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  1. It seemed like it had to be 6 games to me from the beginning (I know, hindsight). The league decided that already when they gave Duncan Keith 6 for the high stick on Coyle (?). I think they may have wanted to come down harder on Nyquist, but didn't want to look like they had a double standard... which they would've had if Nyquist got a harsher suspension than their good 'Hawks boy Keith... especially considering that Keith had done the same thing previously to Jeff Carter.
  2. Mike Green has played more NHL games than the other 5 Defensemen combined. And, Green isn't really that old.
  3. Gotta love ref decided GWGs. Guys in striped shirts really crapped themselves at the end of this one.
  4. Was this picked up by NHLN or something? I'm getting blacked out.
  5. Let's get one thing straight, this is Suter's tour. He's worked hard his whole life, paid his dues, and now it's Suter's turn. And Suter's not about to let his reign at the top be spoiled by some freak, sideshow clown. Sorry, the beginning of Vokoun's post led my mind this direction.
  6. So many disappointments this season... Probably at least 75% of the team.
  7. I kind of thought they had already been crushed. At what point will the hole be too deep for even the most optimistic?
  8. Well... I'm glad Jensen got to play. I watched him play in the Frozen Four for St. Cloud a few years back. I was thinking he might not ever get a chance to play in the NHL.
  9. Well, now I'm confused! Maybe I'll just decide I like eye rolls and be happy.
  10. I'm sorry. You're right - taking unnecessary penalties while already shorthanded is acceptable. And, Mrazek has played well this season.
  11. Glendening should sit the next game for taking that stupid penalty that led to the 5 on 3. Mrazek should sit the next game because he is not any good this season.
  12. After 3 minutes of never possessing the puck, Larkin promptly turns the puck over as soon as he gets it. Every skater sucked balls tonight for hanging Howard out to dry and failing miserably to score on a backup goaltender.
  13. May as well have played 6 Millers, 6 Glendenings, and 6 Marchenkos.