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  1. clearlybetter11

    Ryan Miller's opinion on Milan Lucic

    You don't need to suspend someone every time a rule gets broken. Yes the hit was cheap, but why suspend him? Just give the man a penalty and move on with things, and somebody tell Miller to take it like a man.
  2. clearlybetter11

    Winnipeg Jets' New Logo

    Molson Canadian
  3. clearlybetter11

    Aaron Rome

    It's honestly pathetic that people are taken back so much by this hit. The hit was obviously late but besides it's timing it was a perfect open ice hit. There is a difference between coming from the blindside, and hitting someone head on when they're not paying attention. Should have been an interference penalty and nothing else. Rome led with the shoulder, you can''t punish someone for hitting too hard thats like suspending Datsyuk for stick handling too good. It sucks that Horton got hurt but next time he will be more aware when he is crossing the blue line.
  4. clearlybetter11

    Vancouver's Green Guys

    somebody needs to bring in the phillie phanatic to duke it out with these guys. But yes I do quite enjoy their antics.
  5. clearlybetter11

    Beautiful goal in the Worlds

    Pretty impressive considering he didn't need to drag and pull.
  6. clearlybetter11

    Our last playoff berth?

    I understand where you guys are all coming from but do you guys really want to give up on all the great rivalries we have with san jose, anaheim, chicago, etc? I love being in the west for my own selfish reasons but I would hate to know the best hockey is going on out west and the wings are not a part of it.
  7. clearlybetter11

    Bow legged?

    I was looking at pictures recently and noticed that Datsyuk seems to be a little bow legged, I always noticed it but I never thought anything of it. Obviously Datsyuk is a great player and skater, do you think there is any advantage or disadvantage to this as a skater or even just as an athlete in general? Here is the picture where I noticed it.
  8. clearlybetter11

    Datsyuk or Thornton

    wow, this is scary to see how many people chose Thornton
  9. clearlybetter11

    Wings Have A GREAT Chance To Win Tonight...

    Let's no get too cocky now, we are still one goal away from being eliminated and then everything we have worked for until now would be for nothing. The sharks are still a very dangerous team I hope the Red Wings don't forget this. We need to play with confidence but not lose touch of our opponent and the situation we are in.
  10. clearlybetter11

    Was there a goal missed yesterday? (game 2)

    I saw this too and couldn't believe they were just carrying on like it never happened. Regardless of whether the goal should count or not, anytime the puck is pulled out of the net after a play NBC should have some responsibility to explain what is going on.
  11. clearlybetter11

    2011 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    VAN/CHI: 4-2 SJS/LAK: 4-1 DET/PHX: 4-2 ANA/NSH: 4-3 WAS/NYR: 4-2 PHI/BUF: 4-0 BOS/MTL: 4-3 PIT/TBL: 4-3 WC Champion: Detroit EC Champion: Philadelphia SCF Champion: Detroit
  12. clearlybetter11

    Unbelievably bad goal.

    if this was a goal than why didn't they count all the other shots that didn't go in?
  13. clearlybetter11

    This years black aces

    I miss the days when our black aces consisted of Leino, Abby, Helm, and Ericsson. I think for sure Nyquist will get called up along with big flip, and the rest of those guys because this is the wings first chance to actually see him first hand. I don't think the wings will really hesitate to bring up the guys they believe will one day play even if they don't have plans on putting them in any games this year. Traveling and practicing with the team is a great developmental experience for the guys, a chance to watch and learn from the best and a chance for the wings to see where all their prospects stand. Also giving the guys a taste of the pros has got to motivate them.
  14. clearlybetter11

    Hockey Player Stops Purse Snatcher

    Haha I was thinking the same thing, the kids from michigan too.
  15. clearlybetter11

    How good would Team Michigan be in the Olympics?

    left out Mike Knuble and Cam Fowler, also im pretty sure Jack Johnson grew up in Michigan