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  1. Scott R Lucidi

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    Im not against working him in against San Jose
  2. Scott R Lucidi

    Coming back to Detroit and other areas weekend starting Dec 14

    meet up with Carley and see how far along she is with Nate's baby.
  3. Scott R Lucidi

    12/2 GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens (7:00 PM EST)

    he's right tho, Colin. Sub in Edvinsson, ASP, Johansson, and Cossa for Chiarot, Petry, Maatta, and Husso. This team gets better. We need some fresh bloid.
  4. Scott R Lucidi

    12/2 GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens (7:00 PM EST)

    He was making an impact game in game out before his injury. He is just out there now. Never does anything.
  5. Scott R Lucidi

    12/2 GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens (7:00 PM EST)

    Rasmussen has been a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT this year. He has made zero impact so far.
  6. Scott R Lucidi

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    That business on Kato Nemoidia?
  7. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    I signed up for the Griffins ahltv to specifically watch Edvinsson. He's NHL ready NOW. They use him everywhere, and the play goes forward when he is on the ice. He has that it factor. Plays with his head up all the time, and finds a way to get the puck moving up ice. Wallinder is the guy that needs development. He is a bit awkward on the ice. He has flashes of good movement, but he doesnt look like a grown man out there yet. Johansson is ready for 3rd line minutes next year in Detroit. We wont skip a beat when he replaces Maatta.
  8. Scott R Lucidi

    Eddog vs. Seider

    Edvinsson has Seider in skating ability, I believe. But I believe Mo trumps him in all else. Sven, what's Eddog gonna look like when he hits Traverse City next year?
  9. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft / UFA

    To be honest, Im hoping for a lot of 1 goal losses this year and to finally get the first selection next season. Shane Wright appears to be a true 1C guy, which we need badly.
  10. Scott R Lucidi

    Dekeyser's Value

    Should the Wings let him walk after next year? I like him with Seider on the 2nd airing if we can get him for about 2.5 mil per. But that's a steep hit to his current rate. I have a feeling he will be playing hard next year to earn a nice ufa contract. The Wings might not want to pay him the going rate.
  11. Scott R Lucidi

    Rumors Thread

    Exactly. That's the irony I intended. You're wise.
  12. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft / UFA

    We need profiles for Husso, Pysyk, and Haag as well.
  13. Scott R Lucidi

    Robert Hagg $800k x 1

    This cat is a +4 over 300 games with Philly, Buffalo, and Florida. And only 16 of those games with Florida. That's mighty impressive considering the suck level of the teams he played for. Perhaps this guy is a hidden gem.
  14. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    2 things: 1) The rest of the teams caught up to us in European scouting. There are no secrets over there anymore. 2) A player drafted past pick #20 has almost zero chance of having a solid NHL career. That's just the way it is. Once in a while, you might find a needle in the haystack. But it's a crap shoot.
  15. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    After Pick 20, the chances of the player making the NHL and lasting are terrible. So Steve has done just fine. Getting Berggren and Soderblom into top 9 positions from their draft positions is outstanding. And he's hit home runs on all (5) of his first rounders. Seider, Raymond, Edvinsson, and Veleno are all going to be long time NHL players. Cossa is up in the air still, but he's also trending in the right direction. If there's one thing Steve has done well in his first 3 seasons, it's drafting. His UFA signings haven't been that strong up to this point, but that is more than likely by design. I wouldn't be surprised if we spend some money soon on some bigger targets.
  16. Scott R Lucidi

    No Helmet Rule

    That was absolutely brutal. Such an easy fix to the mess, too = Instant Replay. All that needed to happen was a replay of the series of the helmet coming off Petterson. Then they could have called no goal and a delay of game 2 minute minor on the Rangers. Problem solved. Can't believe the league didn't get this right without having to go through an example that cost a team a game 7. The Pens have a right to be upset here.
  17. Scott R Lucidi

    SY Press Conference - New Coach

    I think Torts is going to be our guy. He's exactly what our soft ass swedes need.
  18. Scott R Lucidi

    Eemil Viro

    Seems like a decent skater. I'm not seeing much past that.
  19. Scott R Lucidi

    (18) Larkins vs (18) Seiders

    Who wins and why?
  20. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    I really hope Evinsson, Wallinder, and Soderblom make the big club next year. No reason to waste time on the Osterles and Juolevis of the hockey world any more. Let those guys go and be mediocre elsewhere. They're just costing our kids experience.
  21. Scott R Lucidi

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft muscle repair is a,abdomen%2C typically the rectus abdominis. Same thing Draper and Lidstrom needed a while back.
  22. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft / UFA

    I would love to spend money on players like that. And that's the kind of thing that would make me want to push Zadina down the line up and into oblivion eventually. The kind of thing that makes me want to hang onto Zadina and spend more time on his development is when someone recommends that we keep our 32 million of caps space open and not sign any good players because we are going to need to resign 4 good players in the next 7 seasons. Then I sit there and look at our prospect pool and check to see if any of them would be more suited to play top nine minutes than Zadina. The answer is obviously no. So we're right back to where we started. Why are we whipping Zadina? That makes no sense. Whip the GM if he's not giving you the caliber of players the team needs. Or whip the coach if you think he's not playing the players the right amount of time or in a role suited to fit his strengths. But whipping a 22 year old guy who's doing his best to change his game 180 degrees than what he's accustomed to because he hasn't done it in 2 seasons is RIDICULOUS. Especially when there's not a better alternative available.
  23. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft / UFA

    I wouldn't make this deal if I was New Jersey. Zadina + 2024 1st, and this is fair. Scott
  24. Scott R Lucidi

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka

    Yah, I think Yzerman knows that you need a good mix of Rugged, Self Confident, Outgoing North Americans and Germans to go with the Gentle, Humble, and Passive Swedish players that we have.
  25. Scott R Lucidi

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka

    Yah, Mickey and Carley are the only two I'd be sad to lose. One thing Mickey does that's AWESOME is that he explains the rules of hockey when something happens. It's so rare to hear an announcer do that, but Mickey does it in an awesome way. "For those of you who have watched us a long time, you already know this. But for those of you who are new to the sport, when the attacking player's skates fully cross the blue line before the puck, the play is whistled dead for offsides." It bugs me to no end that they don't do this for cricket, rugby, curling, lacrosse, etc. I want to get into watching other sports, but it's difficult when you don't know how the scoring works and how the rules apply. Mickey is very good at his job. And Carley. Well, I like Carley.