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  1. So sore today! Can't believe how sore I am

  2. I just opened a pack of Sour Patch Kids and ate all the reds and oranges. Take that, world.

  3. It's Friday and time for my last work of the week! Then work on the house all weekend.....I prefer that though

  4. Jamie playing in the hose

  5. So it's been a weird but good couple a new house, found out I'm having a baby girl, went to Disney the only problem is I don't feel like working! Hmmm...gotta work to pay for baby, house & more trips...ahh well

  6. I guess we are homeowners

  7. Without Facebook how could we possibly know how many of our friends are most likely bipolar? For that I think you, FB

  8. True love is when he has to pop your blister for you

  9. "Oh, son, for that you traded your ever loving soul?" "Well, I wasn't using it!" Best movie ever

  10. I could eat some Reese's

  11. Filet mignon & bang bang shrimp...this heartburn is going to be so worth it

  12. We got Jamie some sidewalk chalk yesterday. Ross: "I don't like THAT stuff" Me: "Why it's fun" Ross: "I don't know, it's like....vandalism for kids" ha ha ha

  13. I think I'm having pregnancy mood swings

  14. Oh man, nothing more fun than paying bills! Yay payday...oh wait...that's spent....