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  1. Theophany


  2. Theophany

    The New Reality

    Babcock always uses his centers as shutdown guys, especially against the Sharks, who were extremely deep down the middle (Thornton/Pavelski/Couture). That he trusted Filppula to play center on a line with Franzen and Hudler, two huge defensive liabilities, shows how much he trusted Filppula to play a defensive/backchecking role on that line. And yes, Franzen sucked. But then again, that's nothing new. He has large periods during the regular season where he sucks/is invisible.
  3. Theophany

    2012 Winter Classic, Jan 2.

    Stars and Wild? The only teams that would be less successful would be Florida and Atlanta.
  4. Theophany

    Tampa Bay vs. Boston

    Man Boston looked awful. Holy crap.
  5. Theophany

    The New Reality

    Not living up to his potential? He had the GWG (and made the play to take away the puck) in game six. How much more clutch would you like him to be? He also put up 8 points in 11 games, and he only got points in two games of the Sharks series (1 G, 1 A in game six and 1 A in game seven). Also keep in mind that he was primarily used as a defensive center for most of the series, until Babcock put him on Datsyuk's wing. How about Cleary? He's only paid slightly less than Filppula, and yet he gets a pass for producing markedly less than Filppula in the playoffs? Not only that, he does markedly less than Filppula on defense.
  6. Theophany

    The New Reality

    Oh good, another overreaction thread from someone who doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. Seriously, bashing Filppula and Babcock?
  7. Theophany

    Will Nicklas Lidstrom Retire?

    Oh don't get me wrong, Kronwall was excellent in the playoffs, but he's not ready to take over as a #1 defenseman yet. I think if Lidstrom comes back for one more year you'll see Lids as essentially as a PP specialist even more-so than this season (like he was in the playoffs) and you'll see Kronwall getting more hard minutes than he has in the past. I honestly believe that next year (and possibly the year after) will be the transition year.
  8. Theophany

    Interesting article about possible changes

    So they can both be -3 in a 6-3 win? That defensive pair would be great.
  9. Theophany

    Jonathan Ericsson Appreciation Thread

    So you like winning 30 games a year? Because that's about how many you'd win with that lineup. YOU HAVE HELM ON THE FIRST LINE WING. Please for the love of god stay away from anything that's anywhere close to coaching or being a GM. You'd be absolutely terrible at it.
  10. Theophany

    Will Nicklas Lidstrom Retire?

    Uh, +/- isn't affected by PK time unless you score a shorthanded goal (or are on the PK unit that does).
  11. Theophany

    Will Nicklas Lidstrom Retire?

    Er, why would you do that? Do you automatically assume that if Kronwall wasn't playing on the PK and instead using those minutes at ES like Lidstrom did that he would have scored two more goals? Just to satisfy your curiosity though, Lidstrom scored a point at ES or on the PP every ~29 mins he was on the ice. Kronwall scored a point at ES or on the PP every ~34 mins he was on the ice. That's taking out PK time from both of their total series ice time.
  12. Theophany

    Will Nicklas Lidstrom Retire?

    Yeah, totally. Second in team scoring, +8, definitely a drain on the team. By contrast your boy Kronwall played two more minutes a game and only put up 6 points in the whole playoffs and was a +5.
  13. Theophany

    Will Nicklas Lidstrom Retire?

    This is extremely laughable. He's a Norris finalist and you think he's overpaid at $6.2m? And even more laughable, you think Kronwall is a future #1 dman? He's 30 years old and has never showed more talent than a #2 at best. Edit: I hope to god that Lids is back for another year. This team will have a hard time continuing on without him.
  14. Theophany

    Win or Lose: This Team *Needs* Nothing

    Ah, true. Personally I want to see what Hudler can do if he shows up for a full season, but I can understand the desire to see him gone.
  15. Theophany

    Datsyuk or Thornton

    Right now, yes, because Crosby still has concussion symptoms. But if/when Crosby gets healthy, Dats is clearly #2.