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  1. 1. Congratulations Bill, I like advanced stats too but no coach or GM in the NHL gives a crap about it yet as far as trades are concerned. It's just a tool used to analyze players but it doesn't assess players completely and doesn't have a correlation of Smith's boneheadedness. I've said this before, did you know that Brenden Smith has better advanced stats than Lidstrom? What does that tell you? Is Smith better than Lidstrom? 2, My argument is sound. I'm saying that Sproul, Ouellet and Jensen can be our 5th/6th D-men. And you are saying Smith should be the 5th/6th D-man instead of them. Yet Smith will be WAY MORE expensive than they are. They won't be sniffing more than $1.5 million a year for at least 3 more seasons. Smith on the other hand will likely be demanding at least $4 million a year. If you want to pay that much to a 5th/6th D-man then you no longer have a right to criticize Holland for being a bad GM.
  2. No you don't. You would have to fill 3 at most. Sproul, Oullette Jensen are good, young cheap options for 5th and 6th defenseman. DK is fine as a 3rd/4th D-man and with a good #1 he can even play a 2-D if needed. With the way Jensen has been playing, Smith is no longer useful to us. Jensen is smarter, less of a bone head and has been scoring at a better rate than Smith has. Smith is soon to be a UFA and will not be worth anything he asks for that's for sure. I'd go with the guys making less than $1 million over re-signing him. Brenden Smith is expendable to us.
  3. Trade. Not a very good defenseman. The Red Wing standard is dropping going from the likes of Lidstrom, Rafalski, Chelios, Schneider, prime Kronwall, Brad Stuart to having this guy on your top 4. Just think about that for a minute. Think about where your standards have dropped down to. Hopefully someone suckers into taking him and giving us a 3rd round pick or something. It's time to draft/ trade for, develop some good D-men. Let's get back to the old Red Wing standard. Tired of having Lebda 2.0 (Smith) as our top 4 guy. Yeesh.
  4. Got em!
  5. Wonder if Green could get us a first rounder too. Man can you imagine having three 1st round picks this season? And then taking the two low 1st rounders and trading up for 1 high pick... Dammm! Get it done Kenny. Oh wait that's me. I'M GONNA GET IT DONE.
  6. They lost me when they tried to justify why Sheahan will be protected over AA. Clearly they don't watch Red Wings hockey or have been paying attention to stats.
  7. If Stone is worth a 3rd pick then Vanek is for sure worth a 1st round pick.
  8. I am not. The person below me is a fan of Donald Duck
  9. Actually, they've gotten slightly better about his usage. He plays around 13.5 minutes a game this season. Down from 14.5 minutes a game last season. I'd like that to be tracked down to around 11-12 and I wouldn't have any more issues about his usage. Furthermore if they're going to use him in critical situations such as 1 minute left in the game with a 1 goal lead and the opposing teams goalie pulled; to me it's not a big deal as long as a top 6 guy is on ice to support his lack of offense (someone like Nielsen or Zetterberg or better yet someone speedy like AA). The biggest issue last year was when they'd use Glendening for those situations along with Miller which ended up causing a lot of game-tying goals. Go figure.
  10. Lol, way too lazy and uninteresting even for me. (someone who always posts s*** up)
  11. It was when Bertuzzi was playing and Helm got injured
  12. No I think I'm wrong. Glendening still has a higher faceoff taken rate.
  13. Comparing to other teams we have but comparing to previous era it's really less. It's about half. The highest team used to have around 80+ fights a year now it's usually around 40 a year. In the 90s it was around 140+ fights a year.
  14. Ott played center this season for quite a few games. We just happen to have a lot of 4th line centers between Sheahan, Ott and Glendening.