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  1. Spongewingredpants

    10/4 Preseason GDT - Black Hawks at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EDT

    glad to see a thread thats not from 2011. Wings lost against an almost opening night Chicago Roster. Ill take it
  2. Spongewingredpants

    Mantha or AA - Which Player is Lazier?

    If only there was something like scouting ....like in the old days
  3. Spongewingredpants

    Frans Nielsen Waived

    my lord, Yzerman is doing things that would have never happened before him
  4. Spongewingredpants

    EA Sports NHL 2020

    :-), i was confused
  5. Spongewingredpants

    EA Sports NHL 2020

  6. Spongewingredpants

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

  7. Spongewingredpants


    Mods Feel free to merge. didn't really there was a thread already
  8. Spongewingredpants

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    so GMS dont have to be retired?
  9. Spongewingredpants

    EA Sports NHL 2020

    If I hear this moron talk about his 9 hat tricks one more time I am going postal and yes you had 2 in a week. FFS
  10. Spongewingredpants


    LOLOL..... yup i have had 9 hat tricks......
  11. Spongewingredpants

    December 2, 1995: Wings-11, Canadiens-1

    this s*** is getting annoying
  12. Spongewingredpants

    One of the best signings ever

    this a silly post on this thread. take a class on when and how to post
  13. Spongewingredpants


    the funny thing is I tried to call up Zetterberg but cant because I am too close to the salary cap floor and my roster is full
  14. Spongewingredpants


    Zetterberg and Franzen play for the Griffins. WTF?
  15. Spongewingredpants

    If we don't win the lottery

    logic says the Devils win the lottery