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  1. LeftWinger

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    if we get 3 or 4, take the goalie, screw it. unless Yzerman has a UFA goalie he is going to get. Lets just get the #1 please.
  2. LeftWinger

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    That was one of his nicknames in the NHL. He was a potato farmer in the off season (still may be) and they called him Spuddy. Here's a nice little Q&A to read, so we know a little more about our new coach. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/gerard-gallant
  3. LeftWinger

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    I honestly haven't followed the kids as much as usual this season. Outside of the consensus top 2, I am not sure who is best at 3 or lower. Since Uncle Gary is going to make sure Detroit drops as far as they can, I would not mind taking that Goalie at #4. I just don't know much about the rest of the field. Montreal, Ottawa or Anaheim will get the pick before we do. I just ran the simulator, and we won, but damn if Chicago didn't jump to #2. Seven spots! This needs to be addressed. Lottery flawed. Quick sidenote, on tankathon, I ran the NHL,we won, I ran the NBA, Pistons won, Tigers are 1st OA, Lions 3rd. Could be very interesting for all of our sports teams!
  4. LeftWinger

    Cholowski Sucks

    unfortunately it does seem that Cholowski has turned into a turd. Trade him west, get a pick for him. Guess Holland just should've skipped out on Nielsen, ate Datsyuk's contract hit and drafted Chychrun...but we are talking about Holland.
  5. LeftWinger

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Wouldn't that be a nice coaching tandem? right now, since we haven't heard if Igor is actually interested in coming back to America, I'd be calling Spuddy, NOW!!!!
  6. I was really half kidding when I said 8-1....
  7. bring in Datsyuk for a year, offer him $7M, give him the C, teach these kids how to play. bring in Larionov to coach PLEASE!!!
  8. might have been off on the 8-1 prediction. these coach has to go. also waive half the team.
  9. last game as a Red Wing: Green Howard Entire coaching staff. please let it be!
  10. if Howard stayed in, no doubt my prediction of 5 in the 1st was happening.
  11. I always try, but even though I know it's a rebuild, I cannot stand to see certain players in this jersey anymore.
  12. 8-1 Isles. 5 in the first. (10 minutes)
  13. LeftWinger

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    no to both. Detroit will attempt to sign Holtby. I'd go with Pickard and Larsson before I even think about extending Bernier or Howard. I'd go with the two NOW if I could trade Howard and Bernier tonight.
  14. LeftWinger

    Howard = Average

    that was me. I just want him gone now, never to wear the jersey again. I'll take future considerations for him....or nothing at all. Never liked him, he's always been average or below. Thats just my opinion, but its mostly true. as long as its not Detroit.
  15. LeftWinger

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    Well I REALLY hope we dump about 3-5 players this deadline. Not that we need the cap space this year for anything, I am just tired of seeing certain players wear this jersey. Not that we'd get anything great in return for them, but I just don't want to watch them on this team anymore. I hope the Howard and Green "rumors" come to fruition. IF they could be dealt, I wouldn't mind seeing Helm, Filppula and Nielsen gone as well. Ericsson and Daley can just fade away, I hope they never put the jersey on again. I'd like to see if there is any interest in Ehn also. Of course all of this will not happen, and I don't want to gut GR because we'd have to bring players up, but if we could thin our team out up here sooner than the off season, it would be awesome. I am wondering what Yzerman's plan is with Cholowski, rumors of him having a poor attitude does not help his case in getting back to Detroit. Maybe a trade to Western Canada would help his attitude and he could at least get back to the NHL. He could be packaged or just sent alone for a 2nd maybe?
  16. LeftWinger

    Trade deadline bait available this year?

