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    2022 TDL

    We basically got Leddy, Vrana, Ned and Cossa for Mantha and Bernier! (all while throwing around picks here and there!)
  2. LeftWinger

    2022 TDL

    Yes, we can do both for sure. Last year we technically sold some vets for picks and also bought Vrana (stole actually.) It can be done, especially by Yzerman!
  3. LeftWinger

    2022 TDL

    If we can get a 1st for Leddy, then I am all in. DD is not going to bring you that return, maybe a 5th. Staal has a NMC so he'd have to waive, but he still won't bring back a 3rd. Vlad would never bring that back in return either. Kane was on waivers just a week or so ago, if Yzerman didn't want him then, he isn't going to trade an asset for him. Not giving a 1st up for an expiring contract unless we were that piece away from winning a Cup. If I get a 1st for Leddy, I am using it at the draft. Edmonton will be out in the 1st round anyhow. It'll be a nice 16-20 pick. If I do trade away Leddy, and need to address the lack of vet presence, I will try to sign Lindholm instead. But again, I really don't think Leddy will bring a 1st, so if not, I would just keep him...not unless Yzerman has an agreement with him that when he acquired him he promised he'd move him to a contender. But I am not sure he would make that promise.
  4. LeftWinger

    2022 TDL

    The only player that is going to draw any interest is Leddy. But, again, I think we need to re-sign him. We cannot go into next season with Hronek and Oesterle as our vets on D. That would be a huge step backwards. I don't see any interest in Staal or DD, nor do I see them being re-signed. Instead of trading Leddy, then trying to fill the veteran hole over the summer, just keep him (especially if we're knocking on the playoffs door) and extend him. Replace Staal and DD with rookies and we'll still have a pretty seasoned core, especially with how good Seider is. Leddy - Seider Rookie - Hronek Oesterle - Lindstrom (Rookie) What ever the low draft pick we'd receive for Vlad is not worth it. Just keep him. I think being a home-town kid, he'll re-up on the cheap just to be part of this organIzation. I am sure he'd love to be part of the transformation into Cup contenders. Other than that I can see possibly Zadina being dealt in a Mantha-type deal like last TDL. But, as much as he is criticized, he is only 22. Same goes with Ras, but I really hope they BOTH turn it around, they are falling down the ranks on this team.
  5. LeftWinger

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    My God! Jack Hughes just signed an 8 year $64M contract extension! He has 56 points in 122 games! 11 goals ONCE! Raymond and Seider are going to cost us a TON!!!
  6. LeftWinger

    2022 Draft / UFA

    He makes a lot of mistakes besides not scoring. Gets tossed out of faceoff circle all the time too...too many mistakes.
  7. LeftWinger

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    actually, here's what Hockey-Reference says the trade was... March 18, 1997: Traded by the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Detroit Red Wings for unknown compensation. Guess we'll never know!
  8. LeftWinger

    12/4 "Make It Five" GDT vs. Islanders

    Right! When things are going well, why change it right? But this IS Blashill we're talking about.... Thanks for the awesome play Oesterle, but Blash....
  9. LeftWinger

    2022 Draft / UFA

    I believe they should trade Rasmussen. He just isn't working here. He could go somewhere, get MORE icetime and be better. Get what we can for him, and move on. If he continues to under-achieve then that's on him, if he becomes what he was drafted to be, then so be it. I just don't think he's fitting too well in his role here.
  10. LeftWinger

    2022 Draft / UFA

    This off season will be one of the first ones to where I am not too worried about signing any bigger name UFA's. I am ok with addressing within ( I still think Leddy will be re-signed) along with Fabbri. I think even Namestnikov will re-sign. I am sure Yzerman will look to fill in with NHL players like he did this year, but I really don't see any bigger names. But know this, if not in 2022, then in 2023 those bigger names might be calling Yzerman instead of the other way around. Other players around the league are taking notice of the progress this team is making.
  11. LeftWinger

    11/30_GDT_No Rat and No Pied Piper_Wings vs Bruins_8:00 PEI Time

    Why do people think Fabbri is going to get traded? Just because they are UFA to be, doesn't mean they're being dealt. He is worth more than any draft pick coming back that is NOT a 1st....and he isn't bringing back a 1st. I am confident he will finish the season with Detroit and be re-signed. I think it's more likely one of Hronek or Zadina gets dealt before Fabbri.
  12. LeftWinger

