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  1. IILeiBlazeII

    17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    Please. The kid gave the goalie the snowshower of the century and he got his butt handed to him by a guy who wanted to drop the gloves. I'd take that kid that pounded him every day of the week instead of a chicken**** who wants to snow your goalie when your team is ALREADY WINNING. If this kid got pounded outside of a sports event, sure, levy the charges, but if someone in football got squarely tackled, people would be out of their seats... and if you just ran up and tackled a guy on the street, you'd get arrested. its the same thing here. The only cheap shot was the smart*** who got pummeled when he snowed the goalie... if anything, his team should have been down a man after that.
  2. IILeiBlazeII

    Visors Required - New NHL Players in '13-'14

    Clearly the players disagree with you, as it was the PLAYERS that have voted in favor of grandfathering it in. I have no clue why people think just because you *can* do something (like playing without a visor, without a helmet, etc) you *should* do it. The world changes and evolves... and everyone should be evolving along with it! Player safety is an issue that isn't going to go away, and with the expansion of medical knowledge comes the understanding that head and face injuries can have long-lasting effects on the brain. Why do you want 18 year old finesse kids coming into the league and getting their brains scrambled when the majority of big, strong, manly NHL players don't? Tough guys (which I'm all for, btw) can still drop their gloves and TAKE THEIR HELMETS OFF to fight - they still have that choice, though you rarely see them do it anymore.
  3. IILeiBlazeII

    Heading to JLA for the first time ever for Game 3 - few questions

    1) The ABSOLUTE easiest time I've had as an out-of-towner getting in and out of the Joe (as long as you're willing to drop some cash and stay a night) was staying at the Greektown Casino and taking the, what, $.50 people mover (the monorail that moves around Detroit) to and from the game. There is a stop literally inside both buildings, so you don't even need to walk the streets. This eliminates the stress of getting out after the game, imo. Bonus? Delicious Greek food before the game! There is also payed parking down in Greektown, but I'm not familiar enough with it to recommend it. 2) I believe that's correct, but I've never tried to get in before 1 hour. 3) There will be assholes chirping you, even with young kids. I'm sorry in advance. Unfortunately, it happens everywhere (I can remember getting chirped throughout my childhood when my folks took me all over to away games). I don't think you'll have to worry about physical altercations or getting "beered" or anything like that, but I'd suspect nothing more than if a Wings fan tromped into the United Center and got "Detroit Sucks" yelled at them on the concourse intermittently. I agree completely with Cali that you should wait till the masses shuffle out (or - gag - leave early) before taking your leave. You aren't gonna get anywhere fast, no matter what you do. Hopefully you have fun and good luck (with getting to the Joe, not winning the game! haha)! GO WINGS!!!
  4. IILeiBlazeII

    Money on the Board - playoff style!

    Aw, yeah! Series win and a shorty by Abby has $7 on the board for me! Let's keep 'er going, boys!
  5. IILeiBlazeII

    Money on the Board - playoff style!

    $5 for a series win. $5 for a series sweep. $2 per short-handed goal. $10 if/when someone knocks off the Pens (and an extra $5 if its the Islanders in the first round or the Red Wings in the finals). LET'S GO WINGS!!! MAKE ME PAY!!!
  6. IILeiBlazeII

    Player punches ref - Where is the respect?

    Maybe you're right, Carman... I guess there are the McSorely's and the Simons out there during that period too. When I see this sort of stuff it gets my blood boiling, though. It just seems like its happening more frequently (again, probably because of the saturation of media as you mentioned)... but if one of my teammates would have done that, I would've slugged him, ya know? I guess I just have a low tolerance for the behavior.
  7. IILeiBlazeII

