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  1. 1/20 GDT - Hurricanes @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    All time low, less than one full page. I think us fans are tired of Holland and Blashill's process.
  2. This is the official LGW.com 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft to be held June 22–23, 2018, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Ok, since we are all (most) hoping we get a legit shot at the #1 pick, I figured a thread to discuss the prospects and where they rank would be a nice thing to have! We can also update draft rankings as they change throughout the season. Here is a September ranking I found of the top 93 prospects, but I'll only post the top 31. I'll add the link at the end for those of you who want to see all of them. This site also has some videos of some of the players to watch! Check it out and come back and comment! While I am officially throwing my hat in the Dahlin ring, I'd like to note that #20 has an absolute Awesome name! Also of local note, I haven't research all of the players, but #7 Hughes and #12 Wilde are both Wolverines. At #61 Johnny Gruden is from Rochester, MI. #39 Ty Dellandrea plays in Flint. Another sidenote for one of our 2nd's, Mattias Samuelsson is a huge D-man at 6'4 216lbs. at the moment. 1) Rasmus Dahlin (LHD, Sweden, Frolunda SHL) 2) Andrei Svechnikov (RW, Russia, Barrie OHL) 3) Adam Boqvist (RHD, Sweden, Brynas J20) 4) Brady Tkachuk (C/LW, USA, Boston University NCAA) 5) Filip Zadina (LW/RW, Czech Republic, Halifax QMJHL) 6) Joe Veleno (C, Canada, Saint John QMJHL) 7) Quinn Hughes (LHD, USA, NTDP U18) 8) Ryan Merkley (RHD, Canada, Guelph OHL) 9) Ty Smith (LHD, Canada, Spokane WHL) 10) Rasmus Kupari (C, Finland, Karpat Jr.) 11) Jesperi Kotkaniemi (C, Finland, Assat Liiga) 12) Bode Wilde (RHD, USA, NTDP U18) 13) Ryan McLeod (C, Canada, Mississauga OHL 14) Barrett Hayton (C, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL) 15) Jared McIsaac (LHD, Canada, Halifax QMJHL) 16) Oliver Wahlstrom (C/W, USA, NTDP U18) 17) Joel Farabee (LW, USA, NTDP U18) 18) Alexander Khovanov (C, Russia, Moncton QMJHL) 19) Vitali Kravtsov (C/W Russia, Belye Medvedi MHL) 20) Jett Woo (RHD, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL) 21) Calen Addison (RHD, Canada, Lethbridge WHL) 22) Evan Bouchard (RHD, Canada, London OHL) 23) Jakub Lauko (C, Czech Republic, Chomutov Extraliga) 24) Isac Lundestrom (C/LW, Sweden, Lulea SHL) 25) Jack McBain (C, Canada, Toronto OJHL) 26) Luka Burzan (C, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL) 27) Akil Thomas (C, Canada, Niagara OHL) 28) Benoit-Olivier Groulx (C/LW, Canada, Halifax QMJHL) 29) Dmitry Zavgorodniy (RW, Russia, Rimouski QMJHL) 30) Samuel Fagemo (LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20) 31) Mathias-Emilio Pettersen (C, Norway, Muskegon USHL) https://thehockeywriters.com/2018-nhl-draft-fishers-top-93-preseason-rankings/
  3. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    No, you should know that the "NHL" games are full of unrealistic trades that could never happen because they are usually very lopsided in one direction. None of those trades are lopsided nor unrealistic returns. Just stick to covering the Federal League, the NHL is far too advanced for you. I know ALL of those trades will not happen, but if any one or few of them did, the return(s) are not unrealistic. Hence, no NHL 18. BTW, I don't play any of the NHL games, I think the last one my son had was 09 and none prior to that. The last one I owned and played was 94.
  4. Babcock Resurfaces

    Sounds like they'd really enjoy babcock bringing in Helm and Glenny as well! to TOR : Green, Helm, Glenny to DET : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Liljegrin. Bidding war with Tampa PLUS inter-divisional price mark-up! Get it done!
  5. Rumors Thread