    11/27 GDT - Blades at Wheels - 7 PM EST

  13. LeftWinger

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Is it too soon to be talking about this summer? With the last couple of weeks of snow and cold here in Michigan, I think it's a great time to start talking about summer. Let's start with available UFA's. Instead of listing a whole bunch, here the link to Cap Friendly's list: https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2022/caphit/all/all/ufa I honestly don't see Yzerman landing many (if any) impact UFA's, because I think a couple of kids coming in will be an upgrade in itself. When it comes to our own UFA's, I am hoping for most to hit the road (if they weren't traded at the TDL.) Honestly though, I can see Yzerman re-signing Ryan (if he wants to stay (and not traded)) and maybe Merrill and, yes, Staal. Maybe none, I wouldn't be surprised either way. In the G department, there isn't many out there better than Bernier (that would come here) so I can see Bernier coming back for a year or two, and I think most of us would be ok with that. (this is all depending on who was and who wasn't selected by Seattle and who may or may not be traded.) Helm and Filppula have to go (IMO) and I do believe the Gagner experiment is over too. I would choose Staal over Nemeth, but you never know what will happen if DD is done, he may re-sign both. Unless someone other than Seider is ready to come in. You would think that Cholowski and Lindstrom would be getting some looks this season (especially since we suck and we should just consider this a 56 game training camp/pre-season) but that is up to Blashill on who plays and doesn't, so, once again, I blame him for everything. I would also offer Glenny another contract. RFA-wise, we have a lot of them Erne, Djoss, Hronek, Bertuzzi, Cholowski, Lindstrom, Svech, Brome, Rasmussen, Hirose, Smith, Turgeon, Smith and Hicketts. A few of these names are slam dunks to get contracts, a lot of the others depend on if they aren't selected by Seattle. BUT, there is quite the possiblility they all get qualified and re-signed. Obviously we want to draft the highest possible. Right now, only Ottawa is worse than us winning percentage, so that puts at #2, but barely, we could end up worst again. Let's hope that the league does the right thing and makes the bottom 5 teams be the only ones to have a shot at #1, and only being able to fall one spot. That is my hope. Also teams that finish out of the top 5 should only be able to climb 2 spots at the most. Not saying this is what might happen, just throwing an idea out there. Here are a couple of top 10 lists: ...a bit of a mix up in all of those, but for you U of M fans, you are well represented in the top 10! (Even Luke Hughes has committed to U of M.) AND of course, my ultimate off season upgrade is to FIRE ALL of the coaching staff (yesterday!) and get a whole new philosophy in here.
  14. LeftWinger

    Vasily Podkolzin

    I love all this discussion! Maybe MODS can change the title to 2022 TDL Talk! This season's seems to have me hoping to make the playoffs, but also not wanting to? Make sense? With a few Vets available to deal, I can see Yzerman acquiring some more picks for the draft. But (even though there were rumors) we did't really expect Mantha to be dealt so I am hoping for another move like Mantha's trade. I would not be surprised at all if one of Hronek, Rasmussen or Zadina is moved. Would anyone (outside of Holland maybe) take Dekeyser off our hands? I certainly hope he is not re-signed. I also can see Leddy (unless it's a drop kick of a deal) staying here and re-signing to help carry our D kids into the future. Think about it, if DD is gone and Leddy is gone, they are gong to have who to mentor the kids? I am guessing Staal nor Stecher won't be back either. I know our prospects are great and Seider is the real deal, but I am not thinking it will be wise to go into 22-23 with all kids in the starting 6 outside of Hronek, and I am not seeing him as a mentor to any of our kids. Ouside of the kids, the only D signed after this season are Hronek and Oesterle. So unless I am getting a 1st back for Leddy, I am really focused on re-signing and hoping he wants to come back to be in our top 2 next season. Stecher is injured I know, but it just seems he cannot solidify himself in the lineup. I can honestly see him being dealt at the TDL if he's healthy.
  15. LeftWinger

    11/18 "Don´t Give In" GDT @ Vegas

    The Wings need to stop playing and go ahead and sign Bobby Ryan.
  16. LeftWinger

    Nov 6-GDT-Please We Don't Want No Scrub- Wings @ Sabers.

    I am not sure which coach is responsible for the OT players and line changes, but when OT started and Rasmussen was out there, I was like, what the? Why not Veleno? Then as soon as the puck went into the Buffalo zone, he swapped with Raymond to get him out there with Bertuzzi. Ras was out there about 5 seconds. I like that attempt to keep the chemistry going between to Bert and Raymond. If Blashill made this call, then I give him props for making a very smart coaching move!
  17. LeftWinger

    Poll: Which Player Survives The Rebuild

    Need to trade Zadina and Rasmussen soon while they still have "potential."
  18. LeftWinger

    Seider's Downfall

    Nick Lidstrom wasn't mean...
  19. LeftWinger

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    after reading the public release, it is also my opinion that Cheveldayoff should have to step down as GM of Winnipeg and Quennville should have to step down as head coach of Florida. Interested to see Parros' explanation of what "HE" saw with this...
  20. LeftWinger

    10/24 - It's All Zadina's Fault - Wangs vz Cawks

    Dekeyser needs to be scratched from now on.
  21. I really don't think Fabbri is going anywhere. He is part of this team moving forward. Honestly I think outside of a couple of vets, I don't see Yzerman trading anyone in the 25yo or younger range....at least not from the Detroit roster.
  22. Parros is an idiot. The non headbutt was indeed a headbutt. But he says it's not, because the hand was in the way. Doesn't mean the action and intent wasn't there.
  23. Ok, since it's almost here, let's talk about all the goings on when it comes to Training Camp, PTO's and the Pre-Season leading up to The 2021-22 Season! Let's Go Red Wings!
  24. LeftWinger

    Making an NHL team out of Ken Holland's 1st Round Picks

    Nah, you done good kid.