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    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I am officially out on this team. I cannot handle how ******* awful Holland is at his job. Runs his team into the ground with bad contracts, and at least is given a miracle long shot at getting out on some if the player is taken. The team should have 100% bad contracts unprotected. I know it is unlikely... but wtf Mrazek might be better than Howard. IF you were close to winning a championship, you might take that risk going with the more proven person... but Detroit is no where near that point now. If I could take Mrazek in the expansion draft, I would because his potential is amazingly high, and a single bad year on a team with a bad defense is hardly enough to throw him out on. Howard is not going to win a championship here in Detroit, and his contract is nigh untradeable. Mike Green shouldn't be on this list because he should have been traded for anything because of this. DeKeyser also shouldn't be on this list, as he is the type of player that would come back to us later if we needed him. The NHL right now is about two things. Defensemen shortages, which will only get worse with another team added, and superstars that get coddled and protected by zebras. When it comes to this draft, the two take away only lead us to ONE result that should be taken. Protect our Defensive prospects. Danny and Mike are not those, our window has shut, and neither are good enough to drag this team to a cup. In fact Mike Green, is one of the worst defensive defensemen in the league. That was the reason he was dropped by Washington. However, Sproul and Ouellet?!?! WTF, they are definitely going to be taken. They might never become bedrock pieces of a team, but they are young and proven capable of contributing to a team at the second and third paring, and might end up being power play pieces. These are the types of players that if all things were equal would be worth a 1st or 2nd round pick, but with Defensive shortages they might be worth a lot more after just one breakout year. Mrazek, Coreau, Ouellet, Spoul, these are horribly risky to expose. Combine that with the fact that Howard, Green, DeKeyser, are s***ty contracts and won't help in either rebuilding or competing. This is enough to make you angry. Furthermore, combined with the fact that the NHL keeps giving the cup to Pens and Hawks over and over again with bad penalties and drastically unbalanced amounts of power play time... it makes this whole sport empty. There isn't any grit anymore when the rewards go to the worst behaving, and your team is run with extreme ignorance. I have the feeling Yzerman would have at least made us closer. Holland has put us so far away, that we aren't going to be good until we crash and burn and get our own whiner or rapist. I am out. The glory days before the lockout are all the NHL level hockey that I guess I will get in my lifetime that is truly quality.
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    Grade the deadline

    I addressed that a few sentences later.
  3. Majsheppard

    2017 NHLTrade Deadline Discussion

    Because this is a trade deadline thread, his job is to fix the team in the trade deadline, and he is making an argument about his past failures are not being addressed? I think the point is that, these are all pieces that are put together by Holland. If you screw up something, you have to compensate. All that is happening now is he is trying to fix his past mistakes, and isn't doing a very good job of it.
  4. Majsheppard

    Grade the deadline

    Okay, maybe that is being too down on Gustav. However, he isn't a piece to build around. Tangent question... Did anyone really think we would be a first pick overall candidate coming into the season? I thought we would be a 9-10th team in the East type...
  5. Majsheppard

    Grade the deadline

    Except Coreau has earned a backup job and Howard is an anchor dragging the team down. He should have been already shipped out with us eatting his contract. I feel like he is destined to be a buyout, or worse. Many writers suggested we would keep Coreau and Howard, move Mrazek and start from there. To me that is the WORST possible option. Howard is the one past his prime. Coreau and/or/neither Mrazek could turn into a legit starter and to move either is risking giving away a solid piece. Howard is past it. His body hasn't been holding up, nor has he been able to win a cup with solid teams in front of him. We have to get rid of him, and I know you cannot trade him when he is hurt. But the issue is, he shouldn't have been on the team at this point anyways. That has to factor in on his grade. I don't think we should trade away Tatar for just anything either. However, we have to get past the idea that Gustav is worth anything. He isn't... I doubt we could get more than a 5th for him right now, he just is too inconsistent. Sure makes us look stupid, when there were trade spoke of in the past where we could have added a top 2 Dman for Gustav and picks... and we passed because he was just SOOOOOOOO good.
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    Grade the deadline

    BTW... How has no one addressed that we still have the three goaltender problem. That is a serious fail. Or is it that there isn't anyone left that cares?
  7. Majsheppard