  6. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Ok, this is simple. Let's say, we trade away Tatar, Nyquist, XO, Green, Ericsson, Howard and Mrazek. Abby, Helm and Glen are still hurt. That Leaves AA - Larkin - Frk Bertuzzi - Z - Mantha Booth - Nielsen - Turgeon Witowski (who can actually be the 7th D as well) DD - Daley Kronwall - Jensen Halak (in the Howard Deal) Now, looks like we need three forwards, two defensemen and a goalie. We do not want to deplete GR, but we do have options. Of course I am getting a few from GR, lets say Coreau, Hicketts, Puempel, Street. The Walleye only have two of our contracted players, Machovsky and Nastasiuk, who can come to GR and not deplete Toledo. We also have a D on loan in Europe, Libor Sulak, who we could bring over to help fill the empty spots. Also, you're getting Foote back in the Green deal and he would replace Hicketts in GR. Puempel and Street will only be up until Helm, Abby or Glen come back, like I said Witowski can double up as the extra forward or extra D. So lets see: AA - Larkin - Frk Bertuzzi - Z - Mantha Street - Nielsen - Booth Witkowski - Turgeon - Puempel DD - Daley Kronwall - Jensen Hicketts - Sulak Halak Coreau Full team iced. It's entirely possible and doable, but of course highly unlikely. But for Gits and Shiggles, this is how it could work without depleting GR.
  7. Rumors Thread

    Pit, Vegas and STL are looking to bolster their wing position. The price for Kane is astronomical, Tatar and Nyquist would cost tons less. Not saying a trade going to happen for sure, but teams that are looking for a scoring winger to help them over the top, are going to call about those two. Let's just hope Holland keeps the "ask" price down so we can actually collect some picks!
  8. Rumors Thread

    You're already giving up the playoffs, you'll get Halak back in trade, bring up Coreau. Next season, go with resigning Halak and stick with that combo unless some other goalie presents himself in the summer. Improve your D and let the better, younger kids develop more at the G spot.
  9. Rumors Thread

    No i mean address it and get the names together that'll be sold come deadline. Most definitely hold out until teams come lining up.
  10. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    How about Green to Tampa for a 2nd and Foote, Tatar to Pit for a 1st, Nyquist to Vegas for a 2nd, Howard to Isles for Halak and a 4th, Mrazek to EDM for a 3rd, XO to MTL for a 4th, Ericsson to DAL for a 5th. That would give us two 1sts, four 2nds, three 3rds, three 4ths, one 5th and two 6ths. That's 15 picks, Foote and Halak along with a ton of cap space for next season.
  11. Rumors Thread

    It's time for the sale to officially be addressed. Trade all of Green, Howard, Mrazek, Nyquist, Tatar and Ericsson. Get an upcoming ufa goalie back, couple of prospects and multiple picks. It's time.
  12. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    I'm out. When Refs start to control games, I'd rather watch Simon Cowell.
  13. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    http://www.isshockey.com/iss-hockey-releases-iss-top-31-january-rankings-top-prospects-2018-nhl-draft/ ISS as of the 10th: 1 Dahlin, Rasmus LD 4/13/2000 L 6.02 181 Vastra Frolunda SweE 1 2 Tkachuk, Brady C 9/16/1999 L 6.03.25* 196 Boston University H. E 3 3 Svechnikov, Andrei RW/C 3/26/2000 L 6.02* 186 Barrie OHL 2 4 Zadina, Filip RW 11/27/1999 L 6.00* 196 Halifax QMJHL 4 5 Wahlstrom, Oliver C 6/13/2000 R 6.00.75* 205 USA U18 NTDP 6 6 Bouchard, Evan RD 10/20/1999 R 6.01.75* 193 London OHL 13 7 Hughes, Quinn LD 10/14/1999 L 5.09.5* 170 U. of Michigan Big Ten 5 8 Boqvist, Adam LD 8/15/2000 R 5.11 170 Brynas IF Jr. SweJE 8 9 Kupari, Rasmus C 3/15/2000 R 6.01.25 183 Karpat Oulu FinE 10 10 Smith, Ty LD 3/24/2000 L 5.10.25* 176 Spokane WHL 11 11 Lundestrom, Isac C 11/6/1999 L 6.00.5 185 Lulea HF SweE 22 12 Veleno, Joseph C 1/13/2000 L 6.01* 195 Saint John QMJHL 7 13 Wilde, Bode RD 1/24/2000 R 6.02.25* 195 USA U18 NTDP 12 14 Farabee, Joel LW 2/25/2000 L 5.11.5* 164 USA U18 NTDP 14 15 Hayton, Barrett C 6/9/2000 L 6.00.75* 191 Sault Ste. Marie OHL 16 16 McIsaac, Jared LD 3/27/2000 L 6.01* 195 Halifax QMJHL 17 17 Denisenko, Grigori LW 6/24/2000 R 5.11 165 Yaroslavl Loko RusJr 18 18 Thomas, Akil C 1/2/2000 R 5.11* 169 Niagara OHL 15 19 McLeod, Ryan C 9/21/1999 L 6.02* 200 Mississauga OHL 9 20 Dobson, Noah RD 1/7/2000 R 6.02.75* 180 Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL 19 21 Groulx, Benoit-Olivier C 2/6/2000 L 6.00.75* 192 Halifax QMJHL 21 22 Alexeyev, Alexander RD 11/15/1999 R 6.03* 200 Red Deer WHL 20 23 Merkley, Ryan RD 8/14/2000 R 5.11.25* 170 Guelph OHL 23 24 Kaut, Martin RW 10/2/1999 R 6.01.5 176 Pardubice CzeE NR 25 Kotkaniemi, Jesperi C 7/6/2000 L 6.01.5* 188 Assat FinE 24 26 Woo, Jett RD 7/27/2000 R 5.11.75* 205 Moose Jaw WHL 27 27 Sutter, Riley RW 10/25/1999 R 6.03* 205 Everett WHL 25 28 McBain, Jack LW 1/6/2000 L 6.03 194 Toronto OJHL 26 29 Tychonick, Jonathan LD 3/3/2000 L 5.11.25 166 Penticton BCHL NR 30 Ginning, Adam RD 1/13/2000 L 6.03 196 Linkoping HC SweE 28 31 Noel, Serron RW 8/8/2000 R 6.04.75* 200 Oshawa OHL 31 Goalies 1 Ingham, Jacob G 6/10/2000 L 6.03.5* 186 Mississauga OHL 1 2 Rodrigue, Olivier G 7/6/2000 L 6.00.25* 159 Drummondville QMJHL 2
  14. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Big 5 going to show why the Wings are the dynasty of the future! Mantha, Larkin, AA, Frk, Bert!
  15. Rumors Thread

