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  1. Our draft position

    1. Calling the Rangers a better team to support your argument is pretty weak. They finished a whole 1 spot above Detroit in the east and also missed the playoffs easily. Detroit was 2-0-1 against the Rangers this season. The Rangers were 3-11-2 in games that Ryan Sproul played. Also, your statement that Sproul beat Daley in every statistical category per game is inaccurate. 1 goal in 16 games is not better than 9 in 77. 2. This statement is completely unsubstantiated. The team's performance for an entire season can't be blamed on one player (unless it's the goaltender, in some cases). 4. We already know what we have/had in XO, Sproul, and Jensen. XO is passably responsible, but has little offensive upside and is always the slowest skater on the ice....I'd just assume play Lashoff at this point - I think they have the same ceiling. Sproul is the defenseman equivalent of Tomas Jurco (a LGW super-hyped prospect that turned out to be a fringe-NHL player). The fact that he couldn't stick around here over XO speaks volumes about his time in the organization. Jensen I actually like, but I like him only if he is a bottom pairing or #7 defenseman on the team and continues to get paid essentially the league minimum...again, though, he's already shown what he is. I agree that it would've been nice to see more of Hicketts at the NHL level this season (since he's the only one of those you listed for which the team would need to figure out "what they have"), but for me that's as simple as waiving XO.
  2. It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    Currently, I think the league would be quite happy with Pittsburgh or Washington in the finals as well.
  3. Our draft position

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  4. It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    So, I was thinking the Cup winner picks last... is that not the case? Couldn't care less what the league wants.
  5. It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    Would like to see win: Columbus, Nashville, Winnipeg...Washington or Tampa wouldn't be too bad either Would hate to see win: Pittsburgh, Toronto, Boston, Vegas (only because of the pick). All other teams: meh.
  6. Our draft position

    If we lose, I don't think we need Vancouver to lose. The rest of it, yeah.
  7. Our draft position

    I'd rather have had Brian Leetch.
  8. Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    So, I guess Zetterberg will finish above them on the all-time Swedish scoring list.
  9. Yeah! Down with the Fischer hater! Rabble rabble!
  10. Lol, starting Coreau in this game feels a bit tankish...
  11. Someone posted the other day about the #of posts in the GDT being a new low and suggested we go without one... I just assumed that was happening.
  12. 3/20 GDT - Flyers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST (NBCSN)

    Oh, my bad man
  13. 3/20 GDT - Flyers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST (NBCSN)

    Hey Svech! Hope that gets him going! So much for Howard vs. Mrazek...
  14. Bad Fans?

    I don't think it makes you a bad fan. It's just a bad system, in my opinion. It's set up to encourage losing for the bottom third (or so) of the league. I disagree with it ("YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! HELLO!?"), but it's how it is and we certainly have no effect on that.
  15. 3/9 GDT - Red Wings @ Blue Jackets - 7:00 PM EST

    Is it just me, or is it really lame that Columbus copied Chicago and plays Chelsea Dagger after their goals?