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  1. rinkratt44

    2024 TDL Thread

    I'd love me some Andersson. Pretty sure his cap hit is decent and has term left. I think we need one more gamer in the mix if we can get one. Kostin is hurt too much and not really all to fast.
  2. rinkratt44

    2024 TDL Thread

    It seems like forever since we've been able to be excited about a TDL. Every year we were spoiled, looking forward to the new toys that would be brought in. Exciting times. I have been a looooong time reader of these forums. Going back to the late 90's early 2000's. I've visited the site nearly daily and enjoyed following the discussions and laughed at some of the arguments. You guys are awesome. Many years ago my buddies older brother would come on here as GilchristFOREVER and post the wildest stuff. We would crack up reading his posts before he submitted them. Good times.( for those who know). My wish list is a decent goalie to give us a 2b option for the playoffs in case Lyon runs out of gas. And a scrappy Dman. Let's Go Wings!