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  1. You fail to see the point of my post. You pointed out an extreme and I pointed out the opposite (on purpose). For some reason people like to label Detroit and say "oh that's true Detroit" after seeing like a block of a bad neighborhood. When I google Detroit I find this: And the picture I gave you speaks otherwise. One of the most annoying and ignorant things is when people label Detroit as this broken down place that's a s***hole blah blah blah, when in reality parts of the city are actually better most of the non-downtown neighborhoods. The suburbs of the metro Detroit area and better than most suburbs in New York. It's like people try to make this sad sentimental narrative that probably exists in any city out there. The good nature you're describing of people isn't unique to Detroit. That's the same anywhere and anything not named Manhattan or Chicago. I go to Iowa and I'd find the same type of huge guys and white guy and old lady and bus and kids etc. Same goes for any bad natured people you might see. Shooters, killers, thieves. Btw don't be so quick to judge about the reality I live. I merely gave a picture, you put a story to it. Also plenty of fine folks living in lofts or whatever it is you said that can experience exactly what you did and more. It's all about initiative. Type of place someone lives in doesn't make a person better or worse or superior or inferior in their experiences. To assume that is just ignorance.
  2. We physically can't sign him unless we shed some salary. My point to bump this thread was to show that he proved many folks wrong. Radulov did very well this past season and matched his previous highs when he was younger. And he did it as a 30 year old. And no referees were maimed/kill this past season either. For some reason people thought his past action was going to somehow magically hurt us. Or something.
  3. No. This is the true Detroit. And my view this morning. Hello there Canada. Unfortunately cloudy this morning.
  4. Like worst area to stay around. Not even birds like to fly through there. If it was anyone else they probably woulda stereotyped Detroit right away after living there for like 2 days.
  5. You're missing the point. Nyquist is not considered a kid. AA is considered a kid that they want to groom. Comparing the two is ridiculous. This is AA's second year in the NHL (technically his first full year) he's not going to get Zetterberg minutes if that's what you're expecting. Also Nyquist went against top line players whereas AA got vastly sheltered minutes like Vanek did. There's inherent flaws in your logic. AA's production was a result of his surroundings (lesser competition, sheltered minutes). If they give him tougher matchups that production could decrease, could even hinder his development. They clearly want to groom him rather than throw him out there like they did with Larkin. (Who is a more responsible 200 foot player and was able to handle the competition at the time.) Grass is greener.
  6. AA had 13:28 minutes of ice time per game this year. About 20 seconds less than Sheahan and about a minute less on average than Vanek. Clearly some middle 6 minutes. He was given just fine of an opporunity including PP where he averaged 1:13 minutes. Blashill gave AA enough opportunity for a sophomore, idk why people are overreacting. Those 13.28 minutes will likely turn to 15-16 minutes his third year and subsequently to 17-18 minutes his 4th year if he's good enough. AA's progression and oppurtunity is about as normal as it gets when getting a birds eye view of his full season.
  7. Might as well close it since Hodor can't talk.
  8. Lol at the idea of bringing up Hull or Ovechkin when it comes to floating around. They're allowed to float. AA isn't. Not unless he can score 50 goals. Everyone including AA himself are going to have to get used to getting benched if he doesn't do what the coach (whoever it is) asks him to. And from recent reports Blashill is coming back next season and AA has openly admitted to having to get better at certain things so. Btw I think AA is phenomenal offensively and has a great upside but I do agree he's got a list of issues he needs to work on.
  9. Ericsson or Helm would be nice
  10. Exactly.
  11. Hasn't scored a goal in 10 playoff games and he's on a pretty stacked roster and he's pretty young. I stand by my prediction that he'll have a decline similar to Dustin Brown.
  12. Interesting posts from CHICAGO FANS themselves about Jonathan Toews on HFboards: "Jonathan Toews deserves every penny of his contract for the 3 Cups he brought to Chicago but when you have a guy that takes up as much cap as he does, you need him to do more on the ice than just bring leadership." "The two big albatross contracts are Seabrook and Toews and to an extent Crawford." "When the team gets eliminated this year all Toews has to do to feel good is take a little peak at all that $$$ in his bank account, that should boost his morale right back up!" "Toews has been horrible. This season is done" "Can we just put the C on Kane already? I don't even look to JT for big games anymore." Here's my favorite post and the reply for it: "When was the last playoff goal scored by the 10.5m cap hit captain?" "I believe it was game 5 against Tampa. But board battles, something something, face-offs, leadership, something something. The most overpaid player in the league. The most overrated player in the league. Period. End of story. When the highest paid player in the league isn't noticeable in any fashion for 3 playoff games (and dozens more in the regular season), that tells you that contract is way out of whack." Glad that Blackhawk fans themselves are finally starting to realize how overrated and overpaid this guy is.
  13. Maybe in 1985 hockey but in 2017 wingers and centers jobs are no longer that much different. Still doesn't answer the point of AA's lack of passing that the other poster was making.
  14. Maybe now we can get both Datsyuk and Kovalchuck for veteran presence
  15. Oh please, your typical extreme cop out argument and typical comment on one aspect of a post while ignoring the rest of it. Nobody asked him to be a Selke candidate. Likely wants him to stop being a floater and actually pass the puck (according to Shaman's analysis). Passing doesn't have anything to do with defense or Selkes.