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Osgood gets the last laugh

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Not that most of that had to do with Ozzie, he played a magnificent game last night, and really has had the Preds number all season. Don't flame, because i'm not looking to start any arguments, just stating some facts.

At least you can give Ozzie credit for playing a great game last night. It's nice to see that you don't use the excuse of having injured players as the reason why they didn't beat the Wings last night. Trotz had mentioned something about he'd like to see the healthy team play the Wings, but using injuries as an excuse is just weak, IMO.

You're definitely one of the most informed Preds fans, and it's rather refreshing. I enjoy seeing your posts in the GDTs and such, because you know what you're talking about.


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I was watching the game with my friend. I say to him I hate how these jerks chant the name and then yell you suck to the goaltender after one goal.

I said chant his name without the you suck when he lets in like four goals or whatever, not one. He agreed with me when I said if you do that with only one goal you might egg him on to not letting in another.

I really didn't expect him to prove my point that night but I am sure glad.

Fans without class.

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Bwahaha, you guys musta never been to a good DRW/Avs game back in the good old days, then. With Roy.

You know how the Avs would go OS-----GOOOOOD OS-----GOOOOOD Well at the Joe they did the same thing Ro---------oy Ro----------oy (don't know how they got Roy to have 2 syllables but it was so)

Man it always annoyed me when they did it to Ozzie, but it was kinda funny to the hated Avs. Anyway, Roy just turned around, faced the crowd and kind of held his hands up like they were praising him. It was funny...no one is more cocky than him! So, I think some goalies thrive off the chanting if that is possible.

Honestly I'm more of a cheering for my own team than booing the other team kind of person, but that's a kind of funny story...and basically Red Wing fans are not above razzing a goalie.

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