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    97.1 The Ticket: Hocketown "Dead"?

    Radio is dead, not Hockeytown.
  3. MulesWillFly93

    Official: Howard signs 6-year, $31.8m contract extension

    A little late, but I am damn glad we've got Howard buttoned down. You know what I want out of a goalie? Consistency. And I believe Howard is consistent. Sure, he has a bad game every now and then, but all goalies do. What he doesn't do is go all bipolar like Fleury, and I appreciate the heck out of that. Nor does he have self-confidence issues like Luongo; when he plays bad, he accepts it, gets over it, and bounces back. Another thing unlike Luongo: he flips the switch in the playoffs, even when the rest of the team forgets to. And come on, if he can play decently in front of THIS defense, he'll be just fine in front of a real one. Rask's contract is up this year, and Lundqvist's is up next year. Obviously they're going to re-sign with the same teams, but I wonder what you'll all say when you see how much THEY get.
  4. MulesWillFly93

    Vladdy walks independently - Believe16Вери

    That is beyond awesome. I'm so happy for him, I can't even tell you. Don't stop believing, indeed!
  5. MulesWillFly93

    Why do you cheer for the Red Wings?

    I was born and raised in San Diego in a family that wasn't into sports, period, including me for a long time. I always liked the idea of hockey, though. It sounded so exotic - the largest amount of ice I'd ever seen was in an ice cube tray, so a sport played on a large sheet of it definitely piqued my curiosity. Watching the Mighty Ducks movie is probably what originally opened my eyes to its existence. Also, around '97-'98, I started talking to this girl online who was from Michigan and was a Wings fan, so that made me aware of the Wings, who were obviously doing really great at the time. I've always had a romanticized view of the Midwest, since my family is originally from Nebraska, and I grew up hearing stories about farm life and stuff, and somehow through this girl, the Red Wings kind of worked themselves into my vision of the Midwestern world. I still didn't get into hockey at that time, unfortunately, but it was always there in the back of my mind. What finally did it was reading a story in French class about a kid who was a Habs fan in the '50s. After the class was over and I was on Winter Break, I was bored out of my mind and looking for something to watch on TV. I flipped by a hockey game, and I thought, hey, I just read that story about hockey - maybe I'll give this a shot. It stuck. I should've been a Ducks fan, I guess, but I'm a sucker for history, tradition, and nice-looking uniforms, so I couldn't commit. Plus, they're not in MY city/county, so I don't think I owe them any loyalty, anyway. Then I thought back to the Red Wings fan I used to know, and the more I learned about the Wings, the more I realized they were exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to watch hockey in its natural habitat, in a cold climate, where they'd been playing it for around 80 years and took pride in it - not as some sort of weird anomaly out here in the desert that popped up around Disneyland when I was 8 years old. Sure, I liked their winning record, too, I won't deny it - I don't think I would've ever considered becoming a Blue Jackets fan, for example - but it's more than just the winning, it's the commitment to excellence, self-respect, and personal responsibility embodied by guys like Yzerman and Lidstrom that I know will serve as an example that will last long after they're gone, even if the wins column starts to take a turn for the worse (which it has). That's what keeps me going today - the organization knows how to do things the right way, and it will continue to pass on that culture to our future. Like it or not, we're at the end of an era, and it's not easy to start a new one, but we've got the know-how and pride to pull it off. Jeez, I wrote a lot, sorry.
  6. MulesWillFly93

    Should Visors Be Mandatory In The NHL

    I think they should be mandatory. Somehow more than half of the players out there today have gotten used to them and still play just fine; it's time for the minority to get over it. You made it through juniors, college, minors, etc. with a visor; you can make it through the NHL, too. Injuries like Staal's are not common, no, but when it comes to people's eyes, they need to be planning for the worst case scenario. They're one of the few parts on your body that you really don't get a second chance with if the right turn of events comes along. I can maybe see grandfathering in some older guys who have never played with them, but other than that, I think it's something they really need to do. That said, I'd like to see someone do a little engineering on the sort of defeats the purpose when guys get cut by the edge of the visor. Maybe it's not completely fixable, but I'd like to see them at least come up with some ideas. Same with helmets. I don't expect them to completely cut out concussions with better helmet technology, but I've got to think SOME improvements could be made...that's a tangent for another time, though.
  7. MulesWillFly93

    Practice 2/18

    I'm glad Datsyuk's on a line with Tatar, especially if Sammy is the other forward. I liked the big guns line of Brunner-Dats-Z last night, but I think that second line needs Dats more than the first one does.
  8. MulesWillFly93

    Every player a UFA?

