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  1. ltgator333

  2. Healthy starters the problem, Not young replacements

    I'm going to quot my wife and say that in last nights game,you could tell who wanted it and who was a mill fat cat.the boys from GR were making the plays and the fat cats were giving it away.
  3. Biggest mistake Red Wings have done

    I always go back to the trade that was suppose get a SC,the trade for Robert Lang.The propect went on to score 20goals a year and the draft pick wound up being Green(who we all know has made the all star team a couple of years).Lang was a wash!
  4. Sign Jurcina or Vandermeer and call it a day

    go to espn under who's left half way down the page you'll find Brian Campbell ufa.
  5. Sign Jurcina or Vandermeer and call it a day

    I don't why they have not already signed campbell-plays alot minutes good with the puck can play powerplay and can score it's no brainer.a vet and not as old as dirt.get it done and go after semin and ryan and Detroit will be ready for a cup run.
  6. Sign Jurcina or Vandermeer and call it a day

    I also see that brian campbell is out there.
  7. Sign Jurcina or Vandermeer and call it a day

    I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Jay Bouwmeester.
  8. I agree about Helm,he belongs on the third line.I also believe it would really great if they could win the cup without the big free agents you'all say they need.Also I like Semin on Pav's line and I wonder if removed from Ovechkin's shadow if we wouldn't see a different Semin?
  9. Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    I don't care who they sign with just get it done! I would like Suter in detroit!
  10. Nice Khan article previewing the off-season

    My reason for liking Jokinen is he's bigger than Hudler.He's cheaper than Parise and Detroit don't need to get as involved ( # of years on the contract).Put him on the second line and let him do his stuff.He's also I believe cheaper than Semin, who will not take a pay cut.So you're looking 5.5 or 6 mil.I think you can get Jokinen for 4.5 for 3years.
  11. Nice Khan article previewing the off-season

    Why not Olli Jokinen I wouldn't give Quincey that much,he's not worth that much.I rather have another rookie that him.
  12. Max Nicastro

    I heard Curt Freaser talking about him being in G.R. next year.I can not see ruining his live over something the law says he's not guilty of.And he can't go back to B.U. so sign him.
  13. Off -Season Game Plan:Detroit Red Wings

    My question is what if Detroit not able to sign Suter or Stuwart.Then what do they do,with Smith they would have only 5 d-men.
  14. Charges against Max Nicastro have been dropped

    Well I heard Kurt(GR)coach talk about him last season like he know he would be in GR next year.So I don't believe in ruining his live over something the law says he didn't do.So sign him cause he can not go back to B.U.
  15. In five years

    I just want to know who is Laneskog ,I've never heard of him.And what about Marek Tvrdon? I believe he's a sleeper at 6'2" 215.