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  1. barabbas16

    Looks like we have a goalie next year

    We need to hire one of those other teams' asses. In the meantime, signing Howard seems like a good decision. 1 year contract seems like an even better decision.
  2. barabbas16

    3/19 Tuesday GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM ET

    Sick of playing with Rasmussen
  3. barabbas16

    3/19 Tuesday GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM ET

    Some of us, anyway. The Canadian media isn't very high on ol' Frank. It's because of his plug linemates
  4. barabbas16

    3/19 Tuesday GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM ET

    de la Rose must have LOVED having someone out on the ice who could actually do something with his sweet passes like Athanasiou, instead of just being 6'6" and taking pucks on the knee like that plug Rasmussen
  5. barabbas16

    3/14 Conductor GDT - Lightning @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    I'm not trying to argue with you guys. All I said was basically "Lol the Wings are really bad." Then I got the response of "Well, it's more that Tampa is really good." It seemed to challenge the validity of my post, so I defended my statement. Just because Tampa is awesome doesn't mean Detroit doesn't suck. They are both equally true, imo. Anyway, hopefully not for too many more seasons.
  6. barabbas16

    3/14 Conductor GDT - Lightning @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    That's cool if saying that makes you feel better about it. I'm certainly not arguing against Tampa being very talented. Just because they are really good doesn't mean the team on the ice for Detroit tonight is not really bad.
  7. barabbas16

    3/14 Conductor GDT - Lightning @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Lol what a clown show
  8. barabbas16


    The bottom 3 EPL teams get relegated. So...
  9. barabbas16


    bahahaha maybe I was wrong. Ok, let it all out, kickazz - let it go. Just have a good cry. Go Girl! ....ok now bring it back in. Reeeeeeel it in.
  10. barabbas16


    It's not like these draft picks are the equivalent of taking Stefan #1 in 1999 or Daigle #1 in 1993 or even taking Hugh Jessiman #12 in 2003. Quincey was a really solid 4th round pick, but yes... trading the 2012 1st to get him back when they should've just waived Derek Meech instead of Quincey years before was a mistake to cover a mistake. The others, though? Sure, they could've drafted P.K. instead of Smith. But, there were 6 or 7 D-men drafted between Smith and Subban. Odds are, if they didn't draft Smith, they would've ended up with someone worse and wouldn't now have Zachary Gallant and Jared McIsaac. Sure, they could've had Tuukka Rask instead of Kindl. But, they took Howard with their 1st draft pick 2 years before. No way they were going to take another goalie that high so soon. Yeah, there are other better players drafted after Kindl that year but not many D and none besides Rask who would've significantly moved the needle for the franchise enough to cry about it. Sheahan? Yeah, Hayes or Kuznetsov would've been better in hindsight. But, again, how big of difference would they really have made for Detroit? The playoff streak gets extended another year? If I'm really looking for picks to complain about (and I'm not - it has to be so ridiculously hard to predict how these kids will turn out)... I'm going with having 3 2nd rounders in 2011, ending up whiffing on all 3 and Kucherov was right there the whole time.
  11. barabbas16


    Wow, you're right. Rebuilding like the Penguins or Blackhawks would be better than rebuilding like the Oilers. Let's do that.
  12. Ah, great, the worst possible outcome... OTL
  13. Ugh. Stupid overtime.
  14. .....something something Shawn Burr...