    Grade the deadline

    I would have liked to see us own our disaster and go full tilt at rebuild. If you had to get rid of smith, get a better return. Otherwise, why not give him a huge short term deal that will make us terrible next year cap wise? Move everyone that isn't untouchable, which is Larkin, Mantha, AA, and Defense under the age of 27 that look decent. Don't be afraid like when Gustav could have yielded us a Top tier Dman but we assumed he would get even better. Then I would have made outside the box trades. Approach teams and offer draft picks for one of their high quality expensive players with a condition... They would agree to a second trade right away... Take their player, give them the pick, and then trade them back and keep half of their salary for this year, next year, and the year after that. Get back your picks plus a rich reward for eating cap for them. Make sure everyone you want is locked up, and go ahead and give them stupid large short term deals. So you are left with people you like and enough cap to bring up prospects. Next year buyout any bad contracts that would give us a hangover that last past the three year hell window and move on. Repeat the strategy for 3 years. While not bringing up any top prospects during that period without letting them go through the minors like everyone else. Tanks for the memories, we might have a Penguins style team after that. Plus the guys you signed for huge overpayments, you go back to their agents and pitch them that it was a 10 year deal, and you want an average that is market appropriate. If they say no. you keep half their salary as a rental and move them, no harm.
  8. Majsheppard

    Grade the deadline

    D I do not understand how he can get so little for these players when others can get so much for their garbage. The one that dragged the grade down was Smith. Everyone continues to say how impossible it is to get Defensemen now. They really are the gold of the realm, and you have a proven youngster with a lot of skill there when there are next to no other options and you don't get a first round pick out of it? He didn't even wait until the biggest part of the deadline. This feels like a trade that should have happened at 3:01 to me. Yes Smith isn't a stud. His faults are defensively oriented and would vanish if paired with the right defenseman. The entire team is broken because there isn't the right people on the backend to build pairs. This is the same problem with Green, who btw should have been moved as well if the goal was a true rebuild. Getting anything for forwards is tricky... but usually you can get a 2nd for someone like Vanek. Getting a "basically a fourth" for him is crap in my book. I have been calling for Holland's head for years, I left the forum because people gave me too much crap about it. I think it is clear he shouldn't be at the helm come draft time. L Lotto system, no it doesn't.
  9. Majsheppard

    Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

    More evidence that Holland has lost it. Petry was just traded for a 2nd and a conditional 5th to the Habs. The type of player they were hoping to get, a basic upgrade on Alexi Holland gives up two, players that could have at least added depth or grown in trade value AND a second for a player 10 years older who is arguably as good as Cleary when you have decent depth to begin with... Not saying it was a damaging trade... it just is another example where another team is able to get more for less.
  10. Majsheppard

    The Overreaction Thread

    Oh and yeah, sniff around Morrow as well. Not like you have to sign Nyqvist, Anderson, and Brendan Smith with 2.3 million dollars. WHAT A ******* JOKE!
  11. Majsheppard

    The Overreaction Thread

    Congrats on keeping to your plan of making the team bigger, younger, and increasing scoring by signing a 5'11 guy who got .24 ppg last year to a 4.9 5 year deal that will take a roster spot from one of the kids going forward. He replaced a guy who over the last two years had . 68 ppg to Weiss' .62 ppg, and was an inch taller. An aging 5'11 guy will help that out on top of that who is really old, and got .55 ppg last year to replace a 27 year old who got .59 ppg and two more goals in his first season who you could have gotten for a lot less than 5.5 Million. Holland sure is doing a great job. Good show old boy. Bonus, you let Val walk without trading away his rights or anything like that... What a s***ty, s***ty, s***ty job he has done the last three years. If Jim Nill was the reason we draft well, this team is going to be defunct in five years. He doesn't have the guts to make a good move, then gets into a panic and throws money into horrible contracts that hurt the team. He didn't even buy out the right freaking contracts!
  12. Majsheppard

    Wings sign Stephen Weiss, 5-years, $24.5m

    Congrats on keeping to your plan of making the team bigger, younger, and increasing scoring by signing a 5'11 guy who got .24 ppg last year to a 4.9 5 year deal that will take a roster spot from one of the kids going forward. Holland sure is doing a great job. Good show old boy. What a s***ty, s***ty, s***ty job he has done the last three years. If Jim Nill was the reason we draft well, this team is going to be defunct in five years.
  13. Majsheppard

    Cap might be worse than expected.

