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  1. So not only did fans throw trash at the Canadiens, twitter exploded with racist tweets directed at PK Subban. Guess Boston fans forgot they drafted Malcolm..
  2. I'd love to see habs sweep again. They won't but I want them to win the series.
  3. Franzen he the most frustrating player to watch ever. Guys horribly lazy
  4. gdt

    I've never wanted an enforcer type so much in my life, just someone to make the bruins think twice. We just need to focus on our game and not get caught in the retaliation game here.
  5. I just logged in clicked on the game it took me to the preview I clicked watch and there it was
  6. Gamecenter showing this is a godsend!
  7. Does anyone know if Gamecenter will show this? Or am I going to have to find a stream around to watch it
  8. Don't we have to trade a player to get him in...?
  9. There's one for the people constantly pissing and moaning we never trade. Look we made one.
  10. gdt

    I love reading these after the games. It's so funny. It's all happy, then doom gloom and conspiracy theories of the refs. Then we go to the omfgs this team is the sucks lols. To everyone being happy again, it's truest insane I love it
  11. Hahahaha Tatar was gold
  12. Hopefully! I'm relying on it
  13. 10-20 was what I thought. 15 sits comfortably with me. Deserves every game he got. Neal should have got more, but they got this one spot on.
  14. Anyway to watch this online? It's been covered on tv here the last couple and they decide to not show this one, the one I actually care about.
  15. I'm so stoked this is happening. I'm getting to see all the players I never thought I'd get a chance to see, this is insane!