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  1. Wings4Life19


  2. Wings4Life19

    What's best for Mantha?

    Seeing as how he has a shot to make the show from day 1 this year, id like to hear people's opinion on if that is the best thing for his long term development. If he does make it and then goes into a slump and gets demoted to GR would that hurt his confidence? Would he be better off being the go to guy in GR and probably dominating for most of the year or playing 10-12 minutes a night and scoring 18-22 goals if all goes well?
  3. Wings4Life19

    TANK IT! 2014-2015 Season

    A lot of people that think the wings will fight to get in to the playoffs seem to forget that other than Boston, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and somewhat Florida the rest of the teams in the east were fighting for 6 playoff spots when the Olympics were over. Add in the fact that the wing were 2/3 of the Griffins during that time and they lost, if I remember correctly, 8-12 shoot outs. If they win those shoot outs all of a sudden the wings are playing Tampa bay in the first round and there is no talk of the wings getting bounced in the first round, second round probly but there are 22 teams that would have loved to made it that far, including Detroit.
  4. Wings4Life19

    Todd Bertuzzi will not be re-signed

    Let's do that in the Pepsi center. Not a bad idea! Let's turn out the lights and give the refs night vision goggles and let the players shoot in the dark. If you hear a whistle it's no good, but if the goal light comes on its in.
  5. Wings4Life19

    Report: NHL to have 5 outdoor games in 2014-15.

    I still like the idea to stop selecting a hand full of teams to play in these outdoor games and just make the All-Star game the only one.
  6. I'm so happy that it wasn't Chicago to break the streak. Every year that passes shows just how tough it is to do that.
  7. Wings4Life19

    Howard might have concussion

    Would explain a lot as to why he was ruled out so early for game 5
  8. Wings4Life19

    Official 2014 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    Eaves, prospect, 3rd for Legwand. -Lebrun
  9. Wings4Life19

    1/1 Winter Classic 2014 GDT: Maple Leafs 3, Red Wings 2 (F/SO)

    The pace is getting quicker, players must be more comfortable with the conditions
  10. Wings4Life19

    1/1 Winter Classic 2014 GDT: Maple Leafs 3, Red Wings 2 (F/SO)

    Lets hope Eaves doesn't have another concussion
  11. Wings4Life19

    Can Detroit turn things around?

    I can't be the only one who thinks the HBO cameras are a bit too much of a distraction
  12. Wings4Life19

    Yzerman commits to Alumni Game roster!

    Does anybody know if these alumni games will be broadcast outside of the michigan area? Perhaps online(not asking for any links to streams or anything like that). There are plenty of wings fans that don't get FSD on our tv's and need center ice or gamecenter that will be very disappointed if we can't watch our hero's one last time. I wonder how much Stevie will work on his skating before the game?
  13. Wings4Life19

    ****(Stuff) no one says about the Wings

    Lidstrom staying for as long as did was really holding the franchise back.
  14. Wings4Life19

    Any new Helm Updates?
  15. Wings4Life19

    Any new Helm Updates?

    He is scheduled to be back in the lineup OCT 26 vs NYR