    I'm confused (as usual). If the NHLPA is decertified and there's no CBA, how does the NHL keep the cap in place? If they don't, why is Bettman going along with this UFA-free-for-all plan? Surely that would mean the end of his precious small markets, right? I get why the richer teams with a bigger draw would want this, but no way is this a good idea for everybody! Are a small group of owners bullying Bettman into doing what they want? This just doesn't seem like Bettman.
  9. MulesWillFly93

    For Fun.. Most Hated Players lineup

    J. Thornton - Crosby - Kesler Clowe - P. Kane - Perry Heatley - Talbot - Doan Cooke - Lapierre - Burrows (Setoguchi) Pronger - S. Weber Orpik - Letang Boyle - Subban (Gill) Luongo Rinne (Roy...that's right, I'm going to force him back into service if my other goalies get what's coming to them) My 4th line is giving me hives, heh.
  10. MulesWillFly93

    Quick Red Wings question

    SALSA COOKIES! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
  11. MulesWillFly93

    Sheahan arrested for "superdrunk" driving

    I gotta say, this is pretty disappointing. There are a lot of circumstances where I could cut him some slack - if his BAC was borderline, if it was the first time he'd gotten arrested, if he'd had a bad childhood and needed some extra help getting his life in order. I can't say anything either way on that last one, but he's not making any points with me on the first two. If his first run-in with the law didn't make an impression, how many times is it going to take for him to clean up his act? I want to see him change, of course, but if I were the Wings brass, my patience would be wearing thin at this point.
  12. MulesWillFly93

    Disney Buys Star Wars, 3 New Films Coming

    You know, I'm actually feeling kind of hopeful. The franchise already went "Disney" in Return of the Jedi with the Ewoks, and continued that into the Prequels with Jar Jar and a 9-year-old Anakin, so it's not like they're going to screw that part of it up any worse than it already is (unless they make it into a musical or something). Also, George Lucas won't be writing the dialogue or directing it, so that's a plus too (the man has great ideas, but working with actors isn't his strong suit). So yeah, no matter what they do to the upcoming movies, at least they won't be a repeat of the Prequels disasters.
  13. MulesWillFly93

    Where would you go?

    Depends on what kind of player I was. If I were a fourth-liner just coming out of the minors, I'd probably go back to the AHL to hone my skills in an environment that's the most similar to what I'd see in the NHL. Now, if I had mad skills like Dats or Zetter and just wanted to do something new & fun, I'd consider Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, etc. I don't think I'd chance it in Russia, even though the KHL makes the most money. I'd love to visit Russia someday, and I actually speak a little of the language, but the situation's just a little too volatile for my boring self, especially over the long term.
  14. All snark aside, I'm glad he's letting himself heal. Dude's had quite the list of injuries in the last few years, so I'm glad he's some real rehab time in and not injuring himself further. But yeah, I definitely understand where the "he's had the last couple of years off already!" sentiment is coming from.
  15. MulesWillFly93

    Jimmy D Speaks out on Lockout, fined $250k

    Dang, Jimmy, tell us how you really feel! The players are cattle on the owners' cattle ranches? If that's true, then they best be taking good care of their cattle, or else no one's going to want to buy their product. I get that the owners are running a business and not a charity organization, but I think that metaphor is taking it a little far, and I think the players deserve a little more credit for what they do. Also, I don't buy his argument that the players should be so incredibly grateful and bow down to the owners for what they receive from them. Let's face it, both sides are grubbing for as much money as possible, so one side can't play the victim and say the other is being greedy and unfair when they both have the same goal in mind - making money. I just find it a little hard to swallow that he tries to justify the owners making bazillions and then criticizes the players for going to Russia when a) they have jack all else to do and b) have just as much right as anyone else under the capitalist system to make as much money as possible.