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  1. Hutts11


  2. Hutts11

    Myers close to become a wing?

    Looks like a trade is our only option by the way day one of free agency has gone for us :/
  3. Hutts11

    Myers close to become a wing? I have no idea how credible this page is, that;s why I posted it on here. As for the one I saw with Tatar mentioned in there, that page did get taken down.
  4. Hutts11

    Myers close to become a wing?

    I haven't heard too many things about this possible Tyler Myers to Detroit deal. I've seen the wings are offering Weiss, Franzen, and a future second rounder but Buffalo is also asking for a sign and trade with Tatar. Anyone else see or hear these rumors??
  5. Hutts11

    Kesler still wants a trade.....

    You could give them Franzen, Toots, and a prospect for either of those guys and it would be alright with me. We're paying Toots 2 mil to play in the minors and Franzen hasn't played good hockey since 2010.
  6. Hutts11

    Mike Green

    No chance the wings would take him. It would be like Carlo Colaiacovo all over again.
  7. Hutts11

    Concerned - we might not make it in to the playoffs

    Maybe it would put in persepctive that it's younger, faster NHL than before. I personally don't belive that Cleary, Bert, and Sammy will be back next year. I know some people out there will say but they have that veteran leadership. But Hank, Pav, Kronner, and Mule have all been down that playoff road and knows what it takes to win,and beside Cleary, Bert and Sammy are old. Bert is most likely the slowest player on the team and has been injury prone that last couple of seasons. Sammy, same there, he's not like he was back in 08 with our cup run, and Cleary, he's just old . It's going to be a very interesting off season for the wings this year...
  8. Hutts11

    Concerned - we might not make it in to the playoffs

    Here are the standings at 12:34 EST (5:20 left in the Wings game) 1 Chicago 58 2 Anaheim 55 3 Minnesota 44 4 Vancouver 44 5 San Jose 44 6 LA 43 7 Detroit 41 8 St Louis 40 9 Edmonton 39 10 Columbus 39 11 Nashville 38 12 Phoenix 26 13 Dallas 35 8 thru 13 are only separated by 5points. Realistically, if the Wings don’t get going here shortly, and some of these other teams do, we could potentially not see the Wings in the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Only thing we really have going for us is that a lot of our injured guys should be back in the next week or two, let’s just hope that’s not too late :/ I meant 12:24,my bad
  9. I am the BIGGEST Sammy hater in Michigan(or I like to think I am). I was not a fan of him when he was with us on our cup run in 08 and when he went to Vancouver in FA I was glad he wasn't here anymore. But as far as being a hater this year, I just hate the fact that he is very injury prone this year because he could fit well on a line with the young guys. Someone else also posted that the wings aren't a cup contender this year, and if anyone disagrees with that statement they are in true denial. Our D is way to banged up for a long playoff run and Jimmy would have to play out of his mind for the Wings to make it far. Which brings me to my next point, this off season, Holland needs to do something durring FA, something better than last year. (Which is tough when the guys everyone thought we were going to sign ended up going other places.) FIl, Cleary, Brunner, Miller, White, and Howard are all UFA's at the end of the season, sources say that they are trying to get a extension for Howard done before the end of the season. Andersson, Nyquist, Kindl, and Smith are all RFA's. There is going to be a lot of work that needs to be done, and Holland really hasn't been in "rebuilding" mode as a GM. Hopefully that this offseason, for us fans sake, he's going ot make some noise and realizes Hank, Pav, Mule, and Kronwall are all on the wrong side of 30.
  10. I don't understand. Another year and no big moves for the Wings, AGAIN. I understand that Holland keeps saying we have good young talent, but when it comes down to it, we'll have young talet and then older players that are past their prime. Pav, Hank, Mule, Kronner, are not getting any younger, and Pav may be gone after next season. Cleary, Samuelsson, and Bert are done(or should be) after this year. Helm is a good young player with lots to prove still, but the past few seasons he has had major injuries that kept him out of games for a long period of time. Holland also said that he wants to add another top 6 forward. Well Mr. Holland, how come we didn't make any noise in the past few days in the trade market?
  11. Hutts11

    Holland: "We don't need depth...Need a top guy"

    This is just a thought and a LOOONNG shot at that, but what if Holand say went after Evander Kane. I know in earlier posts people were talking about going after Byfuglien, but looking at out D over the next few years with the young tallet we have, I really don't think another D man is necessary unless Byfuglien went back to playing a power forward. Kane is definitely a top six guy and is young. Young players in the NHL drive to win a cup, and I don't see him being able to do that in Winnipeg anytime soon. Call it crazy, stupid, whatever, but like I said before, just a thought...
  12. Theres a difference between the No Movement Clause and the No Trade Clause, the No Movement Clause just states the player cannot be placed in the AHL.
  13. We should trade Hudler for Nabby...
  14. I'm not believing someones twitter page, I'll wait until its an official announcement from either the Wings, Isles, or the NHL itself..