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  1. So who won in the end? Holland or Tatar's agents?
  2. The following video can attest to this. #27 in red. Go to the different times listed below to see what he did (don't actually click on them, just open the video in another window and go to the times manually). Can add "deking" to your list of strengths. 0:02,1:09, 8:05, 8:48, pinches2:59 goals against3:546:447:05 deke8:5410:5414:31 deke
  3. I think the thing holding him back is his actual physical skills. He has the intelligence and hockey IQ though. And if you have those things then you can easily develop the physical stuff. And holy s*** has anyone heard him talk? He must have bigger balls than most of us on these forums. Crazy deep voice.
  4. He did well on a stacked team, I'm not sure if he would do as well on our roster as he did on a cup finals/ conference finals team. He probably would not have been bought out here but I have a feeling people would not be happy with him on our roster.
  5. You already know I'll be the first one back in the 2016 draft thread pointing out whose going to be eating crow.
  6. As bad as Weiss and much worse than Nielsen.
  7. After his 9 goals and 8 assists in 41 games he should have been too embarrassed to come back anyways. What makes you sure we wouldn't have bought out Filpula? His last stint with the Wings was terrible. He then went to a much better team and did okay.
  8. Woah don't need to let the secrets out.
  9. That's suspension worthy, we should report Jonas for citing incorrectlly.
  10. All the more reason to tell Tatar peace out if he wants more.
  11. That's not Holland's words lol and even if it was that's not s*** talking unless you're a sensitive teenager.
  12. No.. I don't know. I don't think anyone knows. What did Holland say? I don't think Holland ever " talked s*** " about Mrazek you're acting like he said some awful things. So I'm asking you.. like what? I just google searched and I can't find anything.
  13. Ironic that they get rid of Bedard (Howards coach for a long time) and bring in Mrazek's coach and Howard ends up having the better year. Hockey Karma lol.
  14. I agree. Tatar is not a game changer for this team. He scores goals, usually off of amazing Zetterberg (and previously Datsyuk) assists. I'm not sure if making him close to the highest paid player on the team is the right thing to do. AA scored 18 goals in 20 less games than Tatar. Except AA can also kill penalties and is super fast. Of course AA gets sheltered minutes too but his linemates aren't as good as Tatar's. I just don't think losing Tatar is going to hurt us as much as others might think, we have plenty of young guys coming through that will more than make up for his 25 goals. Additionally, last season Tatar wasn't really that much better than others at goal scoring. All of AA, Mantha and Tatar scored at about the same rate. The only difference is Tatar got to play 20+ more games than both of them. The year before last year, Larkin outscored Tatar. And he's supposed to be more of a set-up guy. I think people see the "25 goal" mark from last season and are automatically assuming "great" goal scorer. But if you look at the full context, all of AA, Mantha, Tatar, Larkin, Vanek are one in the same in the goals department. AA and Mantha are probably better actually and they're not even close to their primes yet, while Tatar probably is in his prime. So why give him 7 years when you have younger players already producing at the same rate? I say Holland sticks to his offer and if Tatar doesn't want it then flip him for a nice trade. This is a win-win situation for Holland and the Red Wings imo. If Tatar takes the cheaper offer, great, if not, then we get something back and we have plenty of players to replace him. I can see a nice Mantha - Zetterberg - AA line after this season.
  15. Starting to wonder if that's too long of a contract for someone who just scores goals (at an above average rate). I mean he doesn't really bring much else to the team, and if his scoring rate drops he'll be worthless for us. I'd rather sign him for 4 years. It would be one thing if he was a two-way forward or an excellent playmaker that was versatile.