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The Las Vegas Penguins?

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I think alot of the Vegas talk is centered around the NHL getting there before the NBA does. The current Penguins team is very marketable, and (in my opinion) the NHL will want to continue to put those players in the spotlight. In comparison, a Penguins team with flashy, young stars in Las Vegas is alot more attractive than the same team in a less important market (see Kansas City).

Bingo. I should make it clear that I want the Pens to find a way to stay, but if they do move, I'd loooove to see the NHL get a foothold in the fastest-growing city in America before any other major leagues. Since the team is likely to be very, very successful in the very near future and already has the most marketable young player in the league, I don't think cultivating fans will be a major problem.

Gambling issues? Just keep Rick Tocchet and the Gretzkys away from the franchise. Big picture this would help the league much more than somewhat minor negative buzz would hurt it.

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