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  1. SweWings


  2. And now the SEL's decision to block shortterm contracts has been forcibly lifted so we'll see what happens next! I'm not really sure how many of Detroit's players will be affected but for Swedish hockey fans this is a pretty big deal. Time for Frölunda to pick up some players!!
  3. No NHL players can sign for an SEL team anyway.
  4. Well for the European players it's a chance to play at home, for the NA players it's a chance to visit some other country they might not really ever have visited (don't underestimate that, change of scenery is a big deal, at least it has been for me). For all players it's a chance to continue playing competitively and to continue making money (for those going to the KHL, a lot of money).
  5. Well Nyquist is headed to the Griffins according to Aftonbladet.se. Seems like a pretty exhaustive list, at least concerning Swedish players. EDIT: Figured I'd go ahead and translate what the rest of the DRW players are planning on doing: Henrik Zetterberg, 31, Detroit Red Wings. Staying in Detroit for now and working out. Will go to another club at the earliest around Christmas and if it's Sweden the Timrå is the only option. Niklas Kronwall, 31, Detroit Red Wings. Will take a couple of weeks to see if the conflict gets resolved. After that he'll play for Djurgården in Sweden to help them get back to the SEL. Johan Franzén, 32, Detroit Red Wings. Will continue working out with team mates at the rink they've rented together in Detroit. Mikael Samuelsson, 35, Detroit Red Wings. Says that it will take a lot for him to play anywhere else. Wants to be with his family after many years of moves across NA. Jonathan Ericsson, 28, Detroit Red Wings. The Swedish Detroit player who seems most eager to play. Even rumored that he might join his old club Vita Hästen in Division 1 (That would be the 3rd tier league in Sweden). Gustav Nyquist, 23, Detroit Red Wings. Starts the season with the Grand Rapids Griffins. Jonas Gustavsson, 27, Detroit Red Wings. Has not made a decision, continues to work out with new team mates in Detroit. Tomas Holmström, 39, Detroit Red Wings Still hasn't decided if he'll continue to play or retire.
  6. SweWings

    The Official NHL Suspension Thread

    I don't really agree with that conclusion either. Fights will not be eliminated by this but hopefully some of the more reckless behavior will.
  7. SweWings

    Howard's new mask

    Looks amazing.
  8. SweWings

    NHL Re-Draft

    Lids on Tampa and Lecav on Detroit... Not sure if I approve of that trade
  9. SweWings

    Brunnström to try out for Wings

    Less hype, a bit older, a bit more humble... We'll see what happens at the training camp but there might be some upside left...
  10. SweWings

    Red Wings merchandise for Europeans

    You want to buy a Detroit Red Wings doormat for people to stomp their muddy shoes on? Just kidding. I sympathize with your problem. I live in Sweden and it hasn't been easy finding good stuff here or places in NA that will actually ship here. I've been fortunate enough to be able to go across to the US or Canada a few times in the last couple of years and then I just order everything to wherever I'm staying. If you have a chance to do that then that's optimal because then you wonät be limited to the few sites that offer overseas shipping. Hopefully you won't be unlucky like I was and get everything shipped during a .Otherwise I suppose you'll be limited to sites like NHL.com that do offer shipping to Europe or some kind of repackaging and rerouting service like MyUS.com. I've no experience with the latter whatsoever; neither that specific site nor those services in general. Hopefully this will give you some ideas and maybe others here will have more information.
  11. SweWings

    Chris Osgood announces retirement

    Thanks for everything Ozzie! Hope to see you around in the organization!
  12. SweWings

    Arbitration Hearing Dates

    Well Stalberg is gone from this list. From TSN:
  13. SweWings

    Double D

    Well that list was kinda sad... Some fun RFAs though... but offer sheets are so rare
  14. SweWings

    This is why Commodore was the best signing ever...

    I've said it before, I'll do it again: if this happens I'm definitely getting a Commodore #64 Red Wings t-shirt (I'd love to get the jersey but it ain't exactly in my budget right now).
  15. SweWings

    Forward lines next season?

    Yeah, or you just trade Hudler to free up a spot? Maybe? Which is what Holland's been trying to do? (Oh and the bolded words/statement really makes convincing me that much easier. As far as I know I haven't insulted you in a post or reduced myself to childish name-calling).