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  1. barabbas16

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Come on, man. Even if you did call it first and you weren't saying it for 3 years... does any of that actually matter? Oh man, we're never going to see the heart and soul captain of the team, a guy that we've watched play for 15 years that we all wanted to see play another season and hit 1,000 points, etc. etc. .... we're not going to get to see him play again.... but, LeftWinger told us so, so.....what? Did I imagine this or did someone post on here somewhat recently that she died? Or was that some kind of inside joke that I didn't get because I'm not on here regularly enough?
  2. barabbas16

    Kyle Quincey

    Right. He definitely existed also. So, yeah, since you're not implying that Meech would've had the same or similar success as Quincey had their situations been reversed... then you have a very low opinion of Holland, I guess?
  3. barabbas16

    Kyle Quincey

    Are you implying that, had their situations been reversed, Meech would've had the same or similar success as Quincey did in LA and Colorado?
  4. barabbas16

    Kyle Quincey

    Well, because you need more than 6 defensemen and mid-late round draft pick rookies are cheap. Plus, Quincey got the call in the 07 playoffs over Meech and filled in decently. Anyway, I don't think there's much argument that Quincey's 08-10 for LA/Colorado was better than what Meech brought to the table for Detroit during that time period. .... Also, as I said, if they had kept Quincey then, they wouldn't have traded a 1st round pick to get him back 3 or 4 years later.
  5. barabbas16

    Kyle Quincey

    If they'd just kept Quincey instead of Derek (f-ing) Meech like they should have back in 2008 or whenever that was, that crap trade never happens. Mistake upon mistake. Say what you will about KFQ, but he's better than DFM.
  6. barabbas16

    2018-2019 Opening Night Roster - Dedicated to BlueAdams!

    Jackman Grant Laurie, Hughs
  7. barabbas16

    Former Wings

    I think his last NHL game would've been in the 2nd round or so that year. If he had played in the SCF, his name would be on the Cup, right?
  8. barabbas16


  9. barabbas16

    Vladimir Konstantinov

    Solid points. Being runner-up in 97 Norris voting (probably would've increased future award consideration), the likelihood of 3 or so Cups, being a part of the Russian Five, and having a better team to cover him up in his later years might have increased Konstantinov's HHOF resume.
  10. barabbas16

    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    Yeah, I just saw it as.... realistically, if Rasmussen and Zadina both make the roster and Zetterberg is healthy enough to play, I don't think there's a way any of those 3 are regular scratches. So, that would mean that one of 1) Larkin, 2) Mantha, 3) Nyquist, 4) Neilsen, 5) Abdelkader, 6) Helm, 7) Vanek, 8) Athanasiou, 9) Bertuzzi, and 10) Glendening would be a regular scratch...and I don't think that's likely to happen. So (besides another injury to one of those 10) the only was both Rasmussen and Zadina make the opening roster is if Zetterberg isn't on it.
  11. barabbas16

    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    So, you're also assuming that Zetterberg is done? I figure that's the only way Zadina and Rasmussen both make the Detroit roster. Is it now just generally expected that Zetterberg won't play anymore?
  12. barabbas16

    Whipping Boy

    I really hate the Stephen Weiss signing. Signing Nielsen is trickle down from that (making a mistake in an attempt to make up for a prior mistake). If only Filppula had followed up his 2011-12 season with a similar performance... even so, the decision to sign another player (Weiss) coming off of a disappointing, injury-riddled season instead was a horrible mistake. Filppula's contract would likely have been up this season and he could have been dealt at the deadline, if necessary (possibly even last season)...and there would be no remaining buyout penalty on the books... and no Nielsen contract. I don't dislike Nielsen, though. I like him on the Wings, I just wish it was under different circumstances.
  13. barabbas16

    Our draft position

    1. Calling the Rangers a better team to support your argument is pretty weak. They finished a whole 1 spot above Detroit in the east and also missed the playoffs easily. Detroit was 2-0-1 against the Rangers this season. The Rangers were 3-11-2 in games that Ryan Sproul played. Also, your statement that Sproul beat Daley in every statistical category per game is inaccurate. 1 goal in 16 games is not better than 9 in 77. 2. This statement is completely unsubstantiated. The team's performance for an entire season can't be blamed on one player (unless it's the goaltender, in some cases). 4. We already know what we have/had in XO, Sproul, and Jensen. XO is passably responsible, but has little offensive upside and is always the slowest skater on the ice....I'd just assume play Lashoff at this point - I think they have the same ceiling. Sproul is the defenseman equivalent of Tomas Jurco (a LGW super-hyped prospect that turned out to be a fringe-NHL player). The fact that he couldn't stick around here over XO speaks volumes about his time in the organization. Jensen I actually like, but I like him only if he is a bottom pairing or #7 defenseman on the team and continues to get paid essentially the league minimum...again, though, he's already shown what he is. I agree that it would've been nice to see more of Hicketts at the NHL level this season (since he's the only one of those you listed for which the team would need to figure out "what they have"), but for me that's as simple as waiving XO.
  14. barabbas16

    It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    Currently, I think the league would be quite happy with Pittsburgh or Washington in the finals as well.
  15. barabbas16

    Our draft position

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.