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  1. town123

    2024 Draft

    Not sure that's the case now, maybe back at the start of 2024 it was. Most of the sites are looking at the 4-14 range as a pretty good crop based against other years. Hard to argue with the top 4 picks in 2023 as they all could have been #1's in different draft years.
  2. town123

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers Vs Florida Panthers

    She says; 'I thought long and hard' Seems like a good kid with great tats
  3. town123

    2024 Draft

    As of 2 days ago it was Catton. When/Where did you see this?
  4. town123

    2024 Draft

    Interesting that the latest Craig Button and McKeens Hockey mocks have us taking Catton at 15.
  5. town123

    Utah... Yetis?

    Utah McWeeTodds
  6. town123

    2024 Draft

    I've been looking at some kids that might/could be available at #15. This is my order and why. #1 Stian Solberg LD who lists Seider as his favourite player, has nice edge work and can be nasty like Sieder and Kronwall. #2. Michael Hage C a tonne of offensive upside and a good compete level. #3 Carter Yakemchuk RD great shot, big kid with okay wheels #4. Michael Brandsegg Nygard C a tougher Bear-grin clone that might stick at C If Catton or Silayev slip..... pretend you didn't read this.
  7. town123

    2024 Draft

    Athletic take on some specs from multi-scouts. I thought it was interesting.
  8. town123

    Prospect Floor/Ceiling

    I don't know. I've seen enough of Mazur to know he's a menace with better wheels than Tuz, and I think his head swivels quite well for a kid in all zones especially on offence. I think he's a really good playmaker and is top 6 all the way. Sure, start in the bottom six and get the feet wet. Kip has had the most eyes on this kid and welcome his more in-depth appraisal.
  9. town123

    2024 Draft

    Couldn't make it to the Michigan Central re-opening event, but saw it televised. The builing looks incredible inside and out. The music was okay and altogether I think everyone had a fun night out. I'm sure you can find pix and vids if you're interested. Good on Detroit.
  10. town123

    2024 Draft

    Since we'll probably be drafting in the 20's range starting next year, I hope SY takes a shot at someone he loves that falls to 6-8 range.
  11. town123

    Tony DeAngelo

    Good call
  12. town123

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers Vs Florida Panthers

    Being Canadian I want the Oil to win, sorry Bettman. I also can't see Florida losing after coming so close last year. That team looks determined and I think they'll win in 5.
  13. town123

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars

    Yes please.