the guy. Anyway, see below for what most consider Franzen. Quote taken from Ansar Khan. "Johan Franzen, who developed into one of the NHL's premier power forwards the past two seasons, will miss at least four months with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee." Or if you wish to see the entire article see below Power forward -The Mule
  14. The Bottom Six and Modano

    We also got the occasional goal from the third line, which Modano will help with. Huds can't do it alone. Scoring from our third line in the playoffs last year was almost non existent. Point is you can skew any argument to try and fit your own perceptions as to what we had last time vs what we are trying to do this time. The bottom line is, this TEAM will be better with Modano than without (more than likely). Sorry, but the anti Modano arguments sound like sour grapes to me, due to Kenny not allowing someone on these boards to be GM. And to that point, I will take Kenny's track record over the past decade over any of the posters on this board. The wings, as they have done many times before, can win a cup without being known as a fighting team. I know that upsets some folks who for some reason would like to go back to the days of Probert. ( I even saw someone post that on here the other day). Remind me again, how many cup/winning seasons did we have in his era? Just sayin....
  15. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    More knowledgeable......Kenny Holland and Wings management (arguably the best managed team in pro sports) or random message board guy with a bolded sig line of defense and goaltending win championships? Hmmm.....Let me see here. Boy I dunno this one is pretty tough. I think I will go with random message board turd here. Dude you should totally apply for a GM position in the NHL. I mean, I don't think anyone could have thought of that cliche "defense and goaltending wins championships". Nah, nevermind.... aren't you late for the little yellow bus?