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who will be not dressed once sam is back ?

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Guest Crymson

Please do not jump to conclusion's over one's Log in name Crymson, I am a Redwing fan for the past 20+ years. I play for my local team which are called the Predators, hence my login name. Yes you do make some valid point's about our

top line's current form, but never try to pre- guess what a coach may or maynot do or have you forgotten Scotty's method's already? I know that circumstance's have intervened, but would you have bet that Filppula would by playing

on the top line this year? I'll have $5 with you on the 10'000-1 topline split before the playoffs start thou :D

Roger that. My apologies.

Agreed on potential for line changes. I merely attempted to point out that Babcock will not break up that line from the get-go in order to dump Bert onto it.

I like Filpulla, but he's playing on the top line because Zetterberg is injured and because he has potential. He doesn't produce as well as Z, though that is to be expected, of course.

I will need to lower the odds if you actually want to take this bet. Say we change them from 1:10,000 to 10:1?

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