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  1. kickazz

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

  2. kickazz

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

  3. kickazz

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Yes, very possible especially for an athlete with high metabolic rates.
  4. kickazz

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    f*** that guy.
  5. But then I wonder... What's to stop Chris Chelios from coming back and becoming Co-GM? @BottleOfSmoke @marcaractac
  6. I don't think Igor has any connections to Detroit anymore. I picked Hull because he was close to Yzerman and is a North American (currently living in St Louis I think) so it could be feasible from him to actually be around, while Igor is back in Russia doing his thing. Sergei still considers Detroit his home (got that giant Bloomfield house with the Tennis court) and his mom lives in Michigan if I'm not mistaken. A good alternate to Hull would technically be Shanahan; but he betrayed us with Maple Leafs.
  7. President and CEO - Chris Illitch Senior VP - Holland Executive VP - Sergie Fedorov GM - Steve Yzerman Assistant GM - Kris Draper Coach - Daryl Sutter Assistant coaches - Niklas Lidstrom (defense and PK), Brett Hull (offense and PP) Goaltending coach - Dominic Hasek 2022-25 = Three peat Cup reign (FSN broadcasters Ken, Mik, Chris Osgood and Manny Legacy)
  8. kickazz

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    If you argued his penis size, I would take it personally.
  9. kickazz

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    Naw Zetterberg’s corsi was high because of Lidstrom. Zetterberg is a hockey player because of Lidstrom. Zetterberg has a beard because of Lidstrom. Because hockey is a team sport.
  10. kickazz

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    No he's saying that he's crazy and he f***s.
  11. Yeah, but I'm sensitive and it hurts mine.
  12. kickazz

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    You act like the whole "Zetterberg shut down Crosby" thing is a thing but it was an NHL recognized thing with tons of articles written about it. Montreal Gazette article: You can slurp on the Lidstrom juice or whatever. But Zetterberg gets most of the credit for shutting Crosby down. Period. If anything the 09 playoffs prove it seeing as how Dats was injured and Lidstrom had nutsack surgery or whatever and wasn't at his best. The 09 shutdown was even worse than the 08 one. Basically the reason why Malkin won the Smyth over Crosby; who probably would have won it otherwise.
  13. I mean DK does suck and is overpaid though. They jumped the gun on what he’s worth. Holland did pretty good the last two years; made up for some dumb decisions with contracts like trading Tatar and flipping Vanek, drafting well. But imo, much like coaches, GM’s have a length of stay as well and I think Holland should move on soon. Yzerman would be a good replacement and a fresh direction.
  14. kickazz

    2008 Zetterberg vs. 2018 Crosby

    So basically Zetterberg doesn’t get credit because Lidstrom was on the team? That’s a biased argument at its finest. Lidstrom didn’t even perform well in the 08 playoffs. He was a -1 and had less points than Stuart and Rafalski. You seem to be giving very little credit to Zetterberg and overrating Lidstrom’s effect in those playoffs. Hockey is a team effort, but players have individual efforts that result in team victories. That’s what happened in the 08 finals. And it happens plenty of times in hockey in general.