    SoI was watching the NHL INsiders on TSN and they seem to think that Green will be THE hot commodity at the deadline. LeBrun said teams will be lining up to pay for his services, Tampa being one of them willing to pay up for him! I smell a 1st AND a prospect coming our way! How about a 1st and Cal Foote or maybe Alex Volkov? I can imagine a line of Svech Svech and Volkov! Lil Svech is a RW/C! Of course I'd rather draft D with our 1st. Also they say the price for Kane will be at least 4 assets including a 1st and an NHL player. Pitt interested but may not want to pay the hefty price, BUT are desparatley looking to acquire a scoring winger! Nyquist or Tatar anyone? Won'tcost 4 assets that is for sure! Pick/prospect is about it I believe!
  16. 1/16 GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    This is why Blashill is a blashcock. If Howard wouldve given up 6 goals against Chicago, he'd still be starting tonight. Even when Mrazek shines and wins, with a shutout even, he never gets to see if he can continue his momentum. I hope Jimmy gets ransacked tonight and a puck flies into the bench a clocks blashill.
  17. Rumors Thread

    This is how google translated it, pretty much the same basis, but I dig the wording! "It's premature to make a conclusion, but now in Detroit, the sparrow on the rooftops is already ringing that Jimmy Howard's Red Wing Goalkeeper is already heading for New York and just replacing Halak. Howard is 33 years old, Halak 32, both are good in their own way and both will be unlimited freelancers after the end of the season." I love "The sparrow on the rooftops is already ringing" and "unlimited freelancers" "
  18. Rumors Thread

    I'd do it. They could re-sign Halak at a cheaper price in the off season, shop Mrazek around bring up Coreau and use Halak as their starter until one of the kids emerge. The cap relief for the offseason is very important and the more picks the better!
  19. Rumors Thread

    At thispoint who knows which player is on the block. I guess its whichever player(s) get them the best pick/prospect return. As long as it's not anyone named Larkin, Mantha, Athanasiou, Frk, Bertuzzi then I'm ok. I'd like to keep Nielsen around to help try and lure JT as well. Of course Z ain't going anywhere.
  20. Rumors Thread

    Didn't someone just say that the ask for Tatar was a pick and a prospect? I'd say that would be a nice return. I'll trade him to Vegas for a 3rd and Haugue. ...not giving up yet! Hee hee!
  21. 1/14 GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 12:30 PM EST (NBC)

    Did we dump any salary today? No? Ok, I'll try again tomorrow.
  22. Fedorov, 3 Cups, 2 Selke's, 1 Hart. He won the Hart and a Selke in the same season. He has the accolades.
  23. Remember when being great meant you were consistently a 100+ point player? Now we're talking 65 points is great? Ugh.....im not looking it up, but has Toews eve hit 100?
  24. Rumors Thread

    watch Duclair become an all-star in Chicago....A Bowman does it again.