    please trade Howard
  17. This is the official LGW.com 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft to be held June 22–23, 2018, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Ok, since we are all (most) hoping we get a legit shot at the #1 pick, I figured a thread to discuss the prospects and where they rank would be a nice thing to have! We can also update draft rankings as they change throughout the season. Here is a September ranking I found of the top 93 prospects, but I'll only post the top 31. I'll add the link at the end for those of you who want to see all of them. This site also has some videos of some of the players to watch! Check it out and come back and comment! While I am officially throwing my hat in the Dahlin ring, I'd like to note that #20 has an absolute Awesome name! Also of local note, I haven't research all of the players, but #7 Hughes and #12 Wilde are both Wolverines. At #61 Johnny Gruden is from Rochester, MI. #39 Ty Dellandrea plays in Flint. Another sidenote for one of our 2nd's, Mattias Samuelsson is a huge D-man at 6'4 216lbs. at the moment. 1) Rasmus Dahlin (LHD, Sweden, Frolunda SHL) 2) Andrei Svechnikov (RW, Russia, Barrie OHL) 3) Adam Boqvist (RHD, Sweden, Brynas J20) 4) Brady Tkachuk (C/LW, USA, Boston University NCAA) 5) Filip Zadina (LW/RW, Czech Republic, Halifax QMJHL) 6) Joe Veleno (C, Canada, Saint John QMJHL) 7) Quinn Hughes (LHD, USA, NTDP U18) 8) Ryan Merkley (RHD, Canada, Guelph OHL) 9) Ty Smith (LHD, Canada, Spokane WHL) 10) Rasmus Kupari (C, Finland, Karpat Jr.) 11) Jesperi Kotkaniemi (C, Finland, Assat Liiga) 12) Bode Wilde (RHD, USA, NTDP U18) 13) Ryan McLeod (C, Canada, Mississauga OHL 14) Barrett Hayton (C, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL) 15) Jared McIsaac (LHD, Canada, Halifax QMJHL) 16) Oliver Wahlstrom (C/W, USA, NTDP U18) 17) Joel Farabee (LW, USA, NTDP U18) 18) Alexander Khovanov (C, Russia, Moncton QMJHL) 19) Vitali Kravtsov (C/W Russia, Belye Medvedi MHL) 20) Jett Woo (RHD, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL) 21) Calen Addison (RHD, Canada, Lethbridge WHL) 22) Evan Bouchard (RHD, Canada, London OHL) 23) Jakub Lauko (C, Czech Republic, Chomutov Extraliga) 24) Isac Lundestrom (C/LW, Sweden, Lulea SHL) 25) Jack McBain (C, Canada, Toronto OJHL) 26) Luka Burzan (C, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL) 27) Akil Thomas (C, Canada, Niagara OHL) 28) Benoit-Olivier Groulx (C/LW, Canada, Halifax QMJHL) 29) Dmitry Zavgorodniy (RW, Russia, Rimouski QMJHL) 30) Samuel Fagemo (LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20) 31) Mathias-Emilio Pettersen (C, Norway, Muskegon USHL) https://thehockeywriters.com/2018-nhl-draft-fishers-top-93-preseason-rankings/
  18. LeftWinger

    Your thoughts on Sergei Fedorov

    #91 needs to be retired Fedorov easily top 5 best Detroit Red Wing of all time. No 90's Cup without him, IMO.
  19. LeftWinger

    Rumors Thread

    So.....as always, take this with a grain of salt, but I just got finished talking to my friend (the one who told me Yzerman was pretty much already running the team before he was hired) and he told me his source on the team (training staff) that Blashill will be gone VERY SOON, if not within DAYS and Dan Bylsma is going to be the new HC. He did say the his source didn't know if it was going to be on an interim basis, or permanently. HE also said that Yzerman is a supporter of Bylsma, so that could factor in. Again, it's my friend who is very close with a trainer for the team. Take it as you may.
  20. LeftWinger

    Jeff Blashill History

    *moved to Rumors thread
  21. LeftWinger

    World Juniors

    Current Russian Asst. Coaches will be ours by June. Igor as HC of course.
  22. he already has one
  23. LeftWinger

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    if we're lucky enough to draft Alexis, Valeno will do fine as his center. if we get the #2 we win, win.
  24. LeftWinger

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    I'm an AA slappy, but if it would make our team better, I'm good with deals. we sure do need a real goaltender.