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  1. wiszo1mt

    All About Eaves

    After the Versteeg (sp?) fight last year, Eaves cemented himself as a favorite wing of mine. I really hope he is a Wing for years to come. Unfortunately his increased playing time is a result of injuries to others, but hopefully he can showcase his skills in this time. On a side note: If anyone can find one of those reebok shirts of Eaves, please let me know where you found it... I've been looking for over a year now
  2. wiszo1mt

    Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

    Does anybody know where I can find one of those Rebook T-shirts that has Eaves on it?
  3. wiszo1mt

    Jonas Hiller's New Goalie Mask

    he probably thinks it increases his odds of the refs losing sight of a loose puck and the play will come to an end.
  4. wiszo1mt

    Cheli is back!

    He is back! WOO HOO (not as a player) http://www.foxsportsdetroit.com/08/06/10/Chelios-to-retire-will-join-Wings-front-/landing_redwings.html?blockID=285203&feedID=3569
  5. wiszo1mt

    Who do you cheer for now?

    well seeing that Van is down 3-1.... Sharks out of the west Bruins out of the east Bruins for it all... Most importantly... i hope the hawks come no where near the cup
  6. wiszo1mt

    Shark Tank sounds

    i hate the twinkling noise they play when they are announcing a goal or an assist...
  7. wiszo1mt

    2010 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 2

    SJS/DET: 2-4 CHI/VAN: 4-3 PIT/MTL: 4-2 BOS/PHI: 4-3
  8. wiszo1mt

    Not Playoff Related...

    Sorry if there has been a topic already started about this, as I have read on these forums I'm sure someone won't hesitate to post the link of someone thread... But, as I am watching the Avs and Sharks play the game went to commercial. The first commercial was the Patrick Roy history will be made video... but I noticed what sounds like a familiar voice... Is the second commentator our Mickey Redmond? anywho... just wondering and think it be cool if it was him. heres the vid:
  9. wiszo1mt

    2010 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    SJS/COL 4-2 CHI/NSH 4-2 VAN/LAK 4-3 PHX/DET 4-2 WAS/MTL 4-1 NJD/PHI 4-2 BUF/BOS 4-3 PIT/OTT 4-2 Western Conference Winner: Detroit Eastern Conference Winner: New Jersey Stanley Cup Finals Winner: Detroit Thanks for doing this!
  10. wiszo1mt

    3/22 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    Dude you honestly cannot look at the Savard hit and tell us that Cooke was not head hunting and leading with his elbow. he had intent to injure on his mind and took full advantage to it when the time came. I am not going to defend players who make plays like that or the Bert hit on Moore. Both hits were a disgrace to hockey. As for Kronwall, on most of his hits (not all) he follows through and that is why he leaves his feet. He rarely leaves his feet before impact and when he does he gets calls on him. if you disagree please explain to me why in the world would an internationally known hockey company (Bauer) have him as a spokesman if he did his hits illegally? Your boys lost tonight get over it
  11. wiszo1mt

    3 min Long Fight in Devils-Blues Game

    i liked the hot chick that they showed at the end of the fight