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  1. town123

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    We have the SCTV viewers board. What's your complaint Senor Regard?
  2. town123

    What Does it Mean to be "Good" in Hockey

    Really good post Eddie..
  3. town123


    19 years ago? I thought it was just me and that bad acid was finally wearing off.
  4. town123

    New New Prospects Thread

    By these rules, the best player in the 2020 draft I believed was Stutzle. Seider and Stutzle? Jawohl!
  5. town123

    2/25 GDT - Wings @ Blackhawks (6:00 PM) EST

    Close call there, and yet I'm wondering why zero Hawk forwards didn't get knocked on their arse.
  6. town123

    2/25 GDT - Wings @ Blackhawks (6:00 PM) EST

    Just watching his spot on the pregame and he thinks we will be a real tough
  7. town123

    2/25 GDT - Wings @ Blackhawks (6:00 PM) EST

    Bruce Boudreau loves the Wings.
  8. town123

    2/25 GDT - Wings @ Blackhawks (6:00 PM) EST

    Can't you stream it?
  9. town123

    Rumors Thread

    Playoffs are a different cookie Scott. Chia-pet will earn his stripes with the 'brawl and maul' that occurs especially in the first couple of games of a series. If I'm an opposing coach in the playoffs I am dumping the puck in and nailing Seider every chance I get. Kane and Larkin? The're getting pounded. My point is, that it's going to take a round of the playoffs to see which guys do or don't have the will to compete in a way more physical atmosphere than normal.
  10. town123

    2/24 GDT - Blues @ Wings (12:00 PM EST)

    As sweet as the wins vs Seattle and Colorado were.... it's pretty nice to relax and actually pound someone. That was a complete game domination.
  11. town123

    Who do you root for tonight?

    The facts can be your friend. Embrace logic. Live long and prosper o strange one
  12. town123

    Who do you root for tonight?

    When I google that, it said the earth is flat.
  13. town123

    Who do you root for tonight?

    LOL. I acknowledge and respect that you are a Mastur-duh-bator, however, comparing a rule change to benefit the zebra's offside efficiency is a little slim compared to the league trying for parity by stopping the Oilers from inciting coincidental minor penalties to their advantage. Gretzky was a killer. McDuff is still pretty good. Your turn Homeslice