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  3. WCQF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1, at Ducks 3. (Anaheim leads, 1-0)

    We're all die hard fans, but did anybody really believe we had a chance in this year's playoffs? We got hot to make it in, but all of our deficiencies, that were never addressed by management, are still there. I assume we'll see Bert and/or Sammy in game two.
  4. calls Kenny the best GM

    They had all the cap room in the world this summer. Holland tried (and failed) for Parise and Suter, but where he really missed the ball was his total disinterest in Semin. Semin with Datsyuk would have us in the playoffs right now.
  5. This was a pretty weird post.
  6. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    At least he didn't say Crosby coming back from injury would be as good as a deadline acquisition. Instead he added Jokinen.
  7. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    WHO? Was that the nobody the got with the pick, cuz the other nobody Leino was traded for was Ole Kristian Tollefson. lol
  8. Mr Holland.....

    Flog Holland.
  9. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    Keep picks for what? More small sized Euros who'd rather pass than shoot and who won't see a whiff of Red Wings ice for 5 or 6 years?
  10. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    Classic Holland. Overvalues his own players. Under-values others. Expects players to take less money to play in Detroit. There is a large trend now, of players saying "no thanks" to Detroit. This was first mentioned publically by Winsewski 2 off-seasons ago, and it came home to roost with Suter and Parise. Holland will do nothing of significance this off-season either.
  11. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    I bet this makes Datsyuk really want to stay!
  12. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    This is just about the angriest I have been at a Red Wings GM. Oates for Federko was just before my time.
  13. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    If Columbus gave up jack squat for Gaborik, Holland should be fired on the spot.
  14. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    Well if those are the going rates around the league, then I guess it's not double what they're worth. The market dictates what players are worth. It seems Mr. Holland wants to play in 2003's market and not 2013's. Yet another example of how he is past his prime.
  15. Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    If he really believes that, then he needs to go. Jim Nill time.