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  1. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Win draft lottery. Draft Svechnikov. Detroit riots 2.0
  2. What’s Scott’s last name? Well. Did you?
  3. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    One year “show me” health contract.
  4. Looking at the playoffs stats because that's the competition that led these teams to the Stanley cup...? You know, when it matters most to get a championship? When players tend to try and elevate their games? For the bold. Yeah no. May want to fact check yourself. 02 team only fedorov had Selke votes and wasn't even a finalist. 08 team had 2 Selke finalists in top 3 and one eventual winner. Z won Conn Smyth for defensive play mostly against the Penguins. I think Dan Cleary also got some votes for the Selke in 08 too.
  5. GMR among others who assumed Robataille and crew outproduced some of the named 08 players. When in reality they did not.
  6. Wait wait wait, you think the 02 goalies were any better? Aside from Roy? Irbe? Really? Wow what a challenge Carolina was for us. Cloutier for Vancouver was a joke. Marc Andre Fleury had better stats than Patrick Roy did in 02 playoffs. Again, another prime example of people assuming that big names must have been good. In fact the 02 playoffs was one of Patrick Roy's worst performances with Colorado. Roy had a great season but when playoffs came out he was showing signs of age and his playoff numbers were worse than the years before. There's a reason why Roy played only one more season and quit.
  7. My point with that post specifically is that Robataille and Hull were past their primes in 2002 compared to their prime. They were visibly slower on ice. Robataille produced worse than Filpulla, Franzen, Hudler and Samuelsson in the playoffs.. A 1990s Hull and Robataille would stomp the 08 Wings. Hands down. But the 02 guys not so much. And we're talking about a specific point in time in which I think the 08 team was superior.
  8. Say whatever you want but all of of the guys you mentioned played against crappy goalies in the playoffs and never scored that way in their series.
  9. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    Yeah but hockey is real.
  10. And Robataille would look like a camel on ice in the 08 playoff hockey. Same for Hull. So yeah.
  11. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    Regardless of what type of surgery it is, statistically he has a risk of further complications and another surgery. That's inherent of spinal/back surgeries in general. If he was like Zetterberg who was mid contract it would be one thing because we have no choice and hope for the best (so far so good). But for a team like us that's rebuilding. To sign a guy who is a free agent AFTER he had a spinal surgery? That's not really the smartest of decisions. We actually have a choice here. Walk away. We don't need him. If we resign him, do it for cheap. I mean like 2-3 million at most and only for a year. See how he does. God ffs stay away otherwise.
  12. I'm talking about playoffs and them going head to head for the Cup run. I think the 08 team in a game 7 series against 02 team would win. If we look at season as a whole that changes things. For one, Yzerman missed like 30 games.... And Osgood performed better in the playoffs than he did in that actual season.
  13. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    Hmmm quarterbacks that get hit once in a while by guys running 10 mph from the line or hockey player getting hit flying 30+ mph. I wonder. But you make a good point. Manning had one surgery and when he didn't quit football (he should have) he was forced to undergo multiple surgeries after that. So yeah lets sign a guy that will probably need more surgeries and possibly end up missing most of the season (82 as opposed to the 16 in football).
  14. You may want to check again lol. Samuelsson, Franzen, and Filpulla, Hudler ALL had better numbers than Robataille in the playoffs. Franzen had 13 goals, 18 points in only 16 games played while Hull had 10 goals 18 points in 23 games played. Hull being one of the best goal scorers in the game of hockey. Yet another example of why the big names makes people think they must have been amazing. Robataille was not that good in those 02 playoffs. Past his prime. That's the reality of it. Not sure how long till fans realize this. Don't get me wrong, I love that 02 team and I think the offensive spread was probably a little better. I just think the way the forwards played in 08, they would have outdone the 02 guys. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Franzen, Filpulla, and others played a 200 foot game that I don't think the 02 team would have been able to counter. If anything it would probably come down to Hasek's performance and Bowman's coaching compared to Babcocks. Problem for Hasek would be that 08 Osgood himself was a beast and his GAA was ridiculously better than Hasek's. So even that is up for debate.
  15. Which means, 08 team would have home ice.