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  2. MrazekFanBoy

    TSN article calls the OMG line worst in the NHL.

    Switch Tatar and Nyquist, put AA in Sheahans spot and switch Shea with Helm
  3. MrazekFanBoy

    10/30 GDT : Florida Panthers 5, at Red Wings 2

    Howard always starts the year off good or did we forget lol. Every goalie lets in soft goals even Price, Howard is good but he ain't better than Mrazek he doesn't have the confidence or athleticism, our "defense" is trash and our forwards can't forecheck because they are small, The wings have success when they play a speedy transition game but we don't have the backend to do that on a nightly basis
  4. MrazekFanBoy

    10/30 GDT : Florida Panthers 5, at Red Wings 2

    Like taking Sproul out, you'd think Blash would have learned by now
  5. MrazekFanBoy

    10/30 GDT : Florida Panthers 5, at Red Wings 2

    Holland should be embarrassed icing this defense, I'm sorry but if we have to move Larkin to get a number 1 dman then I'm all for it
  6. MrazekFanBoy

    10/30 GDT : Florida Panthers 5, at Red Wings 2

    This defense is ******* garbage, so sick of watching the same damn thing year after year scratch E, Scratch Marchenko don't scratch the one dman who can move the ******* puck
  7. MrazekFanBoy

    10/30 GDT : Florida Panthers 5, at Red Wings 2

    Can we hire a coach that can beat Florida
  8. MrazekFanBoy

    Jacob Trouba watch

    They won't let him sit out the whole year, either he gets signed or traded. I'm pretty sure with RFAS if you don't reach a deal the following year that player can become ufa? So Trouba can take a year off & sign with who he wants Win win either way Winnipeg is going no where but that Laine kid is special... Best shot I've ever seen obviously ovi has the best one timer in today's game I know his wrister is nasty too but I think his shot is just really heavy Laines seems light speed fast
  9. MrazekFanBoy

    What Happens to the Defense Once Kronwall Returns?

    Waive Miller DK-Green Kronwall-Smith/Marchenko Ericsson/XO-Sproul Miller MUST be waived if Holland waives XO I will no longer support him, that kid is gonna be a top four d-man.
  10. MrazekFanBoy


    Both goalies have been fantastic so far I'm very proud
  11. MrazekFanBoy

    10/25 GDT - at Red Wings 4, Hurricanes 2

  12. MrazekFanBoy

    10/22 GDT : at Red Wings 3, San Jose Sharks 0

    Nice Goose
  13. MrazekFanBoy

    10/21 GDT : at Red Wings 5, Nashville Predators 3

    Great win boys
  14. MrazekFanBoy

    Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    Holland needs to make a significant upgrade to this team over the next year or he needs to be fired.
  15. MrazekFanBoy

    2016 World Cup of Hockey thread

    yeah that slow mtl defense is gonna get lit up I don't see them being much better than the wings unless Galchenyuk takes the next step Price is good but I don't see them magically being able to score goals this year especially with PK gone and that defense isn't very good. Not convinced Weber changes much on that team they'll be lucky if he matches PKs production and I can easily see Radulov just replacing Ellers production