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  1. My opinion is that as we find success, as our younger players become better and we groom a super star or two, we won't have issues bringing players here (if there truly is an issue). Chelios is wrong imo that Babcock is the cause. Maybe I'd have agreed with him last year but with the way FA was you can tell this overall is a league issue. Also that cap really needs to go up more. These players are too expensive for the cap space. Not to mention that NMC and NTC are awful, can the next CBA just get rid of those dam things?
  2. Yep. They either re-sign (Stamkos), go home (Parise), or get overpaid by somenone else. If not that, then if it's a top contender, the players will go there.
  3. This reminds me of the 2009 "feud" Article from 2009. "A day after San Jose forward Jeremy Roenick said Wings coach Mike Babcock does not respect Chris Chelios and accused him of holding a grudge against American players, both Babcock and Chelios said Friday that the situation needs to be put to rest and that there's no issues between them." Another one: Cheli added his own perspective Friday and tried to clear up his relationship with Babcock. "I've never had an issue or problem with him," Chelios said of his head coach.
  4. Nobody good wanted to come here even after Babcock left. We ended up with Frans Nielsen... Free Agency had Stamkos, Eriksson, Ladd, Radulov, Okposo, Lucic, Backes. I guess I'm just sick of the organization making excuses and trying to blame others. I believed in the narrative that Babcock was a big reason but it looks as tho the issue is we suck all over the place from a bad future outlook, to now a bad coaching staff, to a managerial system that was exposed the last few years for some bad decisions. But most of all, there's no reason to blame anyone, free agency in the NHL sucks period. Most players resign with their team and the few who don't get overpaid to be someone else.
  5. Bowman definitely garnered more hate than Babcock did. A good chuck of players actually like Babcock, it's a few bitter ones that *****. Rumors were that Bowman basically was pushed out of Pittsburgh because Mario Lemieux didn't like him. And how many cups did Mario win after Bowman left?
  6. Babcock is right. Chelios is wrong. Idk what Chelios was smoking for the last 13 years but all we did WAS sign veterans under Babcock. Modano, Alfredsson, Weiss, Hasek, Bertuzzi, Rafalski, Samuelsson, Drake, McCarty.
  7. Christ, Yzerman sweats like a beast
  8. BEN WALLACEEEE!! *gong hits in the background* Great series
  9. Yeah man, there are. They're all bandwagon annoying s***s.
  10. I refuse. The sooner we get better players and better picks the faster I can put this s*** season behind me. Was at a pickup game a few weeks ago and the amount of s*** some of the people I play with were talking about Detroit. "f*** hockeytown". "Chicago's the real hockeytown". "Detroit sucks". "Welcome to being a bottom feeder for the next 10 years". No way I'm already sick of hearing the trash talk. I played with a lot of bandwagon Patrick Kane and Zach Parise fans that game rocking their ugly ass Blackhawks and Wild jerseys. Some of them are from out of state working/ going to grad school here in Detroit. But some of them are actually from Detroit suburbs just being annoying and glamorizing Kane, Kieth etc.
  11. Don't dude. Don't even go there. We're not a petty spoiler team like Carolina, Florida, Edmonton of the last 10 years. We're the Red Wings. We have to go back to being on top and rather than try to spoil it for others, be that one's that are targeted by the s*** teams.
  12. Where are the members who were cheering for the Penguins last year in the playoffs saying they're ok with Crosby because he "matured"?
  13. Quick edit your post so people don't know what we talk about
  14. Btw you do know this is the Draper thread and not a PM right?
  15. True love has no explanations.