    I was reading an Mlive article and poll about who the Wings might use their two compliance buyouts on. They talked about maybe Bertuzzi, Sammuelson, and perhaps Tootoo as they didn't get playoff time and their contracts are pretty awful. I started to look into it, because I was thinking that they could bury the contracts in the AHL with better results. I was right about that, but found something which surprised me and made the Mlive article moot. Cap hits of a compliance buyout MUST be 3 million or more! This means Bertuzzi and Tootoo would not be eligible for it. In fact only Zetter, Pavel, Franzen, Quincey, Ericsson, Kronner, Sammuelson, and Howard would be eligible for it. The others could go through normal buyout procedure but they would count against the cap. Obviously Zetter, Pavel, Franzen, Kronner, and Howard aren't going to be bought out. Only Sammy is realistic in my mind. Doing this research I think they definitely will buy him out with a compliance. They have to because I went through and put together a cap roster that has what I consider to be high end realistic cap numbers for the RFA players. Some of these players could realistically get more, including Brunner who might go to another team for bigger money. I also used the cheapest methods to clear the older parts that might not contriubte to the team. This gave me a 22-man roster that doesn't Include Val or Cleary. CAPGEEK.COM USER GENERATED ROSTER My Best Guess FORWARDS Justin Abdelkader ($1.800m) / Pavel Datsyuk ($6.700m) / Johan Franzen ($3.955m) Gustav Nyquist ($3.000m) / Henrik Zetterberg ($6.083m) / Damien Brunner ($4.000m) Tomas Tatar ($0.840m) / Darren Helm ($2.125m) / Patrick Eaves ($1.200m) Cory Emmerton ($0.533m) / Joakim Andersson ($1.200m) / Drew Miller ($1.200m) DEFENSEMEN Niklas Kronwall ($4.750m) / Danny DeKeyser ($1.350m) Jakub Kindl ($3.250m) / Jonathan Ericsson ($3.250m) Kyle Quincey ($3.775m) / Brendan Smith ($3.000m) Brian Lashoff ($0.725m) / Carlo Colaiacovo ($2.500m) GOALTENDERS Jimmy Howard ($5.292m) Jonas Gustavsson ($1.500m) OTHER Buyout: Mikael Samuelsson ($0.000m) Buried: Todd Bertuzzi ($1.150m) Buyout: Jordin Tootoo ($0.567m) ------ CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion) SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,744,545; BONUSES: $1,010,000 CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $1,565,455 The most notable thing is that this only leaves 1.565 Million in cap space... with Pavel due a massive raise the following year along with others. I cannot see how to keep Tootoo (not that I want to keep him, I hate him) or Val. There could be trades to thin out the Defense in exchange for more cap space, but I do not think the Wings are going to bail on Quincey after the first round pick, Smith is too young to decide on, and you need all the rest of the guys just to be okay. I also considered buying out Gustavsson, which would still count against the cap... so burying the contract is a better option as he is over 26 and by rule 1/3 of his contract would count against the cap this year and 1/3 would count next year. Sending him down to back up Mrazek would save 925k of cap space which would up the cap to 2.49 Million but then you would either need to bring Mrazek up, which I don't see them doing yet, or sign someone else. They might possibly even sign McCollum to a 1 year deal at minimum which is 550k or more for a vet, and not play him often. This would deduct the cap space spent on a backup from 1.5 million to 1.05 million, saving only 450k. A buyout would cost the Wings 500k this year and 500k next year, which could be crucial. Clearly if they are going to get rid of him, it will be via sending him down... which could create troubles if they need to call someone up. Will the Wings be that desperate for money? The funny thing is there was a Freep list of potential targets in free agency. Even if all the players listed were signed for much less, I still don't see it possible for them to go and add people. At the very best I could see them adding someone for 2 million or upwards of 5 million if they short others SEVERELY. I do not see anyone that could help the team enough to be had in that range. They will likely sit on the money, add just one depth guy, or maybe bring back Cleary for depth on the cheap. They might short the RFAs 400k collectively and keep Tootoo, but I hope not. If they do, it will be extremely tight and they might even lose Pavel the following year. Though they would likely lose someone else. Here is the current cap situation without any signings or buyouts. CAPGEEK.COM USER GENERATED ROSTER Before any moves. FORWARDS Johan Franzen ($3.955m) / Pavel Datsyuk ($6.700m) / Mikael Samuelsson ($3.000m) Henrik Zetterberg ($6.083m) / Todd Bertuzzi ($2.075m) Darren Helm ($2.125m) / Jordin Tootoo ($1.900m) Cory Emmerton ($0.533m) / Justin Abdelkader ($1.800m) Patrick Eaves ($1.200m) Tomas Tatar ($0.840m) DEFENSEMEN Niklas Kronwall ($4.750m) / Kyle Quincey ($3.775m) Jonathan Ericsson ($3.250m) / Carlo Colaiacovo ($2.500m) Danny DeKeyser ($1.350m) / Brian Lashoff ($0.725m) GOALTENDERS Jimmy Howard ($5.292m) Jonas Gustavsson ($1.500m) ------ CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion) SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $53,352,879; BONUSES: $1,010,000 CAP SPACE (19-man roster): $11,957,121 I wrote this whole thing for one reason, to illustrate that with a weak market and the cap restriction, the Wings might have to make tough choices and not add anyone for two years minimum without clearing much more space. I do not pretend to know what they are going to do but it seems very likely that they are going to have to buyout Sammy. Finally, it might be the Wings MO to do right by the players and not bury them in the AHL. If that is the case, then Bertuzzi will most likely be bought out and cost 1 million against the cap this year and next, out of principle. Tootoo might cost them 950k over the next four years. The Monster, who was awful, could cost them 750k over the next two years against the cap. This is why I screamed my head off when they signed these contracts. This is why I am worried our progress will be 100% farm based for the next few years. Not that this is a bad thing, just wanted to make this established in our minds, as I haven't seen any journalists who cover the Wings properly paint this picture. At least we didn't give up a 6th rounder and 4 million for Sergei Gonchar... Maybe there is more reason to keep trusting in Holland.
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    Cap might be worse than expected.

