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  1. cwilson


    Everyone is so wrong according to one @blueadams . You really make this board a joke bro.
  2. cwilson

    2023 Offseason Thread

    I seen all the 3v3 games. Dson away from losing several pucks, didn’t look like a 9th pick imo. He went after the loses hard, and I believe scored a couple. But I contributed it to nerves. I want to see him after several other games to voice hard option. I felt Augustine, James, Lombardi, and new Pellikka all looked the best.
  3. cwilson


    Wonder if number 93 would be temporary. Just don’t seem like a DCat #. But what do I know.
  4. cwilson


    You are using scores as in points per year. I am referring to 50 as in lighting the lamp/goals/scores. Wording is like devil is in the details. So if you think he will get 50 goals, I am your huckleberry.
  5. cwilson


    No way Kubalik scares 50. No way, no how.
  6. cwilson


    We just may blow this signing. I hope not. We all know DCat isn’t the missing piece, but he sure will help getting us there.
  7. cwilson

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Zadina who?
  8. cwilson

    2023 Offseason Thread

    I watched all those 3v3 games. Augustine looked real sharp for 18. James and Kasper also. Pilikka(spelling) shows he can for sure can take charge. I don’t recall, but he had a few assists.
  9. cwilson


    Since Cat has come out and said he wants to play in Detroit, that just gives more ammo to SY.
  10. cwilson

    Is Kris Draper Tyler Wright?

    They all are preparing for tomorrows gang busters day.
  11. cwilson

    You can NOT make this up....

    And to think I thought you had some good points. You are to deceitful for my liking.
  12. cwilson

    Rumors Thread

    Kane is no Probert (in terms of an enforcer) but yes he would be a much needed help.
  13. Never seen Larkin just give up on a player heading to our zone on a breakaway like he just did. (Almost at end of the 2nd) I understand he may have been gassed, but come on man! You have millions of reasons to get on that horse! He may just find a team to pay his a** without being vaxed. Can’t make everyone do what the majority says!
  14. cwilson

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Well to be fair, we can say this about ANYONE that’s not working out.
  15. Wow, job well done Neds!!!! Agreed, best goalie performance of the year thus far.