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  1. Tuned in just in time to see the comeback completed. Was Florida's 3rd goal defended well by Detroit? (Y) or (Ehn)
  2. Yes, I hope that he is able to pull himself together. Right now he ranks about 55th out of 60 NHL goaltenders in SV% and GAA.... On the positive side, his shootout SV% is pretty solid. Unfortunately, the Wings didn't get to the shootout tonight because he let in that stinker.
  3. .792 save percentage for the game for Bernier. I remember reading about how his contract was such a good deal for the Red Wings at the beginning of the year. Looks more like a ripoff at this point.
  4. If you go down to take the pass away, you kind of need to.... actually stop the pass from going through you.
  5. Wait, wait, wait... so, you're telling me that the younger player ISN'T always better?
  6. Well, that wasn't as completely horrible as the last power play...
  7. Lol pathetic copout 2nd penalty call. Haley 2 minutes for charging. Kronwall 2 minutes for nothing. Where's that ref lover guy to defend that call?
  8. Nice offensive zone possession there
  9. I'm here. I only caught the 3rd of the last game. Heard Cholowski had limited minutes.... anyone hear why?
  10. After 'disappointment' and 'viewing' I'm expecting a funeral. Hopefully it's the Islanders'....