    The Next Expansion Draft

    Well, if we're using the 2000 Expansion Draft as a guideline, via Wikipedia: "26 of the 28 teams existing in the league at the time of the draft were each allowed to protect either one goaltender, five defensemen, and nine forwards or two goaltenders, three defensemen, and seven forwards. For teams protecting only one goaltender, there was no experience requirement for those left unprotected. For teams protecting two goaltenders, each goaltender left unprotected must have appeared in either 10 NHL games in the 1999–2000 season or 25 games in the 1998–99 season and 1999–2000 seasons combined. A goaltender had to be in net for at least 31 minutes in each game for the game to be counted against these totals. At least one defenceman left unprotected by each team had to have appeared in at least 40 games in the 1999–2000 season or 70 games in the 1998–99 season and1999–2000 seasons combined. At least two forwards left unprotected by each team had to have met the same requirements." The goaltender bit is brutal... guess under those rules, we wouldn't be able to protect two of them (Jimmy and Mrazek) unless we let McCollum walk this offseason so he isn't on our roster (because he has less than 10 NHL games played)? Am I reading that right? Leave Quincy unprotected (to satisfy the 40 game requirement)... It actually seems easier to tap players that *wouldn't* be protected! haha
  8. Man, this made me so angry... and I hope at least most of you agree with me that this has no place in hockey... http://nesn.com/2013/03/ontario-hockey-player-brett-cook-sucker-punches-ref-gets-lifetime-ban-video/ ... what is going on in hockey that is producing so many cheap shot artists? I don't remember stuff like this happening in the late 80's, the 90's or the early 00's. Physicality? Yes. Fighting? Absolutely. Hits and ticky-tack stickwork that would be considered penalties in today's NHL? Those too. But blatant disrespect and carelessness towards the safety of others on the ice... what the heck is going on??? Is there something wrong at the youth level? Is it just a generational thing? I don't know the solution, but I *REALLY* wish it'd stop. :\
  9. IILeiBlazeII

    Mike Ilitch's Apearance

    That's the American Dream, isn't it? I agree with 55fan - this forum in general has gotten a lot more whiny and a TON more disrespectful since I joined back in '07. The man single-handedly put Detroit back on the map as a sports town. He has provided most of us (including me) a hockey team that has made the playoffs in almost every year I've followed them with his own money... and don't think he was making wild profits back in the lean years when he was giving away a car every game to get people in the seats. I think he deserves a reward - both in money and *RESPECT* - for bringing sports, fans and jobs to my favorite city in the world.
  10. IILeiBlazeII

    Goalie proposal

    ~shudder~ When I saw Howard go down last night, all I could think about was "Oh god, I hope they call Mrazek up if this is long term..." Fortunately, Howie got back up, but I have precisely 0% confidence in McCollum being serviceable in even a backup role. I get that he's battled back a bit since Mrazek showed up to steal his job down in GR, but I just don't see him being anything more than a 1B Minor Leaguer.
  11. Hey, I know this side of the LGW forums doesn't get much traffic, but it seemed like this should go here instead of GenDis (if I'm wrong, PLEASE move this over to where more people are likely to see it, mods!). I just recently moved back to Pittsburgh, and was wondering if anyone knows of any Red Wing-friendly bars in the area and, failing that, if there are enough Pittsburgh-area Wings fans that we could organize and try to convince a bar with cable and NHL Center Ice that it'd be worth their while to show wings games in exchange for the regular red-and-white clientele that would shuffle into their establishment. Hopefully there already *is* a place, but if not, hopefully we can get some interest!
  12. IILeiBlazeII

    Question for season ticket holders/anyone with ticket knowledge

    Yeah, all the preseason games were pre-printed and Olympia Entertainment is lazy and sucks . You got the right tickets (my folks are season ticket holders, so that's how I know).
  13. IILeiBlazeII

    1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

    At least the BJ's walking out of tonight with a point assured... that was damn humbling.
  14. IILeiBlazeII

    NHL Center Ice

    Here in Pittsburgh and Comcast, they're saying $49.99 for the full season, same as Gamecenter. What you have to realize with Gamecenter, however, is that literally half the season is blacked out for national broadcasts (NBC and the like). So is $50 really worth it? I had them cancel it this morning... Gamecenter will be free till the 31st and I'll make my decision then...
  15. IILeiBlazeII

    Sheahan arrested for "superdrunk" driving

    Yes, everyone makes mistakes (god knows I made PLENTY at Riley's age)... but the issue people forgiving Sheahan aren't grasping is that while plenty of people do stupid things while their young, Riley endangered not only himself, but the people around him. I've been on-my-butt drunk plenty of times, but not one of those times did I ever sit behind the wheel. It isn't hard for you (or the establishment you're drinking at... or the DD at a party) to call a cab (and if you say the cab is too expensive, you probably can't afford your alcohol tab you just racked up). Don't you guys have loved ones (or at least care about yourselves)? I mean, double the legal limit or more is BAD NEWS BEARS. If I lived in Grand Rapids, I wouldn't want him driving in that state with my wife on the road, too... Now, am I saying damn him to hell? Not hardly. Do I want him out of the Red Wings organ-i-zation? No (assuming he turns his act around in short order). But don't make excuses for the kid, either. Second offense - he already got his warning. I hope he doesn't get coddled by the law 'cause he's a big-shot hockey player and gets the book thrown at him so he learns the hard way (like most of us had to do).