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I've never had a black eye so don't know how painful/annoying they are. I'll go with a nose bleed, usually able to get that under control in reasonable amount of time.

Be willing to take a chance and risk being heart broken


The pain isn't worth it no matter what good might come of it

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Take a calculated risk. Two things must happen for a relationship to work.

1) He must not be a jerk, assmunch, douchenozzle, or dickhead.

2) You must be compatible.

Minimize the risk by eliminating number one. Get to know him well first. Then take a risk on number two. You may both be the nicest people under the sun, but you have to be right for each other and there's no way to know but to try.

Cereal any time of day or just for breakfast?

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That depends on if you are considering becoming a serial killer or just dating one. There are those who follow their hearts and those who follow their heads. I say give both serious consideration, and then follow your conscience.

Equilateral, isosceles, or scalene triangle?

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