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  1. town123

    New New Prospects Thread

    Foo King Awesome
  2. town123

    What's the latest on Vrana and Fabbri?

    The more ammo at the TDL the better, not that I want to lose anyone. I just can't see SY losing any bigger name UFA's for nothing if they haven't signed an extension by then. We may need Vrana if we lose Bert
  3. For sure, but at least he stood up for his buddy. Maybe Bruce Lee can teach our guys how to kick crap outta dudes.
  4. town123

    What's the latest on Vrana and Fabbri?

    Has any player that has successfully graduated from the assistance program ever been traded? If Stevie Y wanted to move on I would assume Vrana's stock would be quite a bit lower now. Still like the Mantha trade, we used the 1st to trade up for Mr. Huge Question Mark goalie Cossa and Make Magic For Us Dmitri Buchelnikov.
  5. town123

    GDT - Party and Play with Myself - Wings vs. Patos

    You mean - Lets Focking Do This?
  6. town123

    11/12/22 - Wings at Kings 10:30 EST

    Hopefully a determined bunch. I can't wait to see the Kings in their shiny silver head buckets....yikes Can I call them fugly?
  7. So we're seeing a little bit of what we saw a lot of last year. Say that fast 5 times. I'm more confident bouncing back with Lalonde making players accountable.
  8. town123


    We all hope Putin wouldn't resort to that. Russia launching nukes would be NATO's line in the sand, as I don't think anyone but Russia observes those referendums. I believe Russia would get slaughtered by nukes and he probably knows that. What's the condition of their nuclear arms? Same as a tonne of equipment that's old and neglected that we've seen so far? Crimea is in range for HIMARS now and I think the battle will now be won or lost on the water. Ukraine is rolling on the ground and would be unstoppable if they ruled the water as well.
  9. town123


    Yep, agreed. Lithium will be the major part of it soon enough though. Russia is going to lose this invasion eventually and the biggest energy score, Crimea, will be back where it belongs. Go Wings!
  10. town123


    The Donbass has not especially been drilled upon more than any other part of Ukraine for gas. Any place which has extensive peat beds is a good place to prospect for natural gas pockets. The Donbass is such a place. Most of the Ukraine is such a place. The future is lithium... and this is I think the real value in Ukraine. Putin will be backing away from Donbas soon enough.
  11. town123

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski reported that defenseman Mitchell Miller currently remains under contract with the Boston Bruins and assigned to AHL Providence, as the team’s path to contractually walking away from him remains murky. Miller was convicted of assault in 2016 for bullying, harassing, and abusing Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, a Black classmate with developmental disabilities. The Bruins announced Sunday night that the team was parting ways with Miller after signing him to an entry-level contract earlier in the week. Wyshynski outlined three options for the Bruins and Miller to legally part ways, although he won’t be playing in the NHL or AHL prior to his release. The first option is a buyout at the end of the season, which would result in a salary cap charge of $287,222 through 2027, or twice the remaining length of Miller’s entry-level contract. In this case, the Bruins would still owe Miller his contract money for the 2022-23 season, which would likely consist of his $95,000 signing bonus and $82,500 minor-league salary. The second scenario is a settlement that allows Miller to become a free agent, worked on in conjunction with the NHLPA and Miller’s agent, Eustace King. Wyshynski notes a prospective settlement falls under NHLPA jurisdiction, despite Miller being assigned to the AHL and having no NHL experience. The obvious last option is a traditional contract termination filed due to Miller’s past behavior, similar to the legal situation – not the backstory – between the San Jose Sharks and Evander Kane last season. Wyshynski notes that also similar to the Kane situation, the NHLPA is expected to file a grievance on behalf of Miller if the Bruins opted to terminate his contract. The NHLPA would also reportedly file a grievance if the Bruins opted to suspend Miller for the length of his contract without pay. In the case of Kane, he received a one-time payment of an undisclosed amount from the Sharks. Wyshynski expects the legal action surrounding the situation to pick up later this week.
  12. town123

    Dr Jeckylalonde and Mr Hydezerman

    Wings are so unpredictable. You think Seider looks like he's running around a little more this year or am I just imagining it?
  13. town123

    New New Prospects Thread

    A laser from Mazur...haha Also.. Elmer's goal was ankle breaking! Such sweet hands.
  14. town123

    New New Prospects Thread

    Will you accept Canadian Tire Money?