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  1. The only way we ever seen to sign guys like this is if they grew up wings fans or are from here or both. His hometown oilers are in the mix too, I just don't see us landing him.
  2. Yeah, more or less. The year he was claimed he did very well on a line with J.staal. He did okay the next year, then just hasn't stuck this year. Was a healthy scratch most nights.
  3. Was doing ok in Carolina, that extension killed him though
  4. You know what makes me incredibly sad? A couple years ago I would have laughed. Today I'm hit with the sobering truth that Carolina is far better equipped for the future than we are.
  5. I live in raleigh. Today Ron Francis gets on talk radio to talk about the canes. He said his management team had "banged on the table for frk since last year". That's a direct quote. Why did we lose him for nothing again?
  6. I was going through my childhood things when I discovered a beat up baseball with lots of signatures. Curios I did some digging. Three people I recognize Joe torre Dale Murphy and Brett Butler. There are quite a few other SIG's. I'm thinking it's a team ball. What do I got?
  7. I wish we did this instead. He was never coming here though....
  8. It was clear that we had no chance of signing him,...but meanwhile... Eric Staal to the wild for 3 years at 3.5 I'd have loved that.
  9. Hello my fellow red wings fans. I'm apart of a sim hockey league that's looking for new gm's. We use nhl 15 to sim and have played almost constantly since nhl 07. It's a very low key league, you get two teams one east one west, trade players, sign free agents,..sims are weekly. If you are interested sign on using the link above. Or pm me on here. On there i'm fearthemaskedman.
  10. According to this they didn't wear a cougar head for the logo. It was the Retro D on the winter classic jersey. I could be totally wrong, but the one you posted looks like it's fan made
  11. For many many years we were one scoring winger away from the cup. We got it in Franzen for '08, cup and almost another. I agree with, one right handed D man who can take some of the load of Kronner and we'll be in serious contention. The health of Weiss is pivotal. A healthy Weiss presents some serious match up issues for clubs. Really we need another Franzen kinda situation,.......we need a guy like oulette or sproul or hell even smith to come out of no where and hit next level. Achieve a ceiling none of us thought possible.
  12. Signed

    Anyone else think a trade involving GR prospects are coming? We've signed a lot of these guys lately.
  13. After strikes one, two, three and evidently four and Hollands comments that "there are some goods deals to be had " I wonder if we're not done with FA. This is helpful: Doesn't look like there's anything on D that would help us honestly. I could see holland signing Salo or Morris. I'm much more interested in what's out there for forwards, but we have a glutton of those honestly.
  14. I would like to thank Mr. Nyquist for almost single handily helping me win my Fantasy league over a penguins fan with Malkin's name in his username. Feels good folks.