    And these comments, all of which illustrate that the article was not read fully are the reason why I am never on this website anymore. The point is that the cap is tight and this cap figure is what is to be dealt with for the next two seasons. Do not expect any signings of significance. With that I am done with this site for another year. You can read me in my blog or just trolling.
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    Cap might be worse than expected.

    He is healthy now, I doubt they can put him on that. Also if you READ the whole thing, you will note I put that these are realistic figures based upon what people can overpay and that they are inflated but not more than the other players already signed, but they are very generous to put across the point. Furthermore I stated that if they limit those contracts, they could get 2-5 million extra based on how stingy they are, but that this isn't going to really get us anyone special or particularly useful. In fact much of that could go to Pavel next year who could make 3 million more than he already does. Then again, you didn't read the whole thing because you couldn't wait to open your mouth and then pat yourself on the back for being internet witty on a forum.
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    Rules regarding salary

    The Maximum under the old CBA was 1/5th the cap. I am not positive they changed this. If they didn't it is 12.68 which I believe I heard that number before when they talked about how much money Crosby could get before they signed him.
  17. Majsheppard

    Bettman threatens Edmonton.

    Man, would you shut up. It makes me mad that he has to say something like this. Don't get me wrong, if they want a new arena they should get one. However why does the NHL think it has the right to demand local governments to pay for their new toys??? Also don't they have the "best" ice in the league? Why mess with that? I just don't get why this jerk has to threaten a team with such history. I know if he said to Detroit, build the Wings a new stadium or they are going to leave I would go off the handle. Oilers, if you need a new stadium to see your young guns grow up, then build it yourself. Besides where are you going to send the team that will get more attendance? Hamilton? Winnipeg? Maybe Atlanta after they move? Any one think there is any reason he should be interjecting himself? EDIT: First article did not cover the full story according to TSN. So... TSN.CA
  18. Majsheppard

    Jim Nill to be named Dallas Stars GM

    As soon as my editor posts my new blog entry, you should check it out. It is a pretty heated slamming of Ken Holland for going against his word and stringing Nill along. This is the WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO DETROIT in the past 20 years. The only thing that would be worse is losing Hakin. Holland is spent and he said he was going to retire post Lidstrom. Now he can't because the guy who deserved the job a year ago is leaving to Dallas and I am angry and embarrassed. I have no faith in this organization if they string along Jim and then lose him in favor of Holland who seems too timid and tired. I really hope this is wrong, and if it is right I hope Holland gets fired before Nill signs in Dallas. I felt secured in the future of the team until tonight.
  19. Majsheppard

    Operation Dumbo Drop.

