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  1. The NFL in 1995 with Carolina and Jacksonvile, 1999 with Cleveland 2002 with Houston The NBA in 1988 with Miami and Charlotte 1989 with Minnesota and Orlando, 1995 with Toronto and Vancouver and 2004 with Charlotte Bobcats
  2. i havent forgotten it haha, i think i remember someone posting in the game day thread that Williams was going to cost them the game with his shots from the point
  3. i voted for Williams because of that play he had against the Sharks in the playoff OT game awhile back that lead to the game winning goal. none of the other signings have cause the Wings to lose games like Williams did
  4. obviously thats not true since the card companies are still in business and theres tons a new cards out each month
  5. which is one of the dumbest things ever, some of the stalls are small so with the door open its hard to squeeze in
  6. and the players who said Kronwall is dirty are probably guys that got Kronwalled
  7. gdt

    Andersson was also -1
  8. Since you combined teams that moved like Colorado/Quebec and Phoenix/Winnipeg why didnt you combine Carolina with the Hartford Whalers?
  9. Eaves has a history of concussions? He had only one concussion that i remember. He got it when he broke his jaw and then had post concussion syndrome
  10. wow thats a big surprise hes only 30. and i think hes been pretty healthy lately
  11. he has only scored more goals that Zetterberg in 2 seasons and in those 2 seasons he has scored only 12 more goals than Zetterberg
  12. now your'e just doing this to be purposely annoying
  13. seems like you route harder for the Hawks than you do the Wings
  14. and you call yourself a Wings fan