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  1. I'm still confused what happened to big rig I know broken finger but out this long ?
  2. saven

    Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    All in. You dont realize it the exact s**t loser did that caused that incident correct ? Moore was pulling some dirty hits and wouldn't drop the gloves also I don't see a winged wheel in that video at all. If you are saying that a wings players is dirty it helps to use stuff from when they were a wing.
  3. saven

    Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

    So if next game we dressed Bert and he straight up went all Moore on his a** the league would suspend Bert for life but nothing for an obvious attempt to injure ...... Got it. Come in NHL the rest of this sports world is lol ing at you
  4. He has a history of that exact play so it shows a pattern. If the NHL has a shred of pride for doing its job he will get more then one but we know he won't ala the weber head bash.
  5. I guess it's his signature play.
  6. Like lids did for raffi ? Sure how ever you wanna spin it he's been a night and day different player matched with nic jr then q Damn it hillbilly I can't watch that without cringing
  7. And that nut shot better get a look from the boys in charge that kind of play should be at least 2 games.
  8. Why didn't anyone trust me when I said putting smith with kronner gave him a partner he could trust and opened up his game.
  9. Wow I'm speechless what a game what a win I wish I coulda watched but listening was soooooo good
  10. saven

    Great article on the Wings.

    Good read
  11. saven

    Preds Allowed 0 SH Goals in 82 Game Season

    While I'm not a preds guy and this is a wings forum I'm all for this kind if post as well. We should appreciate good hockey no matter who's playing it. Congrats preds
  12. I know some of you are way better at this then I , can someone dig up stats of players under 26 vs over 26 maybe make a list side by side Including things like ice time pp time pts g a +/- because I think maybe we are really not appreciating exactly how bright the future is. Edit* extra word lol
  13. saven

    Ben Bishop and Darren Pang swap goalie pads

    I'm sure al Mac hit a few guys in those type pads and I still says his shot was the hardest I've seen.
  14. saven

    bashing skid the kid

    Not shaking hands after a playoff series is classless as it comes. Slashing a player relentlessly is the same. The video shows diving at a Louganis level and some ppl still like the guy ? How , yeah he's good at hockey but he sucks at being a classy hockey player and I do believe his antics are Avery Lvl. Look at the been shot in the head reaction to a ref barely touching him
  15. saven

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    I said when he was paired with kron he now trusts his partner and is playing a relaxed game and it shows.