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  1. Agreed. I'd definitely throw Sproul in right now especially if Kronwall is coming back soon.
  2. Khan said it
  3. Apparently Holland tried to trade both Frk and Pulk but wasn't able to get anything for them. I'm sure it was fairly obvious to these teams that they could probably just wait for waivers. Should have tried to trade Pulk a while back. I do feel that Holland is not capable of making a notable trade, which makes him useless considering all the prospects we have horded. They are all losing value at this point. It's fairly obvious we need a change. The league knows him too well and he's gotten stale. He can take Blash with him.
  4. Have you been holding that one in all day?
  5. The "sending the puck to the forward" part is exactly what he is talking about. If our D can't break it out worth a s*** then there isn't much our offense can do about it. Then it's right back to defending again.
  6. Captain Ott! oh wait Buffalo beat us to it.
  7. Last we heard he was walking around the Joe kicking tires trying to get his team a new starter pokemon.
  8. I think our team will be slightly better this year although I think other teams in our division got even better, so does that make us worse by comparison? Montreal has made a few acquisitions and have their tender back. Tampa will be as strong as ever Florida is looking deadly Buffalo could probably push for a playoff spot New Jersey looks like they could keep hold of a wildcard spot When I see this stuff I feel like wings are worse only by comparison. I think we gotta hope Boston and the Islanders drop off. Either way I picture us struggling for wildcard spot the same as the last couple of seasons and this year we may not be so lucky.
  9. Can we stop with this s*** already you're opinion is no more valid than anyone's. You do the exact same s*** with players you favor. For the record I believe Helm's proper place would be on the third line he has more talent than some people give him credit for,
  10. Hahaha I don't know why I like this GDT so much!
  11. Im kinda liking the Jersey's it appeals the same kid in me who thought axe body spray was friggin sweet.
  12. Can we just watch the game and not listen to this s***ty country bar song?
  13. Nice Jensen thread guys. How did XO look? I didn't get to watch most of the game.
  14. Every news article in Canada probably has this as the only possibility by now.
  15. Yea it looks like they went with the phone friendly trend. I prefer the old site it's too bad they couldn't have both options. Although Game centre wasn't laggy as hell witch was nice.