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  1. cjm502


  2. cjm502

    F*** YOU Player X

    Where is Z on your list? He has spent a hell of a lot of time getting absolutely nothing done out there.
  3. cjm502

    Coaching part of the problem?

    Babs needs to grow a pair and do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9AajQn7b18&feature=related
  4. cjm502

    Ex Top Prospect back on track

    I wonder if he would still be interested in playing in the NHL.
  5. cjm502

    9/21 Exhibition GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 3

    Smith might have been the best defenseman on the ice tonight imo, he is damn good. I think he could hang in the NHL no problem right now but why rush it.
  6. cjm502

    McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    Whats a shame is some people cant just ignore it and have to make a big deal about it, and this is coming from a not so religious person. I cant even imagine what the families are going through. Im just speechless.
  7. cjm502

    LGW Fit Club

    I tried doing p90x with my girl today since she wants to get in to exercising, but we were more focused on laughing at each other looking stupid than actually working out. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
  8. cjm502

    Third line players who suck

    Every once in a while a blind squirrel will still find a nut...
  9. cjm502

    LGW Fit Club

    I was really busy and couldnt workout for the last 2 weeks but this week I got back in to my normal routine and I feel great and didnt lose much strength at all. My joints (mostly hips and knees) feel a lot better so maybe a break was needed. I also added fish oils in to my diet last week and all the acne on my chest and back has cleared up.
  10. cjm502

    Nabokov plans to report to NYI's training camp

  11. cjm502

    Kris Draper announces retirement

    That would be good ol Danny Cleary!
  12. cjm502

    Your Favorite Red Wing Player

    Get real. Nobody expected Hudler to score 70 points. And please tell me how you know what Babcocks expectations were, I would love to get in on this insider info. Everyone is hating on Hudler because of his inconsistency and his absolutely pathetic first half. Even when Hudler was putting up points he was invisible most of the time. Watching the games last season nothing ever made me say "wow, good thing we have Hudler on this team", or "I really like Hudler he helps this team out". He was expected to be a powerplay specialist and for the majority of the season I think most here would agree he underperformed and did not do that great of a job on the powerplay. If Hudler is around next season I cant wait for Tatar to knock him out of the top 6 for good.
  13. cjm502

    Backup Goalie?

    Ummmmmmm what? What I saw the last 2 seasons was an aging Osgood who could not find consistency.
  14. cjm502

    Best Current Russian Player

    And I said: I was saying Datsyuk was not only the best Russian, but the best worldwide.After that I edited it and corrected myself, Crosby might be a better all around player. I know he is Canadian.