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    Coming back to Detroit and other areas weekend starting Dec 14

    My advice? Don't drink the water.
  2. Whatever challenges there might have been had nothing to do with why he was traded. It was for cap reasons. "...was an immediate fan favorite. He had the ability to score, but more than that, was physical, had a captivating personality and loved being part of the team. Edmonton wanted to keep him this summer, but his ask was more than the Oilers could afford... Even though he wasn’t a regular in the lineup, he was an energy guy that the Oilers sorely miss. He could score, play in the top nine, engage and bring his teammates into the fight. The Oilers could use some of that right now." Why do I have to explain what you can read yourself?
  3. Axl Foley

    How 'bout that Jonathan Toews?

    Brad Richards 2.0
  4. Axl Foley

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    You're disgusting.
  5. Because the article was discussing trading him back to Edmonton. That would number his days left in Detroit, would it not? Did you even read the article?
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    New New Prospects Thread

    maybe at the TDL
  7. i included the source and quoted it. what more do you want?
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    2024 TDL Thread

    if that's your opinion
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    2024 TDL Thread

    It s my opinion. The source is me.
  10. Axl Foley

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    Doesn't count.
  11. I said it was a rumor. Don't get your panties in a bunch.
  12. "Klim Kostin has been in and out of Detroit’s lineup. A lot of people who think the Oilers miss Kostin’s physicality and swagger and are angry he was not retained. However, this most recent time in the Detroit press box was not injury related but a “team standards issue”. Here is where I tell you that Kostin had similar challenges in Edmonton."
  13. Axl Foley

    New New Prospects Thread

    Who you gonna send down? It would be a bad look.
  14. Axl Foley

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    Dougie Brown and Brett Hull. 17 is apparently reserved for righties.
  15. Axl Foley

    2024 TDL Thread

    Husso was great last night. Right now, Reimer is the odd man out.
  16. No. He's been scratched a few times for conduct issues. Lalonde has inferred it.
  17. Kostin's days in Detroit may be numbered if the rumors are true.
  18. You realize that fellatio isn't homo-exclusive...right? Poor man's Ryan O'Reilly
  19. Axl Foley

    Rumors Thread

    Its upper and lower body. WBI. Whole body injury.
  20. Axl Foley

    Provorov now this?

    She is Elizabeth Warren Indian. It's because the league wants to allow players to opt in instead of opting out. It keeps all of the woke crazies from getting triggered.
  21. Axl Foley

    2024 TDL Thread

    Yes. We do not have any other legit 2nd pair guys. The benefit of having a solid 4 with him, Seider, Walman and Edvinsson, something we havent had since the Lidstrom days, is greater than the benefit gained from one extra draft pick.
  22. Axl Foley

    Rumors Thread

    He took over video duties.
  23. Who are you going to sell? The pending UFAs (except for Perron) would be an integral part of a playoff run.
  24. Steve is not going to trade away assets if he thinks they can make the playoffs.
  25. Axl Foley

    Rumors Thread

    Campbell and RNH for Husso and a 3rd.