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  1. Per Flyers twitter Philadelphia Flyers ‏@NHLFlyers 14m BREAKING: The #Flyers have agreed to terms with free agent D Michael Del Zotto on a one-year contract. Details → Sorry, I'm terrible with formatting and stuff
  2. 'District Detroit': Red Wings' New Arena Details Released

    Poor fella I'm ecstatic about the new arena and district. I really have a hard time seeing how it is going to be a negative thing in the long run, especially for the city. As for the name I agree with the earlier post explaining the Comerica Park instead of Olympia/Little Ceasers, it'll most likely be named after some outside investor.
  3. Dan Boyle's rights traded to the Islanders…..

    "The Show Must Go On"
  4. James Neal

    Only one thing to say about it... #AskNeal
  5. Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    I love how everyone has that one random guy they love that they just say something along the lines of "I don't like these 2-3 players, send them with a pick to get them". If we can get a winger that can score 30+ and a veteran top 4 dman as many of you have said, and most importantly STAY HEALTHY, they should be looking pretty good next year.
  6. Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    I absolutely love the way Smith was playing towards the end of the season and the playoffs. I really think that was maybe the lone bright spot from the Boston series, was how well he played, and the potential he's always had finally coming to fruition. It's a thing of beauty watching him go coast to coast making plays, I'm looking forward to seeing more of that next year...when's the last time we had a dman score 20-25? (Whenever Lidstrom did it last I'd presume) He definitely seems like he could be doing that soon though, just my opinion anyways.
  7. A plea to Holland.

    While I really want to agree with you roboturner, when I do think about it, I really can't think of a prospect that sat in the AHL so long that they never amounted to anything (unless Jarnkrok really is the next Zetterberg). But with that said, I think that the kids that have come up that weren't expected to be up this year at all, if ever, have opened managements eyes. Sheahan, Jurco, and Glendening for sure have come in and found a place on this team, and been able to 'hang with the big boys' when I'm sure they weren't supposed to even get more than a game or two with the Wings this year. I really hope that helps the future guys get a quicker shot at the big club perhaps, but even so, the system in place is clearly not failing them by any means, as frustrating as it is to see these vets hang around until they croak
  8. What is everyones second favorite team?

    When I was younger in the 90's, I always thought the Lightning was such a cool name, so I've followed them pretty much since they've been a team...and when NHL 96 came out for the Sega, I loved the music they'd play when you were the Kings, so those are my two others. Great story, I know
  9. Mike Babcock Appreciation Thread

    Nope, we'll lose a game sometime and it'll be time to fire him and move on because the message is 'getting old' yada yada...... In all seriousness, it's pretty impressive, especially considering the teams that Scotty got to coach, compared to some of the teams Babs has had, congrats to him!
  10. Upgrade The Defense Rumours

    Finally made an account on this forum just for this post, after months of reading anonymously. At the beginning of this season, I was all for trading a Nyquist or Tatar for someone that could help the D. Given the circumstances at that time, we had a bunch of offensive players and forwards, to the extent that neither would play, and we had an expected to be, weak D. An upgrade there via player that couldn't crack the lineup would have been massive. Fast forward to now, where Nyquist, and the Tatar/Sheahan/Jurco line has been the brightest spot for this team, I'm almost to the point where I'd say stay put unless someone is basically giving up a Dman. Our defense isn't the best, but Smith has improved tremendously in the past 20-25 games, on top of Kronner, E and DK. It'd have to be a Letang or Subban that got me to give up a Gus or Tats or anyone closely rated in that area