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  1. The reason The Wings shipped Mike Commodore

    See, but... he couldn't still be trying to sign him. They'd be at 50 contracts and it's past the point where you can even buy out someone on a deal. So... where's DeKeyser's deal going? Do you think he'd wait until the summer to sign somewhere to help the Wings? I'm seriously asking because that's most definitely an option. Did I sensationalize the Holland Foresight thing? Maybe. But it's not like he's NOT brilliant when it comes to player management. It's not so far out of the realm of possibility that I'm ridiculous for breaching the subject.
  2. The reason The Wings shipped Mike Commodore

    He's NHL ready on most-any team in the league. That rarely includes the Red Wings, as we all know, but if he wants to play for a highly respected team that will build him into a champion forever, he'll choose the Wings and take his time. If he wants the NHL RIGHT NOW (and, frankly, would anyone blame him), he'll go elsewhere. But, as we've already learned, he's not eligible for the playoffs, so perhaps he forgoes his few weeks of NHL games with a look toward the future. I just think the deck is stacked too perfectly for him to end up anywhere but Detroit. Maybe that's red-and-white colored glasses, but... it seems like a perfect fit on a lot of different levels.
  3. The reason The Wings shipped Mike Commodore

    Hi there, my name is Michael Petrella -- the author of the article in question. No one is saying he'll be playing for the Red Wings this season -- especially in the playoffs, where he'll be ineligible. And I'm sure that sending Mike Commodore to Tampa WAS doing a veteran a solid, giving him a chance to show he can still play in this league. But it's not like it would be the first time that Ken Holland made a brilliant foresight move. Getting a kid like this under contract would be a great coup, particularly with the imminent departures of Brad Stuart and (eventually) Lidstrom. Dan DeKeyser won't off-set the losses of those fine gentlemen, but it'd certainly help having a guy like that in the pantry when it comes his time to make the jump to full-time NHLer. If your "check the rules" was directed at me, you should ride your high horse elsewhere. I'm very familiar with the rules of the game and how these contracts work. Garnet Exelby will never play a game for the Red Wings, and I'd wager that you'd see a random kid like DeKeyser before you'd see him. Let's just hope it doesn't come to that in the playoffs, eh? =) If the GRIFFINS wanted to sign him to an Amateur Tryout Contract, he'd be eligible to play for them without having an NHL deal -- but why would DeKeyser do that deal if he's going to get 30 offers? If he's a big time Wings fan and wants to stay close to home, he certainly may... but let's not poo poo the article just because it's 'feel good.'
  4. Red Wings All-Access

    Hi everyone, Michael Petrella here. I've been a long, long, LONG time member of LGW and consider it a first home of sorts. I don't comment around here as much as I used to, but I'd like that to change. Running TPL is (surprisingly) quite a bit of work, but it means the absolute world to me (and to Disch and Hollis, I assure you) to read these nice things about our site and our storytelling. I'm honored to have shared those stories with you and all of Red Wings Nation and hope to bring you similar stuff in the future. We hope you enjoy the podcast and the posting -- please don't be strangers! MICHAEL PETRELLA
  5. Darren McCarty on Versus

    Came across this little tidbit in my morning industrial newsletter. It comes to my email, so I don't have a link from the source for you - but I'll try to dig one up. VERSUS invited three NHL Stanley Cup champs to be part of the Hockey Central studio team this month as guest analysts. Former coach Mike Keenan will join Bill Patrick, Keith Jones and Brian Engblom tonight for the Boston Bruins/Pittsburgh Penguins game starting at 7p. Coach Peter Laviolette joins the hockey crew on November 16 for the Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils match at 7p, and Darren McCarty, four-time Stanley Cup winner, will join the crew on November 23 for the Detroit Red Wings/Nashville Predators clash. Also posted on The Production Line. **UPDATE** Huzzah: here's a link to the newsletter: The story is the first under the heading "Production and Development." Enjoy.
  6. Weekend Picks

    FRIDAY CHICAGO over Florida DETROIT over St. Louis RANGERS over Pittsburgh CAROLINA over Philadelphia SATURDAY CHICAGO over Florida DETROIT over St. Louis VANCOUVER over Colorado BOSTON over Carolina PHILADELPHIA over New Jersey MONTREAL over Buffalo PITTSBURGH over Islanders RANGERS over Ottawa TAMPA BAY over Atlanta WASHINGTON over Toronto COLUMBUS over Minnesota DALLAS over Nashville ANAHEIM over San Jose CALGARY over Edmonton LOS ANGELES over Phoenix
  7. Sportsnet: Hudler awarded 2 year deal 5m total; Still KHL bound

    I missed this because I was posting... but, WELL DONE. Very funny.
  8. Sportsnet: Hudler awarded 2 year deal 5m total; Still KHL bound

    It's been said plenty, but the Sportsnet article has already been debunked by Kenny himself. He's still awaiting the arbitrator's ruling - and it will DEFINITELY be more than $2.5M. Smart money is on $3-$4M, most likely around $3.75M per.
  9. Kindl signed to three-year extension

    Cap hit of $883,333 is nice, too. Especially considering that he'll be expected to be an everyday player by 2010-11...
  10. New Wings Blog

    Howdy fellow LGWers! My buddy and I started a snarky little Red Wings site, and I wanted to share the link with the good folks at LGW, who - for my money - are the most educated and entertaining bunch of Wings fans out there (minus the GDT ha!). Check it out. Feel free to give feedback. We'd love to have you. Enjoy! (And if this is inappropriate or bad form to plug my own stuff, please remove the topic)
  11. Happy Birthday Mike Ilitch

    Happy Birthday, and the wishes of many, many more. We're all incredibly lucky to follow a team with such an amazing owner.
  12. 2009 NHL Entry Draft GDT

    Jensen is committed to St. Cloud State for 2010, so it's like the Max Nicastro situation: the Wings have FOREVER to sign him. Long term projects are just fine.
  13. is J. Ericsson here to stay in the defense?

    Brad Stuart has a no trade clause through 2010. He'll be in Detroit for at least another season.
  14. The Weather Channel announces...

    To steal a line from Bart Simpson: he "both sucks AND blows."