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  1. I'm from a small town, but the only person who I know came from here was Darren McCarty.
  2. Is it just me, or does Conklin look like the happiest person in the world? I can't think of too many pictures where he's not smiling.
  3. I wonder if they will actually pay attention. The fans are reacting badly in the first week. It's a three year deal, if fans don't like it then, I'm hoping they'll either pull the plug at the end or even earlier. I would truly hope a organization like the Wings would know to listen to its fans.
  4. Honestly, I don't think many people would have been nearly upset if it had been Belle tire, or GM, or any other Detroit based business that brings pride. I think what bugs people is they went with a shady pyramid scheme company. Plus, the article posted earlier made a great point. Promoting a pyramid scheme into a severely economically depressed area, it's like throwing a wolf in with some sheep.
  5. Honestly, if Doan goes anywhere, he'd go back to Winnipeg.
  6. Whoa, when did we get Chris Pronger.... I mean Matt Cooke... I mean (enter name of cheap shot artist here) on our team... OHH, he's talking about Bertuzzi. What a dick. And while the Blues are a BETTER team than last year... they aren't better than us.
  7. I am so proud of this team for showing so much heart to come back. I was sure it was over in game 5, but they came up huge. A few slight changes and we'll be even better. We've seen that Howard can play for real, and I'm excited to see him grow.
  8. I've been very surprised by Jimmy's play. He has stepped it up, and given us a huge chance to win each game. If our offense had been able to produce in games 1 and 2, we could have won those games. The best part is he's still young, and will only improve from here.
  9. The thing is, these predictions are looking at these teams playing the best they can. That's why the Caps got swept, cause they didn't play their best. That's why we're on the verge of a sweep, because we haven't played our best. Wings playing their best could beat the Sharks playing their best... we just haven't seen it yet.
  10. Geez, how is it that Grypho always post the best response? I want to hate him for being a Sharks fan... I think in all honesty, Detroit and San Jose are completely even. We've had a bit of bad luck, and the tank is one of the worst arenas in the league for away teams to play at. If we can win games 3 and 4, I bet that game 5 determines the winner of this series. We need to play better in the offensive zone though, as we keep getting one chance, and then they clear it. We have not gotten enough sustained pressure, and that is causing us trouble.
  11. Uh, so what could they do anyways? That was OBVIOUSLY in. Unfortunately, even if the refs admit there WAS a missed goal, what can they do? Cancel that game and have a re-make game?
  12. It's pretty obvious why the Sharks are so good. They've been learning from us, specifically because McLellan was our offensive assistant coach. I think we need new assistant coaching staff. McCrimmon is garbage, and it's obvious. Before the start of next season, I'd love to see some changes behind the bench. Keep Babs, and change the rest.
  13. Pretty sure EVERYONE has played 6 games. Not sure how that has ANYTHING to do with anything.
  14. I think honestly, sit Abdelkader and Miller/Hudler. Give Abdelkader a message, and bring Mo to take his spot, and Draper to take over on the 4th line.
  15. We go home, we win games 3 and 4, and this series is even. Game 5 is the real game. I believe the winner of game 5 wins the series. I believe in the Wings! We can still win this series!