    Sorry about the title, but I thought it might make it easier to find this thread down the line. I was reading about the Big House Winter classic again, when I read that it might be hard to impossible to get tickets for the thing if you are not a season ticket holder. This seems absurd to me due to the size of the stadium, but I know tickets will be hard to get so... I thought our community could be used to help us all out. Enter Operation Dumbo Drop. I say we use this thread to post updates of when tickets will go on sale. We can try to help each other get in line for the precious tickets and make sure that Wings fans are the first to get the few their are to get. I say we find out the maximum amount of tickets we can buy as well and try to buy the maximum and come here to sell the tickets back at FACE VALUE! Let's not get greedy trying to make money off of each other. Sell them at 10x the price to a Leafs fan, but try and make the priority to get people from here on. In short, we should try to get as many of the die hard fans in for this once in a lifetime event. Also try and get us in to all of the other events at Comerica as well. What say you?
  20. This isn't a rumor or anything beyond an idea that will never happen, because it is more just a heads up to those people who aren't paying any attention to Frk. Frk is becoming one of the QMJHL best and most clutch players, and I do not think that it has as much to do with him as the fact that he is playing on one of the all time best Major Junior lines of all time. He is playing with MacKinnon and Drouin who could be the first two picks in the draft next year in a seriously strong top four draft class. IF (most likely when...) the Red Wings miss the playoffs they are in the lotto and have a long shot at getting the pick needed to draft either MacKinnon or Drouin. More likely is they could try to trade up for the pick, which would be expensive. If there is an opportunity to draft either or trade up to do this, I hope they would do it for Drouin. Him and Frk are destroying in the league and the playoffs. Frk is putting up some clutch goals and big numbers. All three of these guys on the line have made at least 24 points in 11 games and it seems to me that Drouin is the one driving the scoring when watching them. Some of the passes he makes to Frk are fantastic and he is burying them by going all the way down on his shots and blasting them in. I am of the group that thinks they need to really shake up the team, and while I don't want to move prospects it might be wise to try and find the superstars to replace what we have. Pavel, Zetter, and Franzen will not win another cup together here. If we miss the playoffs I hope somehow we get lucky/are shrewd enough to get one or both of Frk's linemates. Do not even bother saying it isn't possible. I don't think it is, just wishful. Also, look up some of these highlights. Halifax is so much fun to watch.
  21. Majsheppard

    The Race for Eight: Blue Jackets, Stars, Wings

    If Columbus wins out and gets ROW wins in both of their last games, they hold the tiebreakers with Detroit if they don't get another ROW. Plus they would have 55 pts. Detroit has three games and are one point behind, suppose they win two in overtime and lose one, they miss the playoffs. Suppose they win two in overtime and lose one in a shootout, they miss the playoffs. THAT IS RAZOR THIN!! If they Win one in OT and lose two in shootouts they miss the playoffs. This just shows you how awful we have been blowing easy games. They basically have to beat Dallas in regulation and one of the other two games games in regulation to have it more or less locked up. 5 of 6 points. This is like being down 3-1 in the playoffs.
  22. Majsheppard

    Bertuzzi not returning Wednesday vs Kings

    Babcock deserves to be fired, he is such an idiot. His lines make no sense and now he wants to insert an old slow player, who missed so much time and has a bad back into the line up when you need to win? His defensive parings suck and Bertuzzi only helps in Shootouts and we are past the part of the season where we need to care about shootouts. They need to win in regulation at least a couple of times. Need to get five of six points and two ROW to make it. Does anyone REALLY think that putting Bertuzzi in right now will make the difference? He MIGHT be an improvement over Tootoo, but you know Babcock will likely put him in the top two lines and bench Gustav because he seems to do that all the time. I just don't think you want to put him in right now. He can't be in shape enough, and being -1 in the last three games could be enough to keep the Wings out of the playoffs. This isn't a good idea.
  23. Majsheppard

    Holland looking around

    Anyone have a problem with the fact that 3 of the 6 players that are worthy of being moved off of the team have NTCs? I am not very happy with this situation.
  24. Majsheppard

    Potential Trade Deadline Sellers

    My thoughts are not to not rent anyone. I say the Wings better turn away from UFAs at the deadline unless moving a bad contract for them. Not like we really need the cap space next season.
  25. Majsheppard

    Kings trade Gagne to PHI

    You know wrong. I will never convince any of you, but your bloodlust blinds you to the danger he puts the team in. I hate him as a person and a player. Though He isn't one of the three forwards that need to go for the young bodies to stay. He is the next on my list to can though. #Tootoosucks