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  1. I don't have a problem with Miller. But, Dan Cleary brought much more to the table during his tenure with Detroit than Miller has brought during his. I think Justin Abdelkader is probably a better comparable player for Cleary than is Miller.
  2. Well, maybe DeKeyser is on board the tank...
  3. Yeah, I can't do it. I hope they win the draft lottery, but I can't root for them to lose.
  4. Should have called up new Dylan for this one.
  5. Out for the rest of the year. Frk that.
  6. Pretty bad rebound to give up
  7. Just tuning in... can someone give me details on what happened with Mantha?
  8. Pretty sure Pierre McGuire has said Eichel's name 50 times already.
  9. Yeah, but they had to rush him back because Ranford and Maracle were so horrible.
  10. But then they wouldn't have had Keith Jones..... so.... there's that.
  11. I'm still sticking to my belief that Detroit would've beaten Colorado and gotten the 3-peat in 1999 if Osgood it hadn't been for the Osgood injury.
  12. If Draper had fought Lemieux, it's arguable that the rivalry might've gone more in Colorado's favor. Fight night at the Joe was pretty pivotal. I, for one, am glad it went the way it did.
  13. Well, that was not my intent. I don't, however, have much doubt that Claude Lemieux would have handled Kris Draper quite easily in a fight. Most people don't jump at the chance to fight someone that much bigger than they are... Claude Lemieux certainly wouldn't have.
  14. So, I guess he's not scoring today.... because we didn't get to 150 posts.... totally not because he's not good at scoring....