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  1. Sure he could be, but I doubt its "very common". It's probably an exception to the rule. To see a 21 year old more mature than a 25 year old usually garners praise in society because it's a rarity. Alternatively Larkin could just be tracking just fine for his age and Mrazek is the immature one for his age group.
  2. I don't think it's very common. That wouldn't make any biological sense. We don't regress in developmental age and maturity as human beings until we're elderly. The norm is to mature in a biological timeline, both physically and mentally.
  3. Do you think Larkin knows what a 401K is. Is the NHLPA a good father figure for these kids?
  4. At 21 I was stripping in a motel 6 in front of my GF at the time. Now, I'm thinking about the financial burden of my godam student loans and considering stripping to pay the loans off.
  5. I agree. Huge difference maturity wise. And between 25 and 28/29 even moreso
  6. RedWingFred
  7. Some of Osgood, Patrick Roy's best years came when they were 36-37 years old, same for Hasek. Howard should still have a lot of good years in him. Craig Anderson had a phenomenal year and he's 36. Goalies are a different breed than forwards and defenseman.
  8. Red Wings would like Jimmy Howard to play 50-55 games "We’re very comfortable with Jared as a third. I have no problem with him being the backup goalie, either. If we can keep Jimmy Howard healthy to play 50-55 games, I was comfortable with Jared in a role like that. But we obviously have Petr back – Vegas didn’t have interest in him, so I’m hoping he comes in with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.”
  9. So who won in the end? Holland or Tatar's agents?
  10. The following video can attest to this. #27 in red. Go to the different times listed below to see what he did (don't actually click on them, just open the video in another window and go to the times manually). Can add "deking" to your list of strengths. 0:02,1:09, 8:05, 8:48, pinches2:59 goals against3:546:447:05 deke8:5410:5414:31 deke
  11. I think the thing holding him back is his actual physical skills. He has the intelligence and hockey IQ though. And if you have those things then you can easily develop the physical stuff. And holy s*** has anyone heard him talk? He must have bigger balls than most of us on these forums. Crazy deep voice.
  12. He did well on a stacked team, I'm not sure if he would do as well on our roster as he did on a cup finals/ conference finals team. He probably would not have been bought out here but I have a feeling people would not be happy with him on our roster.
  13. You already know I'll be the first one back in the 2016 draft thread pointing out whose going to be eating crow.
  14. As bad as Weiss and much worse than Nielsen.
  15. After his 9 goals and 8 assists in 41 games he should have been too embarrassed to come back anyways. What makes you sure we wouldn't have bought out Filpula? His last stint with the Wings was terrible. He then went to a much better team and did okay.