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  1. Well, there is also the bit where the GM (inexplicably to pretty much everyone) protected Howard instead of Mrazek... which is what all of the speculation is founded on.... because the goaltender protection decision doesn't make any sense without something like the Mrazek attitude problem theory. I guess the other side is the Holland is complete garbage argument... but I'm not sure that I've seen anything from the Red Wings organization stating that either. You're right that it's speculation, but it seems only natural to try to make sense of the decision. And, that theory seems at least somewhat plausible.
  2. Well, but you'd expect that, if Ouellet is still in Detroit, that he's getting re-signed. So, there's cap relief... just an unknown amount.
  3. And, it wouldn't be much of a "wake up call" if we (and Mrazek) knew that Holland was sure Mrazek would not be selected. So, if that's the case, we're likely to remain unaware of Holland's exact reasoning on the decision.
  4. Oh, I like Brownov. It's just that Nashville likely would have selected... I don't know, possibly Fedorov if they had the chance. Or, maybe I have it all wrong and Nashville's goal was to get in good with the Maras.
  5. If we didn't, why did Nashville take Doug Brown?
  6. If he can put the puck in the net, I do not care how he gets it there. I am much less concerned with style than I am with scoring.
  7. I don't have a problem with Miller. But, Dan Cleary brought much more to the table during his tenure with Detroit than Miller has brought during his. I think Justin Abdelkader is probably a better comparable player for Cleary than is Miller.
  8. Well, maybe DeKeyser is on board the tank...
  9. Yeah, I can't do it. I hope they win the draft lottery, but I can't root for them to lose.
  10. Should have called up new Dylan for this one.
  11. Out for the rest of the year. Frk that.
  12. Pretty bad rebound to give up
  13. Just tuning in... can someone give me details on what happened with Mantha?
  14. Pretty sure Pierre McGuire has said Eichel's name 50 times already.